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Women’s Swimsuit Cover Ups

If you’ve ever had to pack for a trip to the pool or the beach, you’ve probably had to pick outfits while making sure you have enough cute swimsuit options to last the week. Have you ever had trouble picking out a swimsuit cover up, too? Making sure you have a cover up is so important, for many reasons—but we’ll get to that.

Whether you prefer pants, tunics, jumpsuits, or dresses, wearing a swimwear cover up has many benefits. Along with providing extra sun protection, choosing the right cover up will also complete your outfit and perfect your silhouette. Who wouldn’t want to be the most stylish person on the beach or by the pool?

Why Are Cover Ups Important?

Two words: sun protection. Premature aging is not the special birthday surprise we want this year. Nobody wants more age spots, wrinkles, or sunburns. A great way to avoid these is to simply wear a cover up! Your shopping experience is even easier when you’ve got the cutest cover ups and new season arrivals from Maxine.

To make sure you’re protected, put on a reliable sunscreen, a cute sun hat, and some sunglasses to match your swimsuit cover up.

All Kinds of Styles

Cover ups are as useful as they are stylish. Nowadays, there are so many cute cover up styles to add to your beach bag. Whether you're going away for your birthday month or taking a quick weekend trip, read more about our favorite way to add coverage while out in the sun.

Dress Cover Ups

A dress cover up is a stylish way to go. Dress cover ups come in styles like maxi, mini, strapless, and more. You can easily wear these beach cover ups to a lunch or dinner break between tanning sessions.

Kimono Cover Ups

A classic style, kimono cover ups come in many cute patterns and designs to match any of your swimsuits. This swim suit cover up is the easiest to throw in your bag and toss on whenever you’re ready.

Romper Cover Ups

Rompers are a super trendy way to cover up in comfort. In rompers, you’ll be fully covered while being able to stay active thanks to rompers’ built-in shorts.

Cover Ups Are a No-Brainer

Surely by now, we’ve convinced you to grab a cute beach cover up for your next sunny adventures. We’d even say adding a swimsuit coverup to your packing list is essential. It's your next purchase for the perfect beach vacation. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.


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