8 Modest Swim Dresses You’ll Love

Do you love swim dresses as much as we do? This versatile and beautiful piece of swimwear will be the cornerstone of your summer swim wardrobe. We have selected a handful of the best swim dresses for you to choose from.

Ready to dive in? Read on to learn why a swim dress might just be the perfect swim attire for you! 

What Is a Swim Dress?

A swim dress is a swimsuit with the look and shape of a mini dress. It looks just like your average one-piece bathing suit but provides more coverage for the rear and thighs.

A swim dress will help you cover your upper thighs and hips, which can be a huge sigh of relief for those who want a more modest look or who simply aren’t super comfortable showing a lot of skin.

This makes the swim dress a great option for those who are uncomfortable with being exposed in the way a traditional swimsuit sometimes can do. The swim dress’s flowy skirt and additional coverage will give you confidence as you walk down the beach. Bonus: You’re also getting a bit of extra sun protection! 

If you’re wondering, the swim dress has bottoms built in. You don’t need to buy any additional bathing suit bottoms, and you can swim in this dress! 

Why Should I Wear a Swim Dress?

Swim dresses provide some unique benefits that other swimwear doesn’t.

  • Extra coverage to suit your level of modesty
  • A feminine look with a cute flowy skirt
  • Extra SPF protection
  • They are versatile
  • They are extra flattering
  • They are modern

What Are Our Top Swim Dress Picks?

We have a handful of the most amazing swim dresses in a variety of styles and colors that are sure to offer something you’ll be interested in. Here are some swim dresses for you to check out!

1. A Walk on the Wild Side

This leopard print swim dress will become a favorite in your swim repertoire. Thick and supportive straps support even the largest busts, and the cinched waist will accentuate all your best assets. 

Animal print has been making a comeback in a big way, and you can hop right on the trend with this suit. Cat ears are not included!

2. Orchid Obsession

Our favorite thing about this swim dress is the color combination! Periwinkle blue mixed with rich navy and light turquoise make up the background, and cream and coral orchids are dotted all over the suit.

The orchid is a rare and expensive flower, and you will feel just like that when you slip this on. 

3. Scoop Neck Stripes

You won’t believe how flattering this swimsuit can be! If you’ve ever been nervous about wearing horizontal stripes, you can kiss that fear goodbye. Our Gradient Stripe Scoop Neck Swim Dress features ombre blue stripes — but only on your top half.

The bottom half of the swim dress is solid black, which is slimming and sophisticated. The adjustable straps ensure that you will be comfortable no matter your bust size. 

4. English Arboretum Floral Extravagance

Always classic, floral prints like these remind us of the English countryside in the summer. Whimsical and wearable, this suit is feminine and beautiful and will look good on just about any complexion.

There’s just something delicate and feminine about a traditional floral print. You’ll absolutely love this one!

5. Dandelion Fields Forever

This gorgeous swimsuit is not what you think it is. Though the official name of it is the Dandelion Fields Princess Seam Swim Dress, it exists in a fun and carefree fantasy world where dandelions can be blue.

Covered in royal blue and turquoise flowers with jungle green leaves, you will fall in love at first sight with this suit, and you definitely will not be getting rid of it like you do the dandelions on your lawn. 

6. Jungle Vines and Looking Fine

The Jungle Vines Princess Seam Swim Dress is just the fun pattern you’ve been looking for. This suit features a midnight blue background accompanied by jungle-themed tropical flowers, vines, and leaves. 

With the same flattering princess seam as the Dandelion Fields suit, this piece of swimwear will make you feel like a million bucks!

7. Confetti Celebration

The Confetti Scoop Neck Swim Dress is a gorgeous suit that will work for literally anyone. Do cool colors suit you better? How about warm colors? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

With thin adjustable straps, our cool colors are lavender, turquoise, and periwinkle blue. Our warm-toned suit features varying shades of pinks and oranges. The pattern of circles and dots is fun, and the black background is slimming and flattering.

8. Indigo Palm Perfection

What do we love most about this suit? Well, just about everything! But our favorite thing, truly, is the variety of blues, indigos, and turquoise hues. 

This bathing suit features thick straps and an empire waist to truly show off your best self. The delicate palm fronds and soft florals are the perfect complements to the color palette. 


Many of us are not strutting on the beach trying to show off as much skin as possible. For those of us who just want to enjoy the sun, sand, and water without exposing our assets, swim dresses are the perfect fit.

These swim dresses are sure to exceed your expectations. Whether you are more a beach or pool gal, you will impress in one of these eight extravagant swim dresses. 



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