Body Positive Swimwear Styles: Feelings as Cute as You Are

With spring and summer comes swimwear season, and we want you to feel as cute as you are by the water. It can be a challenge to find a swimsuit that you feel your most confident in, but with these hot tips, you won’t want to take your swimsuit off or hide under a cover-up.

There’s no need to shudder at the thought of wearing a swimsuit this year. We’re sure you’ve heard all the talk about body positivity lately, and for good reason. If you have a hard time feeling cute and stunning, this is the article for you.

Find out below how to get the most out of trying on new swimsuits, how to shop for your shape, and how to feel your most confident this summer.

A Guide to Trying Swimsuits On: Dos and Don’ts

If you’re like us, then you’ve probably had a couple of times in the fitting room trying on swimsuits where you’ve left feeling less than your best. The reality is, fitting rooms don’t have the most flattering lighting, mirrors, or overall atmosphere to make the trying-on process smoother.

Not only that, but it can be overwhelming to get into the store and see all kinds of different swimsuit styles. Where do you begin? Which style should you choose to best accentuate your figure?

For the ultimate try-on session that will leave you feeling stunning, check out our dos and don’ts lists before you hit the shops.


Here’s a list of three things you should be sure to do when you’re choosing a swimsuit. Don’t be flustered when you’re out shopping, instead, have the simplest, breeziest time in the fitting room.

  • Try on many different swimsuits. Even if you have a certain style in mind that’s your go-to, you could be surprised at which swimsuits look great! Go a little rogue and you may find a new style that you’re obsessed over.
  • If you’re in between sizes and can’t choose which to go with, go for the smaller size. When wet, swimsuits expand and can get saggy and uncomfortable.
  • If the swimsuit you choose has straps, don’t be afraid to tighten them more than you think you need to. And, do a check by bending forward to make sure everything stays in place.


Just as there are things you should make sure you do, there are some don’ts that go along with them. Check these out.

  • Even if there’s a silhouette that is trending this year, that doesn’t mean that it’s meant for everybody. Don’t choose a swimsuit solely based on its popularity! Always go with what looks and feels best for you.
  • A larger size doesn’t mean it will look better or hide more of your trouble areas. Actually, a larger swimsuit could gap and wrinkle in the wrong places. If you want to feel more modest, go for more coverage, not more fabric.

Shop by Shape

If you feel a little confused about what style of swimwear will best suit you and your beautiful body shape, don’t worry. We’ve got some helpful information on what types of styles suit different types of bodies and areas you might be concerned about.

Read below to find out how to shop for swimwear to flatter a larger bust, tummies of all sizes, curvy hips, and even long torsos. Every body is beautiful and unique, so get ready to dress them that way.

Swimsuits for Larger Busts

Those who have a larger bust should definitely prioritize support and coverage when shopping for a bathing suit. When you’re trying on bathing suit tops, look for one that has more of a bandeau top and wider straps to keep you supported. This type of top will make sure you’re comfortable and don’t have any malfunctions as you enjoy your time in the sun.

If you want even more support, choose a swimsuit that has some underwire or extra structure in the bust area for added durability. There are stunning one-pieces and two pieces with this type of structure, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for what you need.

Swimsuits for Curvy Hips

Show off your curves this summer in a swimsuit that has all the ruffles and detail along the bustline. Those who have bigger hips are usually a pear shape, meaning their hips are wider than their waist and bust.

To balance out your shape and give you a show-stopping figure, go for a style with detail on the top. It’s also great to choose a bathing suit that has a pattern on the top and is a solid color on the bottom. Again, there are many options like this in both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits, so go crazy and choose what you want!

Swimsuits for Tummy Coverage

At Maxine, we understand that sometimes, it feels more comfortable to have coverage around the tummy area. It’s perfectly fine to want to flatter the body you’re in and feel confident doing so! If you’re shopping for a swimsuit and want to hide your tummy, choose a suit with ruched panels or details on the top to draw attention upwards.

Swimsuits that will flatter your tummy will often have ruched details on the sides or front of the bottoms to add texture, thus camouflaging any trouble areas you want to cover. There are tons of great options for this in the form of tankini bottoms or one-piece swimsuits.

Swimsuits for Long Torsos

If you’re dressing a longer torso, you’ll be looking for a swimsuit that has a higher cut along the legs, to elongate them and balance out your figure. The desire, if you have a long torso, might be to find a swimsuit that fits well and doesn’t ride up, and that makes your legs look longer than your top half.

To do this, find a swimsuit with a higher cut leg, ruching along the torso, and even a v-neck on the top. All of these things will be great for attracting the eye to other areas, making you look proportional and sexy.

Feel Confident in Your Skin

If those weren’t enough tips to help you understand that all bodies are swimsuit ready, we’ve got a couple more tips to help you realize that you are ready for the beach and pool, no changes needed. If you want a confidence boost and a little pep talk, keep reading.

Primp a Little

Haven’t you ever taken a slightly longer shower in order to exfoliate, shave, and lotion up in order to feel refreshed and renewed? Doing a little bit of primping and care before putting on your swimsuit and heading out will remind you that you are beautiful and powerful. Everyone feels better when they’re glowing from some pampering.

Every Body Is a Swimsuit Body

For a long time, magazines and the internet have been filled with all of the workouts and diets you should be taking part in once spring rolls around. When the sun is shining, you’re supposed to be making sure you’re getting “bikini ready,” except not really. Obviously, this is a silly way to think about summer and wearing a swimsuit. Don’t fall into the trap. You and your body are already ready for a swimsuit on the beach.

Go Ahead, Accessorize

Is it weird to accessorize at the pool or beach? In our opinion, absolutely not. With the right accessories that won’t be harmed in the sun, water, or chlorine, you’ll feel put together and dazzling.

Don’t you feel like you can take on the world in a regular outfit when you’ve put on all the rings and earrings that match? It’s no different for a day in the sun. Feel stylish with a cute sun hat, colorful kimono, and awesome pair of sunglasses.

Our Favorite Styles

With all of this being said, we have a few swimsuits that we’re loving right now, that fit all of these tips, and that we think you’ll love. These will flatter any body shape and make you feel unstoppable this season. Check out our gorgeous Indigo Palms Swimsuit or our stunning Jungle Cat Tankini Top to feel like you rule the summer.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

We bring you all of these tips to say, you are already stunning as you are, and you should dress for the body you have, instead of the body you think you should have. We’re in an age of body positivity, so listen to that! We’re sure you’re going to have the best summer yet, as you feel your best. Now, get out there and pick a swimsuit that makes you feel as cute as you are!


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