Sarong Swimsuits

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3 products

Sarong swimsuits are the perfect fit for those who want elegant swimwear that covers and flatters. They differ from a traditional swim dress in that there is a front skirt that ties on the side, but regular briefs in the back.

How Does a Sarong Swimsuit Work?

The side tie of a sarong suit is particularly flattering when it comes to camouflaging areas like the tummy and thighs. The tie of a sarong front swimsuit cinches right at the slimmest part of the waist, making it perfect for creating a defined waistline. 

On some sarong swimsuits, the tie is just a vanity tie for appearance’s sake, while on others it is an actual tie that holds the front skirt in place. 

Who Should Buy a Sarong Bathing Suit?

Sarong bathing suits flatter any body type, but there are some people who will especially benefit from the skirted style of a sarong suit. 

  • Active mothers who want to play on the beach with their children
  • Those who like to walk or jog on the beach but don’t want the hassle of a coverup
  • Pool or beach dwellers who love to swim and want a modest suit, but don’t necessarily want a full skirt from front to back.
  • Those who want a little extra support and tummy control
  • Anyone who likes the feeling or appearance of a flowy skirted swimsuit

Sarong swimsuits are for anyone! They are available in a variety of lengths and styles, and they are a fantastic choice for those who like to be more active at the beach, or who simply prefer a  more modest suit.