4 Best Modest Bathing Suits for Women

In order to have the utmost confidence while spending the day at the beach or by the pool, your swimsuit absolutely must be fashionable. However, if revealing, stringy bikini tops and thong bathing suit bottoms aren't for you (and if we’re being real, they're not for most of us), more demure swimwear can make you feel and look your best as you unwind by the water.

What Is Modest Swimwear?

One of the most vital items on beach vacation packing lists can be women's modest swimsuits that are cozy and comfortable, and that will enable you to enjoy the sun in confidence. When you discover a style that perfectly complements your curves, you never look elsewhere. There are so many different styles to pick from, including halter necklines, bottoms with a high waist, and swim dresses with an added skirt. 

So you may be wondering: what exactly qualifies as “modest swimwear?” Well, with modest bathing suits there are varying levels of coverage. For some, a modest swimsuit is one that has plenty of coverage but still qualifies as a typical bathing suit. 

Others prefer full coverage: something like a rashguard on top and swim pants on the bottom. Still, others like the coverage provided by a swim dress. Different people are concerned with different types of modesty, and sometimes that depends on what they want to cover up. Usually, this is the bust area or the thighs/hips/buttocks area. 

Why Do People Choose Modest Swimwear?

Most people looking for modest swimsuits are looking for something that will make them feel comfortable no matter where they are: in the ocean, by the pool, with kids and family, and in places where wearing a skimpy suit simply wouldn’t be appropriate. 

Some people opt for modesty because of moral or religious reasons and prefer to be covered from head to toe, or even wear a head covering.

For many people, modesty is simply a matter of body confidence. As we age, some of us put on a little weight, and our skin might start to sag just a bit. It’s completely normal and nothing at all to be ashamed of. However, that does mean that you may feel inclined to cover up a bit. 

Why Is it So Hard To Find Modest Swimsuits?

Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find modest swimwear in many malls and department stores. Much of the modern fashion of today is geared towards a younger crowd, and that often means showing more skin. 

Despite the fact that the internet has made varied types of fashion much more accessible, it can still be difficult to find modest clothing, especially swimsuits. Frankly, they just are not as popular as their skimpier counterparts. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t needed, though! 

We don’t subscribe to the belief that dressing modestly means sacrificing fashion. Let’s get into some of the best bathing suits for those who want to cover up and feel their best. 

What Are the 4 Best Modest Bathing Suits for Women?

We thought you’d never ask! We want to go through some types of swimsuits that will be most appealing to those who value modesty and also share some specific suits that will be perfect for all those modest mamas out there.

1. One-Piece Swimsuits

Let’s start with the old standby: the classic one-piece swimsuit. It’s a classic for a reason. These suits never go out of fashion, and they are flattering on everyone while still maintaining a sense of modesty and class. Not to mention, they are comfortable, sleek, and stylish.

We absolutely love a solid, single-color one-piece. This ultra-flattering shirred swimsuit comes in four colors including classic black, and it has plenty of coverage in the back so that you will have nothing to worry about. 

A Floral Print You Will Love

You have to check out this twist on a traditional floral print. If you are looking to maintain a modest look while also remaining en vogue, this suit is for you. Bright pops of petal colors on top of a black and white floral pattern are unique and pretty, and the sweetheart neckline and full coverage leg line will keep you covered. 

Black and White Shadow Palms

For a look that has the classic touch of a black swimsuit, but a fun tropical print at the same time, check out this “Shadow Palms” print one-piece suit. The suit features a girl leg cut that offers a little extra coverage right where you need it. This suit is where modesty meets high fashion.

2. Swim Dresses

Swimdresses are the ultimate choice in modest swimwear. They are a hybrid of a one-piece suit and a dress. People love them because they are feminine and flattering, but provide a lot of coverage in the hip and thigh area. 

With varying lengths, you can customize your look. There are also many different styles of swim dresses, so you’re bound to find something that you enjoy.

Party Time Swim Dress

You won’t be able to stop dancing in this confetti print swim dress! With a sleek black background and a skirted bottom, this suit will complement your curves while also keeping you covered up and feeling comfortable. It comes in two different color schemes: coral, pink, and orange, and royal, navy, and light blue.

Bring Out Your Inner Jungle Cat 

A good animal print never fails. Just because you are covering up some skin doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your wild side altogether! This leopard print beauty is sure to satisfy your animal need for a gorgeous swimsuit. The ample skirted bottom will keep you covered. 

Orchid Empire

You won’t believe how good you feel in this empire waist aloha orchid print suit. While the waistline will make you feel svelte and slim, the skirt will still offer you the support and coverage you need to exercise a little modesty. 

Our favorite part? The color scheme is absolutely to die for in periwinkle blues and shades of coral. 

Botanical Print 

We just can’t get enough of a good floral print. This suit has a princess seam skirt that is ultra-feminine and pretty and will cover your hips and thighs like a dream. The print is a little different from your typical floral and has a cloudy, periwinkle-blue background with orange, pink, and cream-colored flowers.

3. Tankinis

Tankinis combine the versatility and comfort of a two-piece suit with the coverage of a one-piece. Unlike your typical bikini, a tankini covers the midriff area, which makes many people feel much more comfortable if swimming or sunbathing in a family-friendly setting. Tankinis come in all different cuts and styles, so the level of modesty depends on the brand and style. 

Tie Dye Tankini

This suit is great for those who want to relive the 60s. It features a blue and white tie dye print and has the appearance of a halter top suit, but it features a high neck with adjustable straps in the back, so you won’t feel the discomfort of a halter. Because the top has true straps, the coverage is even better.

Blue Blouson Tankini Top

A blouson tankini top is absolutely perfect for those who want a little coverage for modesty, and also want to conceal the midsection. If you do have a little extra weight in the tummy area, it won’t show in this suit! The navy blue and white print is pretty and classic. 

Triple Tier Tankini

What’s better than one or two tiers of cascading fabric on a bathing suit top? Three tiers, of course! The tiers of fabric on this tankini top fall in just the right way to offer visual interest and cover up any unwanted areas. The jungle print on this one is simply gorgeous! 

4. Swim Shorts and Coverups

If you’re having a hard time finding a bathing suit that fits the bill when it comes to coverage, you might want to consider adding a piece or two of your own. Cover Ups are great if you need to do some walking on the beach. 

Swim shorts are a welcome addition to any swimsuit, whether you have chosen a two-piece or a one-piece. You can throw them on right over your suit, and you can even swim in them! 


No matter what suit you choose, we’ve got you covered. Modesty is important to many people for a variety of reasons, from religious to moral, to simply wanting to be more covered in family-friendly areas. We want to make sure you feel comfortable in your swimsuit. Happy shopping! 



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