How To Wear a One-Piece Swimsuit: Style Guide

Summer’s here and you want to hit the beach in style! Maybe this year, you want to go for a one-piece — one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. But there’s more to the perfect swimsuit look than just comfort. Style is a huge part of truly enjoying the skin you’re in.

While we’ve gone over swimsuit ideas for different body types before, today’s focus is on achieving a particular look based on your individual style. It’s time to take a gander at a few different one-piece swimsuit-based styles and how you can achieve them with just a few simple pointers!

Beachy Bohemian

Do you love the idea of taking a long walk on the beach, collecting seashells, while letting the wind blow through your long, untamed hair? Then the beachy bohemian look might just be for you. Breezy and carefree, this look is characterized by being effortless –– or, at least, seemingly effortless.

Beachy Bohemian Swimsuit Designs

The design of your swimsuit should be light and airy, just like you. Light colors are a must –– pastel pink, peach, white, beige, sandy brown, and turquoise are all go-tos. As for prints, keep it abstract and natural: large, sweeping florals and leaves, swaths of brush strokes, or even just a subtle textured suit are great.

Beachy Bohemian Accessories

The ability to accessorize is key to the bohemian look. Long necklaces and bangle bracelets are staples of this vibe. Make sure to keep them light, earthy, and cohesive, with a few pops of color like aquamarine or clementine. Sandals and sunhats are ideally suited for the beachy bohemian vibe.

Beachy Bohemian Cover-Ups

For the beachy bohemian look, the cover-up is an essential part of the outfit. Long, flowing sarongs, wraps, and blouses are excellent. We love this lace-up tunic in white. It matches the relaxed yet stylish bohemian beach vibe perfectly. For bottoms, consider a tiered midi or maxi skirt.


Maybe, when you go to the beach or pool, you mean business. You want to enjoy an active lifestyle where you’re spiking volleyballs, swimming laps, or riding jet skis. Your swimsuit should be just like you are –– practical and up for any challenge.

Athletic Swimsuit Designs

Lucky for you, we’ve come a long way since the loose linen swimming gowns of the 18th century. A sleek one-piece Girl Leg or Mio suit is ideal for your sporty lifestyle. 

While you can still enjoy fun colors with an athletic style, the key to this look is a sleekness achieved through dark colors and minimal designs. Solid colors or stripes are your friends.

Athletic Accessories

The key to athletic accessories? Make them waterproof! From wristwatches to sunglasses and even to earbuds, you can find waterproof versions of most anything today! This allows you to flit in and out of the water quickly. No need to worry about damaging your watch!

 A pair of goggles is another great addition. For shoes, consider simple flip-flops or black sneakers, depending on your plans.

Athletic Cover-Ups

For the athletic look, you’ll want to look for a pair of swim shorts or board shorts. These can transition between land and water efficiently, all without weighing you down. Though it’s likely you’ll be too busy with all your activities to change, bring a T-shirt along for some extra coverage.

Classy Chic

Sure, you could go for a swim –– but you would rather dip your toes in the water from the edge of a yacht. Whether it’s at a poolside restaurant or the deck of a cruise ship, you enjoy looking and feeling luxurious. Classy and elegant –– that’s your style.

Classy Chic Swimsuit Designs

While you can play around with what colors suit you best, we recommend sticking to dark, rich colors and subtle floral patterns. For classy chic, we can’t get enough of this bandeau sarong one-piece. The eye-catching flowers blend elegantly into a mysterious dark backdrop for an alluring and unique look. 

Classy Chic Accessories

The perfect pair of sunglasses makes all the difference for the classy chic look. It doesn’t matter as much what kind of sunglasses they are — they simply must match the outfit. Oversized black sunglasses have long been in style and go with most looks. More recently, color-tinted shades with thin frames (or no frames at all) have come back in a big way.

Classy Chic Cover-Ups

While you may like to lay out in the sun with a small fan, it’s essential to have some kind of cover-up for chilly breezes and aggressive UV rays. A kimono-type tunic cover-up is a wonderful way to tie the look together.

Vacation Flair

You’re on vacation –– and you want to love every minute. Chances are, you can be found singing along to Jimmy Buffet, scouring every gift shop on the boardwalk, or making your family laugh with a series of goofy photo snapshots. This style is full of joy, just like you!

Vacation Flair Swimsuit Designs

For you, it’s all about showing off your fun-loving personality. Bright, bold colors, and vibrant prints are a huge part of that. Play around with colorful patterns like this one and see which one calls to you! Large, floral prints show off your relaxed nature. For a bit of funkiness, consider a polka dot or animal print design.

Vacation Flair Accessories

Since you know you’ll be jumping from one thing to the next, you’ll want to be prepared but not overburdened. Sunglasses and a baseball cap are a great start. A chunky pair of white sneakers go with everything, while colorful flip-flops are great for the beach. Small seashell jewelry is also an adorable addition to your look.

Vacation Flair Cover-Ups

You want a cover-up that is as versatile as you are. A loose-fitting dress or romper is a great option. They can easily be pulled over your swimsuit or bare skin when it’s still slightly damp. These also won’t stick to you as you start sweating from all your planned vacation fun!

One-Pieces Are Forever

Trends come and go, but style is forever — you’ve likely heard some version of this phrase. It doesn’t just apply to everyday outfits. Your swimsuit style is just another extension of your own self-expression.

There are all kinds of different types and shapes of one-piece suits to choose from. Your personal style is further communicated by the colors and accessories you pair it with. 

While we’ve covered a few examples today, you can branch out and experiment with what you like. If there’s a universal thing to remember when wearing a one-piece swimsuit, it’s this: don’t forget your sunscreen! 


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