Women's Board Shorts

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      Women’s Board Shorts

      Women’s board shorts are a great accessory for lounging poolside, swimming in the ocean, or even just for daily wear. These comfortable and flattering shorts provide just enough coverage while still allowing for a soak and a (safe) suntan.

      Check out Maxine’s board shorts for the perfect comfortable swim bottoms.

      What Are Board Shorts?

      You may have heard of board shorts being referred to mostly as part of menswear. However, women’s fashion includes board shorts as well. These shorts are meant to be worn both in and outside of the water. 

      The defining feature of board shorts is that they are a bit longer than your average shorts. That means they offer more coverage than short-shorts or bikini bottoms. 

      Where Do You Wear Board Shorts?

      Board shorts were originally designed to wear while surfing but have since become a more universal article of clothing. They can be worn in the water––for example, during swimming, water aerobics, or other water-based activities.

      They are also ideal for throwing on over a bathing suit after getting out of the pool when you don’t want to risk getting your other clothes wet. Bring them to them for a relaxing day at the beach or a fun afternoon at the water park.

      They pair well with tank tops and t-shirts when you’re on dry land. However, a well-paired tankini is a great way to style your boardshorts.

      What Are the Special Features of Maxine Board Shorts?

      Maxine board shorts are a great option if you value practicality as well as style. The extra-large pockets are great for a phone, a wallet, or a pair of keys––just don’t forget to take them out before hitting the water.

      They also include a button at the waistband for easy dressing. The built-in panty lining is also great to keep a secure fit.

      What Kind of Board Shorts Does Maxine Carry?

      Maxine offers board shorts in a variety of sizes and colors. You can opt for regular board shorts or, if you like a bit of extra coverage, go for a pair of solid woven long boardshorts. Maxine’s board shorts also come in plenty of beautiful colors––white, black, navy blue, emerald, and cobalt blue.


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