Tummy Control Swimsuits for Women

Swimsuits with built-in tummy control are the perfect option for swimwear that keeps you feeling secure, but not restricted. Maxine offers the most fashionable tummy control swimsuits in many different styles, colors, and sizes. Tummy control smooths you out while giving you a flattering shape.

You’ll stay comfortable in a swimsuit with built-in tummy control from Maxine, as it remains stretchy, soft, and perfect for lounging or staying active.

Why Should I Choose Tummy Control?

Tummy control is meant to give you a flattering shape and silhouette and is a great option if you’re wanting to hide any areas of concern. Wearing a tummy control swimsuit is perfect for any sized body, and gives that little bit of extra support you may want while you’re by the water.

You should choose a swimsuit with tummy control if you want to feel your most confident as you’re swimming, lounging, or walking at the beach or by the pool.

Are There Different Style Options?

Of course! At Maxine, we’re adamant about providing stylish and beautiful swimsuits, whether or not they have tummy control. The good news for you is that these tummy control swimsuits have the hottest colors and designs for this season. Here are some of our favorites.

    Choosing a style option that you love is going to be the best way to flatter your beautiful shape. This can be done with ruching, shirring, tiers, and tummy control.

    Are Tummy Control Swimsuits Size-Inclusive?

    In short, yes! Our tummy control swimsuits range from sizes 6-24W so that you can find your perfect fit and feel your best while in the sun. Remember, when choosing a swimsuit with tummy control, the goal is to feel slim and flattered, without feeling uncomfortable and restricted. This goes for anybody of any shape or size. We’re happy to offer size-inclusive swimsuits with the most comfortable tummy control so that you can feel assured and beautiful in your bathing suit.


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