What Is Plus-Size? Finding Your Fit

With the fashion world changing all the time, it can be hard to keep up with sizing and trends. The world of plus-size fashion has come a great way in the sense that it’s more accepted and inclusive, but it can still be tricky to figure out what size you are and how to dress in a flattering way.

With all of this in mind, Maxine is here to help you determine your size, fit, and how to feel your most confident in a swimsuit. We’re going to look into what is considered plus-size today, how to determine if you are plus-size, and how to find a flattering swimsuit to fit your beautiful shape. Are you ready to get into this easy-to-follow guide? Let’s do it.

What Is Considered Plus-Size?

This is the most important question when trying to figure out whether or not you’re considered plus-size. For the purpose of how your clothing fits, knowing the answer to this question will allow you to pick out pieces that fit you in the most flattering way.

As we know, it has always been difficult to come up with a solid answer to this question. In the model world, a size eight would be considered plus-size. If you’re like us, you’re probably scratching your head at that sentence. The world of women’s clothing sizes has always seemed to be arbitrary. You can measure to be a size 14 in one store and a size 18 in another. Today, the most common sizes to be considered plus are sizes 14 and over.

Because each store has its own way of sizing, it may be confusing to tell what size you actually are. Due to the confusion, it may be hard to choose clothing that fits you well and makes you feel confident. Here at Maxine, our plus sizes range from a 16W to a 24W in swimsuits and bottoms, and a 1X - 3X in cover-ups.

Does Size Matter?

If you’re asking about size in relation to clothing, then we say, of course not. As long as you are able to find a piece of clothing that you feel enhances your beauty and makes you feel like the best version of yourself, why would the number on the tag matter?

There are so many factors that go into what makes someone plus-size. After all, being plus-size isn’t always synonymous with how fit or healthy you are. We think that it’s always important to make sure that above everything else, you’re doing what you can to live a healthy and happy life. Whether or not this affects the size of your clothing shouldn’t matter.

You can feel confident knowing that being plus-size isn’t a negative thing. Once you find your right size, you won’t be thinking of anything other than how great you feel.

How Do You Know if You’re Plus-Size?

The easiest way to figure out if you’re considered plus-size is to take down your measurements. Each brand may have its own sizing guide, but once you have your measurements, you’ll be able to use those guides correctly. There are three different sizing systems to go by, which include Misses’ Sizes, Women’s Sizes, and X Sizes. Let’s dive a little deeper into what each of these means.

Misses’ Sizes

This group is sized by numbers, like 18, 20, or 22. You’ll often see the Misses section as being a little bit younger as far as style goes, but some retailers use this sizing system for all styles.

Women’s Sizes

Women’s sizes will be seen with a number followed by a ‘W,’ which stands for women. This group of clothing is usually more loose with a relaxed fit, to better fit those with ample curves and bust sizes.

X Sizes

As the name suggests, X sizes include the letter either paired with an ‘L’ or paired with a number, such as 2X, etc. These sizes are normally found in sweaters, or clothing that does not have an exact fit.

Now that you know the difference, you’ll be able to take your bust, waist, and hip measurements, either in inches or centimeters and apply them to the size guide you’re following. If you see your measurements on the plus size guide, you’ll know you’re in the right spot.

Plus-Size Swimwear

Just like there is plus-size clothing, there’s also a whole world of plus-size swimwear. We are more than happy to offer beautiful swimwear in all sizes so that you can find something you feel excited to put on for your vacation or pool day.

There are tons of shapes and styles of plus-size swimwear, so you’re sure to find something you look and feel great in. It hasn’t always been this way, but we’re so excited that more and more people are including plus sizes in their range of clothing options.

If you feel a little overwhelmed when thinking about swimsuits as a plus-size woman, there are some ways to make the shopping experience easier. Knowing your sizes and your body type are the best places to start when shopping for a plus-size swimsuit. As much as we believe that anyone can wear anything they want, we’ll be honest in saying that there are real ways that you can best flatter your personal figure and style.

How To Find Your Fit

Do you know what body shape you are? We’ve all heard of pear shape, hourglass shape, and so on. There are six main shapes to go off of, but you may also be a combination of shapes. In case you need a quick refresh, the main body shapes people identify with are rectangle, pear, inverted triangle, apple, hourglass, and diamond. Each shape has its own areas that some might consider problem areas or areas they’d rather cover-up.

Finding your fit just means that you should once again take your measurements, and find out which of these shapes you most closely relate to. Once you’ve done those things, it will be easier to find the best fit for you.

In order to find your fit as far as swimwear goes, look for pieces that highlight parts of your body that you love, and that camouflage the parts you’d like less attention on. This could be a one-piece swimsuit with a cinched-in waist or a faux skirtini that covers more of your bottom half.

Flattering Swimwear We Love for Plus Sizes

Did you know Maxine has amazing plus-size swimwear, bottoms, and cover-ups? You do now, and we’re so excited to show you some of our favorites. We are firm believers that women of all shapes and sizes deserve to wear beautiful, flattering swimwear, whether they’re going on a tropical vacation, or reading by a pool. 

Check out our favorite plus size swimwear below:

In Conclusion

If you’re plus-size, there are plenty of comfortable and fashionable choices for you to wear, both in and out of the swimwear world. Don’t be scared to own your size and feel confident to choose the right pieces for your shape. There are more ways than ever to find a piece that flatters your size and that fits how it should.


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