Water Weights: 7 Amazing Benefits

As we age, the ways that we prefer to stay fit change. Some of us will explore the many benefits of regularly going for a brisk walk, while others might prefer the comfort of an accepting gym to do resistance training. While both of these forms of exercise can be fulfilling and have plenty of benefits for your body, there are some disadvantages to consider as well.

Walking can be lonely, and it isn’t always a viable option depending on the weather. Meanwhile, a traditional gym setting can be loud or even intimidating. These factors have left a lot of people looking for alternative forms of exercise that are effective and enjoyable.

We at Maxine Swimwear appreciate anything that gets us moving and gets us in the water. Luckily, water weights fit the bill with ease. Plenty of women of all ages prefer to employ water weights as their preferred form of exercise, as well as other forms of water aerobics.

If you aren’t yet convinced that water weights could be the workout for you, or if you are trying to convince your friends to tag along to your next class, keep reading. 

1. It’s Easier on Our Joints

As we mentioned, people of all ages use water weights. However, there is a reason that it’s especially popular among certain demographics. By being in the water, the stress on our joints is eased tremendously. Where similar strength training on land might have resulted in painful knees and a sore lower back, exercising in the water will leave you feeling much better.

This also makes water weights and water aerobics a preferred form of exercise among those with arthritis. Arthritis is a condition that affects and causes pain in our joints, making some activities more difficult. Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Psoriatic Arthritis are all types of the condition that can be helped by using water weights to ease the strain.

The reason that working out in the water is so much better for our joints has to do with buoyancy. Water has the ability to make us about 90% lighter when submerged up to our necks, so there is much less weight for our joints to carry. 

2. Water Is Cooling and Refreshing

There are a lot of hardships that we can experience when it comes to exercising on land. The sensation of sweat is uncomfortable, and it’s all too easy to overheat and need to cool down. Both of these concerns are minimized significantly when you work out in the water.

Since the water is likely colder than the air around you, it will cool down your body. You will still feel warmer as you exercise, but you’ll likely feel more comfortable than you would on land.

One important note to remember: just because you’re surrounded by water, doesn’t mean you can skip out on drinking it. It’s crucial to hydrate whenever you work out, and throughout the day. Regularly take breaks to get a drink of water from outside of the pool so that you can stay comfortable, healthy, and have a fulfilling workout.

3. You Can Target Many Different Parts of the Body

There are so many different kinds of exercises that you can do with water aerobics and water weights. You can focus on your arms, your core, your back, and just about any other region that could do with strengthening. 

If you are taking a water weights class, the instructor might give you specific movements and exercises to do. Otherwise, you can determine what areas you would like to focus on, and plan your routine accordingly.

4. Water Workouts Build Up Muscle Tone

Since working out in the water makes your body lighter, you might think that it would be harder to get a good workout and build up muscle. In reality, you can get a similar workout in the water to what you would get on land. That’s because, while the water makes our weight less heavy, it also provides resistance as we move.

As you lift weights in the water, you are experiencing an added layer of resistance that you wouldn’t have to deal with in most circumstances. This added resistance makes for a great workout and will leave you feeling pleasantly sore. As you continue to work out this way consistently over time, you may even start to notice more definition in your muscles.

5. A Fun Way To Get Moving

The truth is, we are much less likely to stick to an exercise regimen if we don’t enjoy it. Exercise should never feel like a punishment, especially when there are so many ways to make it enjoyable. If you try a form of exercise and discover that it isn’t for you, simply move on to the next. There will always be another way to get moving that you can try.

While activities like going for a jog are often polarizing for people of all ages, there’s no denying how much fun you can have in a pool. Much of the time, when we’re in the pool, we don’t even notice that we are actually getting a workout at the same time. We can keep the fun going with a more targeted and specific workout.

Adding weights to the equation feels like a natural extension of just lounging in the pool. It doesn’t require too much movement, and you get to revel in the soothing elements of being surrounded by water, all while moving your body at the same time.

6. Water Weights Can Provide a Fulfilling Social Activity

The older we get, the more difficult it becomes to meet new people. Taking an exercise class can offer an excellent way to find friends with similar interests, and expand your circle. Since you’re in the class together, you automatically have something to talk about, as well as a built-in time to see these people on a regular basis.

7. Exercise Helps Our Mental Health, Too

There’s no doubt that keeping ourselves physically healthy is important, but we should keep our mental health in tip-top condition as well. Fortunately, exercise is a way to do both at the same time. The act of exercising helps us to relieve stress, release endorphins, and overall improve our mental health.

What To Wear While Using Water Weights

When you’re working out in the water, you will need to wear something that’s comfortable to move in, and that you feel confident while wearing. Striking just the right balance with swimwear can be tricky, but we have plenty of options that are simultaneously flattering and flexible. If you’re looking for an outfit that is modest yet moveable, look no further than these four bathing suits, or any of the other offerings at Maxine.



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