5 Gifts for Swimmers They’ll Actually Want

In life, there are so many occasions that can be celebrated with a thoughtful gift. From birthdays and holidays to retirement parties, there’s always a gift-giving opportunity just around the corner. As exciting as this is, it can also pose some unique challenges.

How do you select a gift that conveys how much you care for the recipient? Where do you even begin your search? Perhaps most importantly, what is a gift that they will actually enjoy using?

To answer these questions, it’s important to know your recipient well. Consider their likes and dislikes, and you should eventually stumble on something that’s just right for them. If this person enjoys swimming, then you’ve come to the right place.

It can be tough to choose the right gift for a swimmer. You want an item that’s utilitarian so that it’s useful, but you also want it to feel like it was selected with the specific person in mind. The gifts on our list serve as a great starting point so you can find the best gift for the swimmer in your life.

1. Solid Kimono Tunic Cover Up

There are all sorts of different reasons people enjoy swimming. For some, it’s a great, low-impact way to stay in shape. For others, swimming provides a social outlet. Others still might just enjoy the activity in and of itself. No matter their motivation, any swimmer needs something that they can feel confident in before and after they go in the water.

The Solid Kimono Tunic Cover Up works wonderfully as both outerwear for the pool and a lovely outfit that can be dressed up anywhere. This versatility is only part of what makes the tunic such an excellent gift. It comes in four different, universally flattering shades. From black and navy to white and indigo, there’s a perfect color for everyone.

Think about what colors the person you’re shopping for tends to prefer. Do they usually stick to darker shades, or does this person enjoy brighter colors that stand out? All of this is helpful information to consider when selecting a gift that they’re sure to love.

The drawstring waist and v-neck cut of this tunic make the garment appealing yet appropriate for all sorts of situations. Anyone could feel at home in this cover up, whether they’re at the pool, at the gym, or on a luxurious tropical beach. The fabric is moveable and breathable, so you can do just about anything in it. 

2. Coastal Palm Swim Romper One Piece/Cover Up

We love the previous cover up for many reasons, but sometimes you want a pattern that draws a bit more attention. A classic black or white is timeless, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to switch it up sometimes. If the swimmer you’re buying for enjoys snazzy patterns and fun colors, this next cover up could be more their style.

The Coastal Palm Swim Romper One Piece/Cover Up provides the best of both worlds. Those who like solid colors will be intrigued by the sleek, single-colored bottom of the piece, while people who enjoy tropical patterns can look no further than the top. This duality makes for a people-pleasing romper that is sure to be a hit.

This garment has added versatility since it can be worn both in and out of the pool. It has the coverage that we have come to expect from a cover up, but it’s made of swim-friendly materials. This cover up also has adjustable double straps and molded cups, so the wearer can get the best and most comfortable fit every time.

3. A Durable Water Bottle

When a swimmer gets out of the water, the first thing on their mind might be water of another kind. For all of their non-chlorinated, hydrating water needs, get them a water bottle with plenty of room. Whether they choose to fill the canteen with water, a sports drink, or any other hydrating liquid, they’ll be glad to have this useful accessory.

It’s important to drink water before, during, and after exercise. Having a water bottle that’s both handy and stylish nearby will encourage them to keep it on hand. Forgetting water when you’re working out can lead to unintended dehydration, so a bottle that can fit easily in a gym bag or be tossed in the car is very helpful.

You can also be mindful of the material that your gift is made from. Plastic isn’t ideal for everyone, as it has many negative effects on the environment, and it isn’t always dishwasher-safe. If convenience is a big factor for the giftee, make sure to get a bottle that will cater to their needs.

Some people might prefer a small water bottle that is easy to carry around but has to be refilled more often, while others might prefer a substantial bottle that only has to be refilled once or twice per day. Again, this will depend on the individual, so think about their needs. When in doubt, just ask what they prefer! 

4. Crafted Botanical Empire Swim Dress One Piece

Just because someone is serious about swimming doesn’t mean that their swimsuit has to be all business. Swim dresses are a lovely way to combine practicality and flair that will have swimmers of all ages excited to get in the water. Not only is the cut of the Crafted Botanical Empire Swim Dress One Piece fun and flattering, but the true star of this garment is the pattern.

By giving this to someone you care about, you’re giving them the ability to gracefully make their way through the water, all while catching the attention of those who enjoy the finer things in life. The floral pattern is exciting but not too showy, just like the cut of the swim dress itself.

This garment is full coverage in both the front and the back, so the wearer can feel confident and secure while swimming or while lounging poolside. Built-in cups keep this swim dress both flattering and comfortable for people of all different body shapes. And if this pattern doesn’t catch your fancy, we have several other swim dresses for you to consider. 

5. A Stylish Gym Bag

It stands to reason that the swimmer in your life would need a stylish bag to go with their stylish swimsuits. Choose a gym bag for them that is exciting to look at but still fulfills the basic functions they need it to. Who knows? The enlivening pattern could just be the motivation they need to get in the water on days when they aren’t convinced.

Think about their needs, and use that to inform what size gym bag you get them. Some people might need to include multiple changes of clothes, water bottles, swimsuits, and more in their bags. Those people would need much more storage than someone who brings minimal items to the pool.

The Season for Giving

Any season can be the season for giving. Even though we often think of summer as being the main time of the year for swimming, this isn’t always the case. With indoor pools and people living in different climates, swimming is a year-round activity. Take the opportunity to give freely, and show your loved ones how much they mean to you.


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