How To Wear a Tunic On & Off the Sand

Although many of us have heard the term “tunic” before, we might not actually know what to expect in terms of aesthetics. 

A tunic is a typically loose-fitting garment that drapes along the shoulders and upper body, often stopping at or around the knees. There are tunic-style shirts as well as dresses, meaning that certain garments can be worn as shirts or blouses or simply on their own. 

Let’s discuss where and why you might choose to wear one of these stylish pieces of clothing. 

Are Tunics Good To Wear on the Beach?

Since the cut of a tunic is so simple, it works wonderfully as a garment that can be easily put on and removed when necessary. This is what solidifies the tunic as the perfect beach cover up. You never know when you will be ready for a dip in the water or when the grandkids will decide that it’s time, whether you’re ready or not.

Having your tunic nearby ensures that you can feel confident and warm when lounging poolside or on the sand, but you can be ready for more at a moment’s notice. Once you get out of the water, the tunic can be easily put back on as you dry off in the warm sunshine.

Wearing a tunic provides more modesty, but it can also function as added protection from the sun’s harmful rays. A bathing suit would likely have much more of your skin exposed, but by wearing a tunic, you limit how much of your skin is absorbing ultraviolet light.

What Should You Look for in a Tunic?

When the time comes to search for a tunic of your very own, there are a few key factors that you should keep in mind. First and foremost is comfort. If you are wearing this piece on the beach or somewhere else altogether, you want to make sure that you are comfortable and confident in your skin.

Next up, when it comes to tunics, you will want to think about versatility. Are you looking for a garment to function only as a beach cover-up or only as something to wear while off the beach? Why not find a tunic that would look right at home in either setting? This is where our 24th & Ocean Solid Lace-Up Tunic Swimsuit Cover Up comes in.

This tunic comes in three beautiful, solid colors. You can choose from black, midnight, or white and determine what would best fit your needs and accentuate your skin tone. Since these solid shades are so universal, you can easily take this piece off the sand and into other venues. Planning to meet some friends for brunch after going for a dip? A garment like this would be perfect in either place.

You should also consider the fabric that the tunic is made out of. Is it comfortable, or does it look like a piece made solely for lounging near a body of water? It was crucial for us here at Maxine Swim to make something that would work just about anywhere.

What Are the Benefits of a Tunic?

The tunic is an effortlessly comfortable and classic garment, which is why its origins can be tracked so far back in human history. In fact, the tunic originated in the Mediterranean in ancient times

This cut is universally flattering, making it a great garment for men and women. Tunics can also bring out the best in any body type.

Tunics can be worn as a shirt or as a dress, depending on your preference. You can personalize the length of the garment, the material it is made out of, and more. The ability for personalization and customization is just one of the many things we love about wearing tunics. 

Are Tunics Comfortable?

As far as comfort goes, tunics are one of the coziest garments around. They are meant to be free-flowing, so they never pull across your body or feel too tight. This is comfortable physically as well as mentally, since it leaves much to the imagination while still being flattering.

Can a Tunic Cover Up Be Worn in Other Settings?

Not only can a tunic cover-up be worn in other settings, but the right tunic cover-up should be worn in other settings. You should get the most out of your clothing, and tunics are no exception. It’s always better for an article of clothing to have more than one use. If you feel confident in a tunic, you should wear it whenever and wherever.

Tunic cover-ups allow for an easy and seamless transition from a day on the water to a night spent elsewhere, or you could just wear the tunic for one setting. Whether you’re metal detecting on the shore or heading to brunch with friends, you’ll have the perfect outfit already lined up.

How To Style a Tunic

Beyond wearing a tunic as either a dress or a blouse, there are so many other ways that you can dress it up and down. The main way to do this is with the addition of certain accessories and other pieces. 

By mindfully selecting items that will go well with your tunic, you can easily transfer the same piece from a day spent outdoors to a night out on the town.

Add a Hat

Hats are a beach mainstay for plenty of reasons. For one, they add an element of luxury and class that might not be present otherwise. More concretely, however, they offer protection from the sun, as well as comfortable shade for our faces. 

While you should still use sunscreen on your face, a hat can help shield you from some of the harsh rays. 

Put On Complementary Jewelry

Wearing jewelry when you’re headed to the beach might not be the wisest plan, especially if you’re thinking about going for a swim in the water. That’s a recipe for losing jewelry, which no one wants. 

Instead, you can put on your jewelry after you’re done at the beach. This will complement the tunic while also creating a clear separation between your outfit at the beach and your outfit afterward. A chunky pair of hoops or a simple pendant will be the perfect match for your favorite tunic. 

Wear Your Tunic Wherever

Tunics can and should be worn wherever you want to wear them. As long as you feel confident in what you are wearing, rest assured that it’s the perfect item to put on.


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