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      Wondering what to wear to a spa day that includes swimming or other athletic activities? If you plan to engage in invigorating water activities while also squeezing in a little R&R spa time, you want a comfortable, stylish suit. 

      What Type of Suit Should I Wear to a Spa?

      Most importantly, you want to be comfortable and secure. Many people prefer a one-piece bathing suit for its athleticism, sleek look, and comfort. However, two pieces work great at a spa as well. Remember that a spa day is all about you, so choose what will make you least self-conscious and most comfortable. Here are a few tips:

      • Wear a suit that can easily transition from a massage to the jacuzzi.
      • A skirted swimsuit may be more comfortable for walking around the pool or resort.
      • If you like the feeling of a two-piece swimsuit but the coverage of a one-piece, consider a tankini.
      • Choose the type of straps that you find most comfortable for movement.

      What Colors Should I Wear to a Spa?

      When choosing a bathing suit to wear to the spa, it can be nice to opt for a muted, relaxing, flattering color combination such as sky blue and black, or lavender and navy. Anything goes, but certain colors do lend themselves better to a relaxing feel. 

      If you plan on spending a considerable amount of time in the pool and jacuzzi, darker colors in a colorfast material will hold up better than bright neon colors. 

      Coverups for the Spa

      Another consideration when choosing a suit is what you will wear over it. Depending on the type of spa you are visiting, you may find that you want something to cover up with as you transition from place to place. 

      Whether it's jumping out of the pool to get into the jacuzzi or leaving the sauna, you may want to consider wearing a lightweight cotton cover-up. 

      Whatever you choose, the right spa wear for you is what you feel best in! 



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