6 Best Winter Swimsuits for Winter Break

Winter doesn’t typically elicit memories of having fun in the sun, but we think it should. Taking the grandkids on a memorable adventure to a tropical paradise on their winter break is a treat for the whole family. Before you can get started on your trip together, though, you have to be prepared.

Between packing sunscreen, water, and other outdoor necessities, you’ll also need to be prepared with a variety of swimsuits. Since winter days have the least daylight, it gets colder faster. Luckily, there are still plenty of options for swimwear that are both fun and appropriate. 

1. Tricot Swim Romper One-Piece/Cover Up

There are so many reasons we love the Tricot Swim Romper One Piece. First, we all know that versatility is key in a garment. What’s the point of buying something that you can only wear once or for just one use? This swim romper functions as a swimsuit in its own right, or it can also work as a cover-up during your day at the beach or lounging around the pool.

This romper is also available in plus sizes, meaning even more women can discover the benefits of this universally flattering piece. New colors regularly come in and out of style, but a chic black will never lose its appeal. This romper fits just right for people of all body types, and the black ensures that the garment will always be just as timeless as the wearer.

2. Solid Kimono Tunic Cover Up

If you want a cover-up for your swimsuit that will leave you feeling elegant and ready for whatever the day has in store, look no further than our Solid Kimono Tunic, also available in plus sizes. This piece is as versatile as it is comfortable and offers additional warmth and style whenever you need it most.

You never know when a trip to the beach with the grandkids could be extended by a few more hours. A warm day can quickly turn into a brisk night, and the last thing we want is to have to leave because we didn’t know what to expect. 

When it comes to grandkids, we all know to expect the unexpected. If a cover-up can help keep us ready for whatever comes next, we’re sold.

3. 24th & Ocean Abstract Zebra Zip Up Rashguard Swimsuit Top

Rash guards have been experiencing a resurgence in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. They’re modest yet flattering and offer so many benefits in terms of safety. People of all ages regularly use rash guards to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. 

Many of us think that we’re safe from this particular hazard in the wintertime, but this isn’t the case. You can absolutely still get a sunburn from the winter sun, and a sunburn is possible on cloudy days as well. Rather than letting this news be discouraging, we prefer to let it inform us to make wiser decisions.

Our 24th & Ocean Abstract Zebra Zip Up Rashguard is made of a 50 SPF fabric, providing an excellent protective barrier from the sun. Thankfully, this garment accomplishes this without being clunky, unflattering, or uncomfortable. 

In fact, the abstract zebra print will have you feeling right at home in an ever-changing fashion landscape. Some styles always look good, and an elegant yet playful animal print is one of them. On colder days, the long sleeves of this swimsuit will keep you warm, so nothing can stand in your way.

4. Moonlight Tropics Adjustable Tank Swim Dress One-Piece

Many of us feel our most beautiful in our favorite dresses, and that feeling can easily transfer to swimsuits as well. The Moonlight Tropics Adjustable Tank Swim Dress lets you be your most confident and comfortable self, while also being the perfect garment to keep active.

Since the swim dress is adjustable, you can wear it however it feels best for you. The flouncy skirt adds another layer of style without compromising on practicality or modesty. The garment’s blue color palette brings to mind winter motifs, but the tropical pattern keeps it firmly grounded in warmth and fun in the sun.

Complete with molded cups and tummy control, women of all shapes and sizes can feel their best in this swim dress.

5. 24th & Ocean Solid Lace-Up Tunic Swimsuit Cover Up

Here’s another cover-up that we just can’t seem to get enough of. The 24th & Ocean Solid Lace-up Tunic Swimsuit Cover-Up offers more protection from the elements than the previous cover-up on our list. Whether that entry or this one would work better for you will depend on your personal preference as well as where you intend on wearing the piece.

This garment is also adjustable, meaning that you can show as much or as little skin as you please. The customization options don’t stop there, though. This cover-up also comes in three different colors: black, midnight, and white. Feel free to peruse at your leisure to determine which color option is right for you. Just know that you can’t go wrong, and each option is flattering to many different skin tones.

The elbow sleeves on this piece are comfortable and still give you the warmth and security you need from a cover-up. The garment is adjustable via gold sliders so that they serve both a utilitarian and a fashionable purpose.

6. Shadow Palms Swim Romper One-Piece/Cover Up

Last but not least, we have our lovely Shadow Palms Swim Romper One Piece. Part of what makes this swimsuit so special is that it can also work as a cover-up. The cut of this romper is flattering to all sorts of people, and the tropical pattern is enticing to the eye without being flashy.

With adjustable straps, you can shift this garment to fit all of your needs. The addition of molded cups keeps the swim romper comfortable, becoming, and above all, supportive where you need it.

Go for a Dip

The most important part of any swimsuit is the confidence you feel while wearing it. Any of these flattering and elegant options are sure to fit the bill, so don’t hesitate to look around and find a piece that speaks to you.



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