Things To Do With Grandkids This Summer

If you’re not sure where to begin while planning what to do with your grandkids this summer, we’ve made it simple with this in-depth guide. There are countless fun and memorable things you can do with the kids that you’ll all remember for years to come.

Whether you’re searching for something to do outside, or are looking for a great indoor option, there’s something for everyone in this summer activity guide brought to you by us at Maxine. Get ready to soak up the summer for all it’s worth and give yourself and the grandkids a fun time.

To start things off with a bang, we’ve compiled a list of some activities you can do outside that will let everyone get some vitamin D and some light physical activity!

Summer Outdoor Activities

We love being outdoors as much as the next person, and we know that kids enjoy it too. We’ve listed five of our most-loved outdoor activities below and why we think they’re great so that you can choose which ones to take on this summer.

You might’ve thought of these yourself, but in case you haven’t, here’s some outside inspiration for you and the kids.

Teach Them About Gardening

Gardening is an awesome way to get down to earth with the kids! If you want to make some amazing memories that will also leave a beautiful, and possibly yummy, impact on your yard, gardening is for you. Depending on what you choose to plant, you could be reaping the harvest of your and the kids’ garden time for a while.

Why should you choose to garden with the grandkids? There are some incredible life lessons to be taught by spending time outdoors planting. You’ll get to share the experience of planning, planting, and watching the hard work grow. It’s so special to wait for the seeds to sprout, and we know that the grandkids will remember the sweet memories.

Get Out in the Sprinklers

Don’t you remember playing in the sprinklers for hours on those sweltering summer days? These days, there are some really cool sprinklers that make the time extra fun, and it’s a classic way to stay cool this season.

This summer, throw on a swimsuit that’s fit for wild activity and jump in with the kids. You can spice up the fun by playing games like tag or red light green light while the sprinklers are on. Who doesn’t love hearing the laughter that comes out as the kids are running around the yard keeping cool?

Go Biking

Biking at any age is a healthy and fun way to get active. Whether your grandkids are too little to ride a bike by themselves or not, you can include them in the pedaling! We love riding with the attachable seats or carts that can hold tiny tots, and it’s also fun to walk as the younger kids learn how to ride their way around.

If your grandkids are a little bit older, then hop on a bike and ride right along with them. It’s a fun time to get on a beginner-level local trail to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. There are many known health benefits to biking, so throw on a comfortable pair of shorts and enjoy the ride.

Take a Swim in the Pool

Have a local or personal pool? Kids and adults of all ages love to take a dip, especially when it’s a hot summer day. Amp up the fun with some cute pool floats and some snacks, and you’ll be the grandparent of the year.

What’s more fun than having a cannonball contest or sipping a cold lemonade while sitting by the clear, cool water? Pool time is fun with even the smallest grandkids because you can hang out in the kids’ area and experience their first memories in the water. Go ahead; put on a fun, bright suit, and dive in.

Go for a Game of Mini Golf

Do you know what a fun and educational way to spend time with the kids is? That would be a game of miniature golf. Along with the fun scenery, it’s fun to get in a healthy, competitive game no matter who you’re with.

Mini golf can also teach the grandkids some helpful lessons, like understanding the rules of the game and following along with the math that comes along with scoring. Plus, it’s an entertaining and sweet thing to watch the youngest try their hand at putting.

Indoor Activities You Can Do

In case of those summer thunderstorms or too-hot weather, we’ve listed some fun indoor ideas that will keep you and the kids busy. These include watching silly movies, completing puzzles, and even tie-dying shirts. We can just imagine all the memories to be made.

Check out these activities and get inspired to have indoor fun this season.

Watch a Movie

If you’re not feeling like completing a puzzle and want to just cozy up on the couch with some popcorn, then this is the option for you. This idea is the perfect option for those rainy summer days.

Pop some popcorn, make a blanket fort, and choose a movie that’s perfect for all ages. Movie days or nights are the best way to giggle and chat about the plots and will be remembered for years to come.

Complete a Puzzle or Two

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? There are puzzles for any age. Pick out a couple of large-piece puzzles for the toddlers, and go for a more challenging 1000-piece puzzle for the older ones in the group. These will take up a good amount of time and will also teach the lesson of patience and concentration.

We are big fans of finishing a beautiful puzzle that you can either keep and frame, or have the fun of breaking apart and starting over at some point. Whatever you choose, the whole family will have some fun.

Tie-Dye Some Shirts

We’ll admit, this option can be a little bit messier, but oh, what fun! Tie-dyed shirts have been all the rage for years now, and that doesn’t seem to be changing. As long as you have the proper tools and take the right clean-up precautions, you’ll love watching the kids create their very own tie-dye designs.

What’s nice is that you can even tie-dye garments other than shirts! Get creative and enjoy the time.

Fun for All

So, do you think you have enough inspiration to last the whole summer? We trust that these will serve you well and that you’ll have the most fun with the grandkids. Just remember, it doesn’t matter what you do with the grandkids, they’ll enjoy your presence and all the memories you make together.


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