What Size Belt Fits Your Style? A Woman’s Style Guide

Belts are an easy way to add style to any outfit. They can help keep our pants up, and they can make a trendy style statement. It’s a win-win!

Belts are designed for so many purposes and looks. There are thin belts, chunky statement belts, and belts of all colors. The question is: What size belt should you buy, and why? 

If you’re asking yourself these questions, don’t worry. We’ll explain everything you need to know about how to measure yourself properly for the perfect fit, how to choose the right belt size, and how different styles of belts can make or break an outfit. 

Check out all of our hottest tips for picking out the cutest accessory.

Measuring for the Perfect Fit

A belt’s fit may not seem important. You may think measuring for your belt size is a no-brainer, but choosing the perfect belt for your size is a surefire way to feel stunning and confident. 

There are different ways to measure for a belt, depending on the belt style you choose. For example, if you wear the belt higher up on your waist, the correct measurement will look different than if you’re wearing it around your hips.

There are three main ways to take your belt measurement. These will give you a strong starting point to help you choose a comfortable belt. Get the tips here:

Measure Yourself

While wearing your favorite skirt, dress, or pair of pants, place a flexible tape measure around your hips or waist—wherever you usually wear your belt. 

Note the circumference measurement, then add two inches to that number. This calculation will give you the most accurate size for your belt.

Measure a Belt You Own

If there’s a belt in your closet that you already wear and feel comfortable in, lay it down flat with the buckle on your left. Extend the measuring tape from the farthest side of the buckle to the belt hole you normally use. Purchase a belt of the same length or longer.

Use Your Pant Size

If you have a pair of pants that you love and feel fit you well, note the numerical waist size of those pants. From there, add two inches to that number to find your belt size. It’s as simple as that.

Belts Compliment an Outfit

Have you ever worn an outfit that you thought you’d love but realized something was missing? We’ve been there. Sometimes, an outfit needs just a small touch to feel polished. 

That’s where a belt comes in. There are several ways to wear a belt, and you can mix and match these to fit whichever outfit you choose. Wear a belt at your natural waist, your high or low waist, or the most traditional way through your pants’ belt loops.

If you think that your outfit is missing something, try adding a belt into the mix. Wearing a belt with a dress, sweater, pants, or even a swim coverup adds an element of style that compliments the whole look. Don’t be hesitant to pair a belt with casual or formal outfits to feel more put together.

Different Belt Sizes

Belts come in all kinds of colors, styles, and sizes. Luckily, we’re here to teach you about the most popular belts and how to style them. 

For instance, you would typically wear a thin belt with a dress and a slightly thicker belt over a jacket or sweater. Remember, there are exceptions to the rules, and you should always wear what makes you feel confident.

Choosing the right belt size is also a great way to balance your body proportions. If you want to know more about the rules of fashion, we’ve got some tips. 

Wear a thicker belt if you have a longer torso to create the illusion of a shorter torso. If you have a short waist, wearing a thinner belt is great for balancing out your frame.

Read on for even more examples of how to choose a belt size.

How Do I Choose a Belt Size?

We’ve laid some of the ground rules down already, but there’s more where that came from. Picking out a belt can feel tricky, so we’re going to make sure you feel confident in your choice.

If you’re petite, choose a thin belt that matches your outfit to create an elongated look. For a taller woman, wearing a wide belt will help bring balance to your shape. If you’re plus size, a thin, loose-fitting belt that contrasts with your outfit will be super flattering. 

Those with a straight body type would look great in super-thin belts to give their hips more volume. Finally, if you have an hourglass shape, choose a medium to wide belt worn slightly above your natural waist to show off your curves.

The options are endless when choosing a belt and deciding how to wear it. There is room to play around with color, shape, and style. Choose whatever belt is comfortable and goes well with your unique style and personality!

Outfits We Love

If you’re still seeking guidance, we have some reliable go-to outfits that will always make a splash. Wearing a thin belt over a well-fitted blazer is classic, professional, and chic whether you’re out to dinner or going into the office.

For a more playful look, wearing a wide, colored belt cinched on top of a dress is a stunning and bold choice. We love that there’s an outfit and belt choice for every shape and style.

Buckle Up and Get Going

Now that you know everything about belt sizes and styles, you’re ready to throw one on and go about life with a fresh sense of style. We hope this article has given you a new perspective on an accessory we’ve all been using for ages. 

Your looks are about to be elevated and show-stopping, whether you’re going to work, hitting the grocery store, or grabbing dinner with friends. What style are you going to choose?


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