Swim Dresses

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14 products

Swim Dresses

You can’t beat the style and comfort that swim dresses provide. Our swim dresses come in so many fun patterns and styles. From a bandeau bust to dresses with power-mesh lining, they’re the perfect bathing suit option for anyone who wants to feel comfortable and confident by the water. Come along for the swim as we look at why swim dresses are an ideal summer fashion statement.

Swim Dresses Are Stylish

If you think swim dresses are only functional, think again. Maxine is happy to provide an extensive selection of colorful and lively patterns so that you can stand out in your swimwear. A swim dress is definitely the choice if you want a swimsuit that gives you a little more coverage while staying stylish and on-trend.

Try a bright look this year with our well-loved Indigo Palms Swim Dress One Piece. This look features a beautiful palm design in a hot trending color for this summer.

All the Coverage You Need

If you’re worried about covering any problem areas or just want to make sure you feel like your beautiful shape is flattered, then a swim dress is perfect for you. 

The attached skirt has special benefits thanks to its extra coverage on the bottom, so you can be extra confident while walking around the beach or pool. Whether you're on a birthday month trip or just taking a weekend away, any size swim dress is the perfect addition to your packing list.

Whether you prefer a retro full coverage look with ruffles that show off your curves or dresses with an empire waist and halter straps that flatter your upper body, swim dresses are a great way to balance modesty and style.

If you love a v-neck design, you’ll be sure to feel your most stunning in this stylish swim dress. We can’t rave enough about how nice it is to have great style and coverage go hand-in-hand. Pair this with a flattering wrap or new season arrivals for sunglasses and accessories for an unforgettable beach look.

Comfort Is Key

Not all of us want to sport a teeny bikini by the water. If you prefer a little more coverage and tummy control while you have fun in the sun, a swim dress might be the choice for you. 

Not only does Maxine offer a fabulous shopping experience, but our catalogs have all of the swim dress styles you need for your next beach vacation. Buy one for yourself, or get them for the whole friend group for a special birthday surprise.

Wearing swim dresses at the beach or the pool is a great way to keep some flirty design elements in your look without feeling like you’re showing everything off. 


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