How To Wash and Dry Your Swimsuits

Every summer we choose the perfect swimsuits that make us feel confident and ready to bask in the sun all season. With this comes the inevitable task of washing those swimsuits. Did you know there’s a correct way to wash and dry your suits that will prolong their wear?

If you’re shocked by this and don’t know where to begin when it comes to cleaning your bathing suits, let us help! While most swimsuits can be thrown in the washer and be hung to dry with no problem, using the following tips will ensure that your swimsuits are kept in great condition.

So, if you’re intrigued, keep reading to get some quick tips on the care of your beautiful bathing suits. Up first, we’ll take a look at why swimsuits are more delicate than your average load of laundry.

Swimsuits Are Delicate

Now, if you’re like us, you probably already know that swimsuits need a little extra care than your typical laundry, like hanging them to dry instead of throwing them into the dryer. But why are swimsuits more delicate than other clothing items?

Swimsuits are made of specific materials that are meant to be worn for being active in the water and sun. For instance, our suits can be found with a combination of polyester or nylon so that they’re ready for your summer activities.

In short, the materials and fabrics that swimsuits are made of are great for these activities but can be affected by things like body oils, sunscreen, and even sun rays. Because of this, it’s important to rinse your swimsuits as soon as they come off to ensure their longevity.

Proper Care of Your Swimsuits

It’s important to take the best care of your swimwear as possible so that you can wear it for even longer. That being said, there are some helpful tips we’ll share with you about the care of your swimwear.

Like we said earlier, there are elements that can create problems for swimsuits, like sweat, chlorine, UV rays, and yes, the washing machine. If you do have to throw your swimsuit in the washing machine, be sure to put it in a mesh garment bag first so that it’s less prone to damage. You can also protect swimwear by using a mild detergent and making sure the cycle runs on the delicate cycle.

We’re sure you’ve got the gist by now that it’s better to take gentle care of your swimsuits. Let’s dive into the routine that will ensure your swimwear lasts.

Rinse Out Your Swimwear First

Have you ever heard of rinsing out your swimwear after you’ve worn it? It might sound a little bit excessive, but we promise it’s simple and takes no time at all. Rinsing out your swimsuit immediately after you’ve worn it to the beach or the pool will get rid of any chemicals, salt, sweat, or sand that might be hanging around.

Rinsing out your swimwear first will make sure that any harsh oils or chemicals don’t sit around causing possible damage. Simply run your swimsuit under cool water. You can also let your swimsuit soak in cool water for about 30 minutes, which rinses the fabric even more.

One Step Further

If you’re rinsing or submerging your swimsuit, you may as well continue the process and just handwash the suit. This isn’t as hard or as time-consuming as you might think! After an initial rinse, fill the sink with cool water and add about one teaspoon of gentle detergent.

After this, just turn your swimsuit inside out and submerge it under the soapy water for just a few minutes. Next, rinse the swimsuit out and squeeze any excess water out. See? Easy! Just be sure not to twist and wring out the suit, as that could cause some damage.

Hand Washing vs. Machine Washing

So, let’s give you the lowdown on what’s better for your gorgeous swimwear. Should you avoid the washing machine at all costs, or is it okay to use this convenient option after coming in from the sun?

Using the Washing Machine

If you do choose to machine wash your swimwear, there are a couple of ways to make sure your beloved suit stays safe! Better yet, if you’re reading this and haven’t chosen a swimsuit for the season yet, then this tip will be helpful. Choose a swimsuit that has a more durable fabric content so that it’ll stand up to the power of the machine!

If you usually use the washing machine, then you probably use the dryer just as often. We’re here to say that the dryer is definitely a no-go when it comes to swimwear. While you can use the washer if you desire, throwing a swimsuit in the dryer could permanently change the shape and durability of the suit and will definitely shorten its lifespan.

How To Properly Dry Your Swimsuit

You know to avoid the dryer, so how should you dry your swimsuits? We’ve got all the answers. Here’s what to avoid and what to go ahead with when it comes to drying these garments.

Avoid Drying in the Sun

It’s important not to dry your swimsuits in the sun. If you hang dry your other clothing on a line outside, be sure to separate swimwear when doing so. Why should you avoid sun-drying? The answer’s pretty simple.

Drying these garments in the sun could cause the fabric to fade unevenly. It’s no shock to us all that the sun has bleaching power, and this applies to clothing as well. Don’t we all want to keep our new favorite bathing suit as fresh-looking as possible?

Avoid Hanging To Dry

This tip might be a less commonly known one. We, too, hang a lot of our more delicate clothing pieces to dry, whether it be on a clothing hanger or a drying rack. It’s the easy and obvious thing to do if you’re not using a drying machine, right?

Well, when drying your swimwear, you’ll want to avoid hanging. The reason for this is simple. Hanging your swimsuits can cause them to stretch out in the straps or torso area, which could cause the suits to fit differently and affect the overall shape.

How To Properly Dry Swimwear

How, then, should you dry your swimsuits after they’re nice and clean? Just lay them flat away from the sun and away from heat. You can do this in different ways, but we think the easiest way is to lay it flat across the top of a drying rack or flat surface.

Laying swimwear flat to dry just makes sure that your swimsuits maintain their color, shape, and fabric strength.

In Conclusion

We’ve thrown a lot of tips out there regarding how to properly wash and dry your swimsuits. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming! You can use any of these tips to find a certain washing routine that suits your needs.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and feel inspired to take the best care of your swimwear! Get ready to feel great in a swimsuit that lasts all summer long, no matter if you’re lounging or swimming.


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