Beach Cover-Ups: Do You Really Need One?

While the styles of swim cover-ups have come a long way since the time they were created, the question that comes to mind each summer is: do we really need to pack a cover-up with our swimwear for the beach? Here at Maxine, our answer is a unanimous yes, and we’re about to explain why.

Beach cover-ups are meant to be worn as sun protection, and they can also enhance your summertime outfits. There are several ways you can sport a cover-up this season that is fashionable outside of a sandy setting.

In this post, read all about why you do really need a beach cover-up, and how you can wear one on more than one occasion. If you’ve ever found yourself questioning whether or not a cover-up is a good purchase to make, then this post is for you.

First things first, we’ll cut to the chase and tell you all about why you should be wearing a cover-up each summer.

Why Wear a Women’s Swimsuit Cover-Up

Lucky for you, we’ve got more than one reason why you should be wearing cover-ups! Just as you go outdoors in the hot months with sunscreen and sunglasses on, a cover-up will provide you with more coverage from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Not only that, but cover-up dresses, sarongs, caftans, and even long-sleeve kimonos are great ways to make a fashion statement while at the beach, and they’re awesome at providing coverage as you walk to and from wherever it is you’re going. Let’s take a closer look at these three reasons.

Sun Protection

As we mentioned, a beach cover-up can give you a bit more sun protection than if you were to expose your bare skin in a bikini top. Sure, you can wear and reapply sunscreen all day long, but a piece of more dense fabric can do wonders at helping keep your skin safe from sun damage.

Making a Fashion Statement

Have you seen those cute cover-ups that look like everyday jumpsuits, cardigans, halter tops, midi skirts, and kimonos? There are so many styles of cover-ups these days that you can choose your favorite look and really stand out at the beach or pool. We’re all about fashion at Maxine, so we love that you can wear a beach cover-up to pull your beach look together.

Add Some Coverage

There’s nothing wrong with throwing on a t-shirt or hoodie over your tankini or one-piece swimsuit for some extra coverage, but sometimes it’s more comfortable to cover a little more of yourself as you walk back to the car or through your hotel.

The right cover-up will add some modesty to your swim look while keeping you as stylish as you want to be. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable, stylish, and maybe even a little bit sexy as they’re headed to and from the beach?

Now that you’ve got some good reasons in mind that a cover-up is for you, we wanted to showcase a few of our favorite types of cover-ups you can wear.

Different Types of Cover-Ups

When you hear the term cover-up, you probably have a style that comes to mind, and it might not be a stylish one. Don’t fret. There are countless designs for cover-ups today that are jaw-dropping. Take your pick out of these amazing styles this year.

Romper Cover-Ups

Have you ever worn a romper? Rompers — from smocked or ruched rompers to rompers with ruffles and tassels — are a hot trend, and they’re just as comfortable as they look. What’s great about these is that you can feel fully put together when it’s thrown over your swimsuit. This look will get you ready for wherever the rest of the day takes you.

We’re big fans of a short sleeve or sleeveless tricot romper worn poolside over your standard beachwear. Like a cute mini dress, it hides your bikini bottoms while still accentuating your neckline

Kimono Tunic Cover-Ups

This style of cover-up is a more classic version. You can find a flowy v-neck option that pulls over your head easily and has a tie front, creating a more structured, polished summertime look.

Crochet Cover-Up Kimonos

Any item of clothing that’s crocheted will do as a cover-up. The reason for this is because they already have a very boho, free kind of look, which is a big style for getting out onto the beach. Throw on a crochet kimono and you’ll feel free and breezy.

There are obviously many more styles than these, but they’re a few of our favorite looks this season, and we think they’ll be yours, too. Now, let’s dive into how you can wear your beach cover-ups in more ways than just down to the sand.

Different Ways To Wear a Beach Cover-Up

Did you think the only way to wear a cover-up was down to the beach and to your chair? The good news is you can get way more use out of this purchase than you might think. We’ve briefly mentioned a couple of ways to wear cover-ups, like through the hotel, so let’s get into that a little bit more.

Walking on the Beach

For those times when you get a little restless while down by the water, a beach cover-up comes in handy for throwing on and taking a nice long walk. Why wear one for times like these? Well, even though you’ll reapply some SPF before the walk, a cover-up will protect you even more from UV rays as you walk. There’s nothing worse than getting in from a beach day and realizing you’re crisper than you wanted to be.

Walking Through the Hotel

If you’re staying at a hotel or resort, a cover-up could be considered a must. Why? Well, in case you’re not that comfortable with wearing a swimsuit in close quarters with strangers, cover-ups will give you a bit of modesty. This will make things like getting on the elevator or walking through the lobby more comfortable.

Going for a Bite

If you choose the right cover-up, you can make it work for times when you or your crew get hungry. A cover-up like a solid kaftan will look like a maxi dress, and you can even throw a few easy accessories in your beach bag to add to the look.

Lastly, we couldn’t leave you without mentioning our very own cover-ups that we think will be your new favorites.

Beach Cover-Ups at Maxine

If you didn’t already know that we carry a few gorgeous cover-ups, now you do. We’ve put a lot of thought and care behind our choices of cover-ups so that you can feel your most confident, comfortable, and stunning no matter where the summer takes you. Take a look at these three amazing cover-ups that you can find right here.

Solid Kimono Tunic Cover Up

This cover-up is one of our best sellers because of its ease and accessibility. Not only that, but you can feel your best wearing it no matter what shape or size you are. With a drawstring that ties around your waist for the perfect fit, this makes the perfect beach dress.

Choose this kimono tunic style in a shade of white, black, or navy, and find your best fit from extra small to plus size options. This style is a go-to for anyone who wants a cover-up they can throw into their beach bag while they’re lounging in the sun.

Tricot Swim Romper One Piece/Cover Up

Want a cover-up with a little bit more flare? Our Tricot Swim Romper will give you just that. This cover-up also comes in all sizes and is the perfect fit for you if you want to be as comfortable as possible when you’re not busy taking a dip.

This cover-up comes in black, which will ensure that it goes with any swimsuit you choose to wear. Not only that but the sleek design and color make it easy to pair with some simple jewelry if you decide to dress it up slightly more for a quick bite to eat.

Island Mist Swim Romper One Piece/Cover Up

Last but definitely not least, we have our Island Mist Swim Romper. This cover-up option has all the attributes we mentioned above, but this style has a stunning pop of color along the top half. You’ll love this romper for its brightly colored botanical detail, and will have everyone stopping to ask you where you got it.

You can wear this style with any swimsuit, too, because of its full coverage cut. If you really want to make a splash this season, choose this easy-to-wear romper and have fun wearing it.

Cover Up and Get Going

What do you say? Think beach cover-ups are for you, now that we’ve mentioned all the great ways to wear them? Cover-ups are for much more than they used to be, and there are some really great and trendy styles to find them in.

You’ll be glad you chose to wear a cover-up this summer, and your skin will definitely thank you.


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