High-Waisted Bathing Suits for Your Shape

You’ve probably seen high waisted one-pieces and two-piece swimsuits for a while now, but they’re still just as fresh and flattering as they have been the whole time they’ve been around. High waisted swimwear is more in style now than ever, and we can’t wait to dive into the details of them in this article.

High waisted bathing suits are not only much more flattering than low-rise options but are more flattering as well. No matter what your body shape is, a high waisted bathing suit can create a beautiful look to your figure that will leave you with all the confidence in the world.

At Maxine, we’re incredibly excited to say that there are a plethora of fashionable high waisted bathing suits for you to pick from. No matter your shape, size, or age, we’re certain there’s a perfect one for you, whether it’s a swim skirt, high waisted swim shorts, high waisted swim bottoms, or anything else.

In this guide, you’ll get the whole scoop on how to choose a high waisted bathing suit for your shape, why you should choose a high waisted suit, and why we love this style for swimwear.

What Are the Different Body Shapes and How Do I Know Which One I Am?

Great question! We’ve all heard about body shapes and how to dress them. Your shape can range from a pear shape, hourglass shape, rectangle, apple, and anywhere in between. Of course, nobody is exactly one shape, and you are beautiful no matter your measurement or shape description. But these descriptions will help you understand the general way your body is proportioned and will guide you toward the most flattering way to dress it.

Let’s take a look at all the different body shapes:

  • Pear shape
  • Hourglass shape
  • Diamond shape
  • Rectangle shape
  • Apple shape
  • Petite and slim
  • Curvy and plus size

This is a good place to start when learning about your particular shape and size. Keep reading to figure out which shape you are, and how a high waisted bathing suit will flatter your body.

Pear, Hourglass, and Diamond Shapes

If you are either a pear, hourglass, or diamond shape, you will usually have a well-defined waist and wider hips. Though you might think you won’t want to emphasize the hips, a high waisted bathing suit will do this in a flattering and sexy way. These body shapes have great curves, and it’s pretty much a given that a high waisted look will be stunning.

Pear Shape

If you’re a pear shape, your shoulders and bust are more narrow than your hips. Because your waist is usually more defined, and slopes out to your hips, stylists actually recommend wearing clothing that shows off your waistline, so a high waisted one piece swimsuit or high-waist bikini set is a great choice.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is where your hips and bust are the same widths and your waist is well-defined and more narrow than your waist and hips. This creates the shape of an hourglass. If your shape is an hourglass, you probably have a proportionate upper and lower body, and more curves around your shoulders and bum. A high waisted bathing suit will cinch your waist in even more and will be super flattering. 

Diamond Shape

If you have a diamond-shaped body, you will have broader hips than shoulders, a narrow bust, and a fuller waist. The diamond shape usually has slender arms and a fuller lower body. A great look for this body type would be a ruffled bandeau bikini top paired with a high waisted bathing suit bottom. This look will balance out your shape and really flatter you.

Rectangle Shape

People with a rectangle shape will measure equally around the waist, hips, bust, and shoulders. This shape is more straight and athletic and typically lacks a defined waist. Stylists recommend wearing a belt around the waist for this shape, to pull the eye in and create a curvier look. High waisted bathing suits can have the same type of effect on this body shape.

Apple Shape

An apple body shape is usually more full in the middle, with a full bust, and a less defined waist. While the hips and legs may be your favorite feature, you may want to hide your tummy area. That is why a high waisted bathing suit is a perfect option for you. Oftentimes, a high waisted suit will include built-in tummy control, which pulls you in and keeps your mid-section secure.

Having an apple shape doesn’t always mean that you’re a curvier person. You can be thinner and still possess this beautiful shape. Remember, body shape doesn’t change based on weight gain or loss. The main thing about apple shapes is that they don’t have a defined waistline. This is where a pair of high-waisted bikini bottoms comes in.

You don’t have to have a defined waistline in order to accentuate it. In fact, wearing a pair of high waisted bottoms will help you create the illusion that you have a more defined waist. Wearing separates will also help create separation between your top half and bottom half, creating a balanced look.

Petite and Slim

Just because you’re more petite and slim does not mean that you can’t rock a high-rise bathing suit. In fact, a high waisted look would be super flattering on your figure! After all, height and weight have nothing to do with your shape or what you can or can’t wear. If you have a more petite shape, it will be important to find a bathing suit that fits your measurements.

Because being petite or slim has little to do with your actual body shape, you will likely just need to put more thought into the sizing of the bathing suit you pick out, so that it flatters you as much as possible.

At Maxine, we believe you can look beautiful and confident no matter what size and shape you are, so go ahead and grab those high-waisted swimsuit bottoms! No matter your shape as a petite person, a high waisted suit will pull in your waist and define your curves. This can even create an image of being taller and curvier if that’s what you’re going for.

Curvy and Plus Size

Similar to that above, your curves and size don’t define what particular body shape you have! This is great because you can figure out which shape you are and dress to flatter that, rather than worrying about anything else. Once you figure out what body shape you have, the rest is easy breezy.

In order to feel your fiercest in whatever you choose to wear, you just have to take a little bit of time to take your measurements. Your shape is determined by the measurements and ratios of your bust, waist, and hips, but sometimes includes your upper and lower body, as well. Taking down your measurements and finding out your shape isn’t as involved as it might seem. We promise the process is simple and quick!

Once you’ve learned what shape you are, you can follow this entire guide to pick out your perfect new bathing suit. A high waisted bathing suit may be your new best friend, all summer long. We’ve got some great options in the shop and can’t wait for you to find something you feel magnificent in.

Who Should Wear a High Waisted Bathing Suit?

In short, everybody! We can say that we believe you’ll look great no matter what style of bathing suit you decide to wear, but there are obviously ways you can learn to best dress your shape and figure. This guide should be able to steer you in the direction of whether or not you should choose to wear a high waisted bathing suit.

Whether you’re a curvier apple shape or a more petite rectangle, a high waisted shape is going to point the eye to your waist, which is the smallest part of the body. The idea in any case is to emphasize the waist, creating more curves and definition.

We can provide even more info on who should wear this look below:

  • If your torso is longer than any other part of your body, you can wear a high waisted bathing suitno matter what your shape and size are.
  • If you’re curvier and are either an hourglass, pear, or diamond shape, you’ll look stunning in a high waisted bathing suit as it helps define your figure as a whole.
  • If your shape or size is more petite, it may be harder to feel just right in a high waisted swimsuit, but if you feel great in it and love the way it looks on you, then we say go for it!
  • As an apple shape, high waisted suits will help you feel secure and will give you more shape.

Why Should I Wear a High Waisted Bathing Suit?

If you’re looking for a short and sweet answer, we say because they are iconic, flattering, and versatile. Of course, there are many other reasons we can give you why you should choose to wear a high waisted suit, as well! Read on to get more info.

High Waisted Swimwear Is Iconic

We’ve been seeing high waisted halter tops and tankinis since the 1950s. When you think of a high-rise bikini bottom and a revealing top with a classy cutout, don’t you too think of someone as iconic as Marilyn Monroe? The answer is probably yes, and for good reason. 

This look has been sported by some incredibly popular and beautiful people, which is why everyone jumped on board between the 50s and 70s. The look is so iconic that it clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The Style Is Flattering

High waisted swimwear can be seen as more modest than other styles of swimwear, but that does not mean it’s less flattering or stylish. A high waisted cut flatters pretty much any body shape and is great at smoothing things out and giving your tummy area the support you want it to have. It’s great for covering problem areas and giving you an amazing boost of confidence. You can choose a high waist bottom, a high leg/girl leg, or a comfortable and cute swim skirt

Whether you have an hourglass shape already, or you’d like to have the appearance of an hourglass shape, that’s what high waisted bathing suits were made for. These bathing suits cinch in at your natural waist and create a figure that you’ll feel confident in, even while wearing a bathing suit that offers full coverage.

High Waisted Bathing Suits Are Versatile

We love high waisted bathing suit bottoms because you can wear them on more occasions than just by the pool or the beach. High waisted thongs and boy shorts act as a kind of under-short if you’re wearing a shorter dress or cover up. This makes transitioning from the water to dinner at a restaurant super easy. Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it; high waisted bathing suits are great for more than swimming and lounging in the sun, which makes them a smart purchase.

Are High Waisted Bathing Suits Actually Slimming?

Yes! Because of the way high waisted swimwear is designed, it will create a slimmer look. However, as we’ve said before, you will look your most confident and beautiful if you feel comfortable in the bathing suit that you choose. While a high waisted cut will define your waist and draw the eye in, you should feel amazing in something you’ll be wearing all summer long.

High Waisted Bathing Suits at Maxine

We love what a good pair of high waisted bathing suit bottoms can do for a summertime look. Because these come as separates, you are really able to mix and match these with any top of your choice, to create many different looks. Whether you’re someone who loves leopard print, floral prints, or solids, our cheeky bikini bottoms will go with anything you adore.

Maxine is happy to offer you this incredible style in sizes eight through 24W so that you can have a style you feel great in, no matter who you are. We’re excited to give everyone the opportunity to try out this unique, classy, and trendy bathing suit style for your next sunny adventure.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re obsessed with this particular bathing suit style. It’s one that we don’t think will go out of style, which is why it’s a perfect choice, and one you’ll love year after year. Don’t miss out on this incredibly complementary swimsuit style. We know you’re going to look amazing in it.

Let’s Sum It Up

We’ve covered a lot of ground here from what the different body shapes are, to how you can decide if you should wear a high waisted bathing suit, to why we love the vibe of this style. Hopefully, you now have a good idea of what body shape you are, and how you can dress, even in a bathing suit, in order to flatter that shape and feel like the very best version of yourself.

The most important thing we like to point out is that whatever shape you are, it’s important to wear something that feels comfortable and easy, especially when you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing vacation or day by the water. High waisted bathing suits are a wonderful option for anybody–short, tall, curvy, or slim. Plus, with one-shoulder options, lace-up varieties, and more, there’s something for everyone in the high-cut category.

When it comes to who should wear this style and why the answer is anybody and for any reason. That’s what’s so great about a classic piece of clothing. You really can’t go wrong if you decide to wear this style.

If you want even more convincing, check out our measurement guide and selection of high waisted bottoms that we love. We’re confident that you will easily be able to decide if this style is something you want to pick up, and then will be the happiest you’ve ever been in a bathing suit. Shop all of our best sellers and new arrivals and enjoy the sun and sand!


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