How To Wear a Swimsuit in the Fall

If you’re feeling a little dreary about summer coming to a close, you’re not alone! There are so many of us who wish we could just keep soaking up those sunny rays, but before we know it, the cool weather will be forcing us to close our pools and hang up our shorts.

Hold on — don’t put your swimwear away just yet! Believe it or not, it is possible to wear a swimsuit in the fall, even if you’re not poolside.

Though we don’t recommend just throwing on a bikini to do your leaf blowing and go apple picking, there are certain ways to style a bathing suit that can be super chic and fashionable while also being weather appropriate. Let’s dive in!

Why Would Anyone Want To Wear a Swimsuit in the Fall?

Great question. There are a few reasons. Have you ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? If you’re one of those people who looks into the abyss of your closet to see a sea of button-down shirts, sweaters, and jeans, but somehow no outfit ideas, maybe you could do with a little decluttering.

A capsule wardrobe means that you curate a select number of pieces for your wardrobe and have a variety of ways in which to put the pieces together to make different outfits. Adding a bandeaubikini top or one-piece suit to the mix can add variety to your capsule.

Another great reason to rock a two-piecebikini set or halter top in the fall is that you simply love your suit! If you have come across the perfect swimwear, why limit yourself to wearing it for just one season? Break that baby out whenever you want, especially if you live in a state that’s warm and sunny year-round.

Lastly, you can wear your bikini bottoms or rash guard in the fall because there are no hard and fast rules. Just wear what makes you happy.

How Can I Wear a Bathing Suit in the Fall?

We’ve got a few key styling tips that can help you to extend the life of your bathing suit. Here’s how to wear a swimsuit in the fall:

The Tankini-Turned-Tank Top

The tankini is one of our absolute favorite styles! Even when just considering them for regular swimwear, they are super versatile. To wear a tankini year round, utilize it as a tank top. It will layer well, and they look great tucked into a pair of wide-leg jeans with a stylish belt. 

The Swimdress With Leggings

If you have fallen in love with a swimdress, don’t be afraid to wear it outside of the pool. Though the skirt on a swimdress is likely too short for your comfort to wear as a regular dress, it can look great as a fitted tunic over a pair of black leggings.

For those warm early fall days, you may be able to get away with wearing just the swimdress with leggings and add some pizzazz with a statement necklace. When it gets a little cooler, throw on a long cardigan!

Wear a One-Piece as a Bodysuit for the Office 

Bodysuits are back in style again! A beautiful, sleek way to wear a swimsuit to work in an appropriate way is to treat it like a jumpsuit and layer it under a blazer. 

If your workplace operates under business casual fashion rules, you could even wear the swimsuit with a flowy skirt and a pair of sandals or flats. Jewelry is your friend here, and dressing up the outfit will make it feel more work appropriate.

With a Pair of Gauchos 

Another old-school fashion staple that has come back into style? Gaucho pants! A one-piece swimsuit looks great with a pair of gauchos, as the fitted nature of the swimsuit complements the flowiness of the pants.

Dress the look up with a pair of pumps, or dress it down with some comfy sandals or even casual slip-on sneakers. 

With Capri Jeans and a White Button Up

This classic look is perfect for a one-piecebathing suit. Grab your most colorful girl leg bathing suit and pair it with dark wash denim capris. Then throw on a white button-up dress shirt, roll up the sleeves, and you have a purely effortless look.

Depending on your lifestyle and your work attire rules, this look could function for a weekend shopping trip or an afternoon at the office.

Add Some Velvet for an Elegant and Comfortable Look 

If you’re looking for a way to wear a swimsuit for a night out while on a fall vacation, consider investing in some velvet or velour pants. The flowier, the better!

This look will work for a one-piece or for a tankini top. For a nice dinner out, pair your bathing suit with a pair of black velvet pants and some strappy high heels. You will be surprised at how graceful and sophisticated this looks.

With Your Favorite Cover-Up

Okay, hear us out on this one! We aren’t suggesting that you just throw on a swimsuit and a cover-up, then call it an outfit. We ARE suggesting that you also try incorporating your cover into a fall outfit. 

A tunic cover-up, a color blockswimsuit, and a pair of jeans make a versatile and stylish combination. A nice pair of gold hoops add a little sparkly bling to the ensemble.

The Takeaway

You might feel a little apprehensive to branch out into wearing swimwear in your everyday clothing, but you should try it before you knock it! 

If you have a swimsuit that you just love to wear, why not make it more accessible in your daily wardrobe? If you live in a warm state like Florida, wearing a swimsuit for fall family activities — and even fall swimming — is totally possible.

With the right layers, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, you are sure to find ways to wear those suits that will make you feel like a million bucks. Enjoy getting some extra mileage out of that swimwear! 


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