Three Tropical Swimsuits You Need This Summer

Tropical prints are all the rage this summer. There is no reason to hide behind a plain black suit unless, of course, that’s what you like. Feel free to get brave and flaunt a bold tropical print. Here are some of our favorite choices for dramatic tropical prints you will love! 

What Are My Options? 

First, let's think about the swimsuit that will best fit your needs. There are so many types of swimsuits out there, and each one is tailored to different body types and different activity levels. Let's get into the different types of swimsuits that you may find.

The Classic One-Piece Bathing Suit 

Let's start with the classic: the one-piece suit. One-piece bathing suits can take on a variety of different styles. Some are halter necks, some have spaghetti straps, and some are even strapless. You will also find suits that have skirts on them, and these are commonly referred to as swim dresses.

One-piece suits have had a resurgence in popularity in recent years, which is a welcome trend for those who prefer a more modest look than you get with a bikini. One-piece suits are great for those who are engaging in more active watersports, playing in the sand with kids, or who otherwise just want to keep their tummies covered up.

The Bold and Daring Bikini 

On the other end of the spectrum is the two-piece bathing suit, otherwise known as a bikini. Just like one-pieces, these come in a variety of styles and with varying levels of modesty. A typical two-piece bikini will have an exposed midriff, with a bra-like top and swim briefs. Two-piece suits are great for those who feel comfortable showing a little more skin.

The Compromise Suit: The Tankini 

The happy medium between these two types of swimsuits is the tankini. A tankini is technically a two-piece suit, but the top is longer than your average bikini top and covers the midriff area. In fact, the tankini top will extend all the way to the waist of the swim briefs, so that it almost looks like a one-piece suit. 

So why choose a tankini over a one-piece? Well, some people like the flexibility of a tankini because it makes it easier to do things like change clothes or use the restroom, without having to take off the entire suit. Tankinis can also at times be more comfortable because the entire suit is not connected, therefore there may be less pulling on the straps and less chance of getting the dreaded wedgie!

Of course, those are just the three main types of suits, there are many different varieties within these three categories, but our focus today is on finding the best tropical print for you!

What Qualifies as a Tropical Swimsuit? 

So what is a tropical print? The concept of the tropical print can include many different colors and styles. Tropical prints can be deep green leaves with a jungle feel, orange trumpet flowers flowing from chartreuse vines, or bright pink hibiscus flowers on a white background. The tropical print is super versatile but always has a few characteristics.

One, tropical prints are almost always super bright and vibrant. Be prepared to stand out in a crowd of plain Jane's when you are wearing a bright tropical suit.

Another is that tropical prints typically embody some sort of floral or jungle-type motif. This makes tropical prints great for nature enthusiasts and those who love florals. 

Tropical prints can also go beyond the floral, vines, and leaves. Sometimes tropical prints include animals and fruit. The only real requirement for this type of print is that whatever is featured comes from a tropical environment. One tropical pattern that has been trending lately is the pineapple motif. We love a tropical suit with some cute little pineapples! 

How To Wear a Tropical Print 

There are no specific fashion rules, or for that matter fashion faux pas when it comes to wearing tropical prints. However, when it comes to very bright, lively prints, you may want to tone down other accessories and let your swimsuit be the star.

Wearing a bright tropical swimsuit might also mean that you want to tone it down a little when it comes to your beach cover-up. Neutrals like white, beige, tan, black, or navy blue will be your best friend when it comes to pairing other pieces with your tropical print.

There are no rules in swimwear! So wear whatever makes you come comfortable. And if that means pairing a tropical floral suit with a tropical pineapple cover-up, feel free to live your life!

Tropical Suits Are for Everyone 

So what are our go-to tropical suits for the summer? We have a few ideas in mind that we think everyone will love.

Palms and Fronds Tankini 

Our first pick is the tropical tankini. Probably the most versatile of all swimsuits, we love the tankini for its flexibility, but we love this tropical print even more.

When a bathing suit has not only the versatility of a tankini but also the capability to switch from spaghetti straps to strapless, it is definitely a number one pick for us! This one is a great choice for those who want something tropical, but don’t want super bright colors. 

Bright Pink Florals 

For one-piece bathing suits, we have a few suggestions. Our first choice is a strappy, sexy one-piece suit. A strappy tropical one-piece is perfect because it is easy to move the straps so you can avoid tan lines, it shows a little bit more skin, and it is truly reminiscent of a warm tropical environment.

A More Monotone Indigo Blue Tropical Swimdress 

We also absolutely love a swimdress! There is nothing better than a swimdress for someone who wants to take active walks on the beach, play in the sand with their kids or grandkids, and go from the beach to the boardwalk seamlessly and effortlessly. For the swimdress, we love a bold tropical print that is sure to wow.


No matter what style suit you choose, there is no question that a tropical print looks great on everyone. There is no need to hide in the shadows in a plain dark suit, so break out of your shell and try a bright, vivid, brave tropical print. 

Pair with a neutral cover-up for a refined look, or go nuts with two complimentary tropical pieces. You are sure to be the belle of the beach in an eye-catching tropical suit.


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