Water Park Birthday Ideas That’ll Make the Day Special

It’s about to be the hottest time of the year, and if you or someone you know has a summer birthday, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a fun water park birthday party! You’re in luck if you’re looking to plan one of your own. We’ve pulled out all the stops, including what to make sure to bring to a water park, how to create your own water park in the yard, and what the best games are this year.

The day will be special and unforgettable if you follow this quick guide to all there is to know about water park birthday themes. Not convinced? We’ll start with the option to go out to a water park, which will leave less planning for you.

Check out these tips before you reserve the water park for your party, and don’t forget your pool bag essentials!

Head Out to the Pool or Water Park

Want to make your water park birthday planning a breeze and don’t feel like hosting at your place? A great way to do this is to host the party somewhere else, like your local pool or a nearby water park. Either of these can be accommodating to you and your crew, and you won’t have to worry about the big details.

There are pros and cons to whichever you choose, park or pool, so we want to give you the low down. Leave the research to us and choose whichever one you feel suits your party needs the best. First up, why you should head to the closest water park.

Water Park Party

A water park pool party is a great idea for kids and adults alike, and the great thing is that the park staff usually has a birthday party package that includes clean-up. If we’re honest, making sure you have all the supplies for the party and cleaning everything up afterward are the most challenging parts of hosting.

If you choose to go the water park route, you’ll probably tally up how many people will be attending, and choose a package based on the size and whatever food and amenities will be necessary. Water parks are a great choice if you want to take some stress off and have a ton of activities built into the price.

Pool Party

An even simpler option for a water-themed party is to check out what your local pool offers as far as birthday party reservations. Even if you can’t reserve the pool for yourself, you can host a small party during open hours. If you don’t have a pool yourself and you don’t attend a local pool, see if someone you know would be willing to have you at theirs!

Hosting a pool party requires a little more planning and some extra safety precautions since there won’t necessarily be any paid lifeguards watching over everything. Make sure to take the proper steps to ensure everyone’s safety during the fun.

Another awesome thing about planning a pool party is that you have the fun of picking out all the decorations and favors! This leaves a lot of open space for being creative. Choose some brightly colored decorations to pump up the summer feel.

Don’t Forget These Things

If you are planning on heading out to a park or pool, make sure to pack accordingly so you’re prepared for anything! This includes a comfortable bathing suit, a pair of shorts for walking around, and a cover-up if you want some lightweight coverage.

Along with those clothing essentials, you’ll obviously need some extra sunscreen and a towel or two. And, if you remember them, it’s always fun to have a cute floatie and even a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite summer sounds.

Creating Your Own Water Park Party

Keep costs low and host your own water park-themed party with these tips! This can be done with or without a pool with just a few plans and a well-thought-out theme. Remember how fun it is to run through a sprinkler or even slide down a swingset slide covered in water? You can create an amazing and special water park vibe for both kids and adults by doing just a few key things.

First up, let’s dive in headfirst to a few party theme ideas. With the right theme, everything else will fall into place and feel like you really are at a waterpark.

Party Theme

Haven’t thought of the perfect party theme yet? It’s your lucky day because we’ve done the hard part for you and have several awesome theme ideas for boys, girls, and adults. In no particular order, check them out below.

  • Water Balloon Blowout
  • Beach Party
  • Under the Sea
  • Slides and Sprinklers
  • At the Lake
  • Mermaid Party
  • Margaritaville
  • Balloons and Bubbles

These are just some of what we think would be incredibly fun birthday party themes. There’s so much you can do as far as decorating and making themed snacks to pull the party together.

Food and Drinks

Speaking of snacks, they’re vital at any party, and we’ve got some ideas for water park party refreshments. Again, these ideas are great for adults and kids and will keep all the bellies full and happy. Take a look and choose your favorites for the next bash you host.

  • Order a few pizzas
  • Grab some sub sandwiches to share
  • Make a big batch of lemonade
  • Make or buy cupcakes for easier eating and cleaning up
  • Make some themed adult drinks
  • Have a few bags of chips
  • Make a smoothie batch for a healthy, refreshing treat

These are definitely not the only food and drink options out there, but they’re simple, easy, and can be kept within a budget. Throw in some veggies and cold fruit, too, if the adults (or kids) want a fresh option.

Games and Activities

Now for the fun part. Who doesn’t love water games? Even if you have access to a pool, there are some games and activities to throw in the mix that will keep any and everyone entertained for the whole day or evening. Jot some down now for your next party.

  • Sponge toss: have a couple of buckets and sponges at hand to see who can soak up a bucket of water first
  • Kiddie pool toe diving: put a few toys and things at the bottom of the pool and have everyone grab as many as they can with just their toes
  • Water balloon games: water balloons are fun on their own and made into games
  • Sprinkler: red light green light

Time for Some Fun

All in all, no matter which route you go when you’re planning a fun water park birthday party, you just can’t go wrong with water games on a hot day, and some yummy refreshments shared with your friends and family.

Get ready to soak up the fun and have the most special birthday yet.


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