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      10 products

      For many women, the most difficult part of finding the perfect bathing suit is finding the right bottoms, also known as swim briefs. With this in mind, the quest for that elusive perfect suit can be within your grasp if you read this quick guide to swim briefs.

      What Are Swim Briefs?

      You may never have heard of the term “swim briefs” before. Though they are sometimes referred to as swim bottoms, the swim brief has a slightly more specific definition. The brief specifically is the most common type of bikini bottom: it looks like a pair of standard women’s underwear. 

      Obviously, a swim brief will differ from underwear in both material and style. For example, there are some traits that certain women’s swimwear briefs have that can make them stand out:

      • Side tie details
      • Tummy control material at the waist
      • Moderate to full coverage
      • Wideband or rollover band to camouflage love handles

      Swim briefs are made of the same types of material that are typically used in other types of suits, such as spandex, nylon, polyester, or a blend of those and similar materials. 

      How To Choose the Right Swim Briefs

      There is no reason why you can’t wear whatever style of swimsuit that makes you happy. However, there are some styles that tend to accentuate certain body types. 

      The most universally flattering cut is a mid-waist height, traditional swim brief with a slight scoop, and a moderate leg cut opening. However, for those who want a little more tummy coverage, a retro-style higher waist might be preferable. 

      Though some people seeking more coverage might want to opt for a boy short style instead of a brief, this can actually have the opposite of the desired effect. A boy short style can actually accentuate a pear shape and draw more attention to the lower body.

      Look for a swim brief with your desired level of tummy control and rear coverage. And always buy them in a color that you love!  



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