Warmest Beaches in Florida in January To Thaw Out the Winter

Brrr, it’s been a cold winter! That is, it’s been cold everywhere except the beautiful beaches of Florida. We have to admit, we’re big fans of the year-round comfortable weather here in Florida, and if you’re looking for a place to thaw out from all the cold, then we’ve got the post for you.

After reading this post, you’ll want to dig out your suitcase as quickly as you can and pack it with your spring and summer beach essentials. While the winter and early spring in Florida aren’t the warmest it gets, the temperatures are the most moderate and comfortable for easy relaxation and calm minds.

Let’s get to the good stuff and jump into all the details you need to know regarding the weather, prices, and best beaches of Florida during this time of year.

Florida Weather in Winter

Aren’t you tired of all the things winter weather brings? We’re talking about snow shoveling, ice scraping, cold feet types of things. While it’s lovely to warm up by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate, somehow it’s never quite warm enough. If you want a little more warmth without bundling up under layers of blankets, we’ve got you.

The weather in Florida during these “colder” months is something that draws tourists in. You’ll find that Florida has the mildest winters of pretty much anywhere in the United States. You can feel completely comfortable during some sunny days and will be just fine in a light over-layer in the evenings. 

You’ve probably heard that Florida is warm in the winter, and it’s true. For instance, in February and March, the high temperatures are in the mid to high 70s during the day and high 50s in the evenings. Sound like the place you want to be right now?

Though you’ll see mostly warm weather thanks to tropic winds, it does occasionally get chilly. Luckily though, those chillier days and evenings are still nothing compared to the temperatures of the north or midwest regions.

Prices in Florida in Winter

You know what else is great about choosing Florida as your location to thaw out? The travel costs are cheaper this time of year as opposed to the busier seasons. On average, the cheapest times to visit the Sunshine State are between January to March. This is perfect if you’re looking for the sun on your face during the coldest months of the rest of the states.

Of course, there are always ways to make your travels even cheaper than they would be. If you’re okay with flying standby or dealing with overall inconvenience and a little more stress during your travel days, then your costs will be cheaper than if you grab flights with few connections and great seats.

Prices also vary greatly depending on where you stay. You can find affordable prices on vacation rentals during this time of year. As with any location during any time of year, you can also keep your travels within budget by planning and being mindful of what you do and where you go during your stay!

Ready for the most fun part of this post? Read a little more to find out what the warmest beaches in Florida are in the winter.

Warmest Coasts in Florida in Winter

Okay, okay, we’re finally at the point of the article that you’ve been waiting for. Enough of the logistics, let’s get into the warmest destinations you can choose from if you’re looking to warm up during the winter months. Hurry and read about what we think are the eight best beach choices this season.

From the Florida Keys to the Treasure Coast, anywhere you choose will give you the sun and white sand you’ve been dreaming about. First up, let’s look at the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast

This choice is located in southwest Florida. You’ll find it near Miami and Fort Lauderdale. What’s wonderful about the Gold Coast is that it’s one of the warmest places we’ll mention. Even water temperatures remain around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, bringing a good amount of tourists year-round.

Keep the tourist crowds in mind if you choose this gorgeous coast as your destination, as it’s warm all year and attracts many with its bright beaches. Notable places among the Gold Coast are Miami Beach, South Beach, and Las Olas Beach. You’ll find as many restaurants and landing places as your heart desires at this location.

The Florida Keys

Let’s be honest, everyone has thought at least once of visiting or even living in the Florida Keys. This location is never not popular among visitors, which is something to consider when choosing for yourself. Aside from warm winter waters and nice sunny skies, the Florida Keys have an awesome variety of activities.

If you’re into history, this is a great place to visit. You’ll be able to explore the Hemingway House, Fort Zachary Taylor, and the Southernmost Point. Our favorite beaches here include Key West, Key Largo, and Marathon. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options, and you’ll definitely lose the chill.

Treasure Coast

Have you heard of this beautiful coast before? Florida’s Treasure Coast is located right above Miami and has very warm temperatures, around the high 70s during the winter. How could you go wrong with that? Here you’ll find West Palm Beach and Palm Beach, both with bright white sands worth dreaming of.

Other beaches here that we recommend are DelRay and Boca Raton. A wonderful thing about choosing the Treasure Coast is that there are activities for all people. You can find coral reefs to explore in Pompano Beach or an arts district in DelRay. There’s something for everyone in this warm spot.

Cultural Coast

The temperatures on this coast are slightly cooler than the more southern coasts but are still warm to mid-60s. You’ll be comfortable in a light sweatshirt, that’s for sure. The Cultural Coast is located towards the middle of the state and contains the gorgeous Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, and Sanibel Island.

If you’re looking for a spot that’s easygoing and will encourage leisurely walks and bikes, then you’ll fit right in at Anna Maria Island. Actually, most of the beaches here are relaxing. There are also plenty of opportunities for living it up at night or checking out some wildlife.

Space Coast

The Space Coast of Florida is located north of Orlando. The coast was named because it’s the home of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. You’ll feel right at home at any of the beaches on the Space Coast, with its warm sand and Cocoa Beach. 

The water temperature is a little bit cooler here than the other coasts we’ve mentioned, at a mild 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you aren’t a local, you may not think that temperature is cold at all, and will therefore enjoy a slight dip or two. The beaches here all have a pretty similar atmosphere, so the main factor to look at could be where you want to stay in proximity to Orlando in order to visit there during your vacation.

Paradise Coast

If you’re someone who’s more interested in a super laid-back environment with a more natural feel, then the Paradise Coast is the place for you to be. This destination is located opposite Miami and Fort Lauderdale and is a great spot for snowbirds.

You’ll have plenty of events to choose from and adventures to plan near the Everglades. As far as weather goes, Paradise Coast waters are chillier at around the mid-60s. If you don’t want to take a cold swim, there are plenty of other things to do among Marco Island, Naples, and Fort Myers.

First Coast

A historical place, the First Coast is home to St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and the Sea Islands. The temperatures here are colder than most, with the water being around 62 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Even so, because of the rich history here, there will be plenty to occupy your time if you don’t want to spend all of it on the chilly beaches.

Among the beaches of the First Coast, you’ll be able to explore parks, museums, and gardens, as well as take up a game of golf or spend an afternoon shopping. Enjoy a relaxing yet educational stay at any of the gorgeous spots here.

Sun Coast

The Sun Coast resides on the Gulf side of Florida and has water temps around 63 degrees during the colder months. You’ll have a choice between the gorgeous Dunedin, Clearwater, and St. Pete beaches, among others. We don’t think you can go wrong here though, because each spot is magical and full of places to stay.

The Sun Coast is a bit more populated year-round, so keep that in mind. Even with more people, this is a wonderful spot to vacation as you can spend your time outdoors looking out for sea turtles, ocean birds, and even gopher tortoises. Gear up for peaceful, outdoor adventures.

Things To Do in Florida in the Winter

We’ve covered a little bit of some of the activities you can do while visiting several of Florida’s beautiful beaches, but we wanted to put them all in one spot for easy access as you choose your vacation destination! Read on to get a list of some awesome things to occupy your time on the warm winter coasts.

Whether you enjoy spending most of your time outside and in the water, or want more of a slow-paced, easy-breezy kind of time, we’ve got the stuff for you. Take a look at our list of scuba diving, touring, and golfing details so that you have what you need to plan your winter getaway.

Scuba Diving

Interested in seeing what the world looks like underwater? Throw on a wetsuit and dive under the waters of the Florida Keys to explore the magical ecosystem full of reefs and ocean animals. As we mentioned, you will most likely need a wetsuit if you choose to endeavor on this adventure, as the waters in the winter months are cool.

Spots to keep in mind that have amazing scuba diving opportunities are Looe Key, Big Pine Key, Key Largo, and Molasses Fargo. Wherever you choose, you’ll find a ton of sea turtles, reef sharks, and even some shipwrecks.

A Tour of the Everglades

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the Everglades, the winter is a great time to do so, as there are fewer people around. Enjoy a calmer visit to see the wildlife. The Everglades are filled with alligators, manatees, birds, turtles, and more, which is a hit for both adults and children alike.

If you choose to visit the Everglades around this time, you’ll be able to see the sights by tram, bike, or airboat. There are also possibilities for kayaking, camping, and fishing in these wetlands full of life.

Go Golfing

The two activities we mentioned above are definitely for those with a more adventurous side. If you want to take it easier and enjoy some quiet time, then this is for you. As you may already know, Florida and its natives are no newbies when it comes to golfing. There are plenty of golf courses around on any of the beaches in the state.

Things To Pack

You’ve got the beach picked out and the activities planned, so now all you need is the perfect packing list for your winter beach stay. We’ve got you covered here, and are happy to share our beach essentials with you. Our list has everything from swimsuits to hats to beach towels. Ready to find out what to pack in your beach bag?

Here’s what we think everyone should be sure to pack for a winter beach trip:

  • Capri pants or leggings that are able to be rolled up, so as to not get wet or sandy
  • Quick-drying clothing so you don’t stay cold and damp
  • Stylish one-piece swimsuit for easy layering underpants or sweaters
  • Pair of shorts for the warmer days
  • Sung sweatshirts or shirts to keep warm when it’s windy
  • Cover-ups for warm sunny beach days 
  • Sunscreen and hats for optimal sun protection
  • Beach towels for lounging and as an extra layer if it’s chilly

Get Packing

After all this, there’s no way to can’t plan a trip to the beaches of Florida to warm up after a chilly winter season. We can’t wait for you to pack your bags and visit our favorite sunny state. Don’t forget to sport your favorite Maxine swimsuits and gear for the most comfortable beach trip you’ve had in ages.

Florida is a great escape from the chills you’ve been experiencing and the snow you’ve been shoveling. Trade-in your snow boots for a pair of water shoes and enjoy the vitamin D. 


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