Tattooing Stretch Marks: How It Works and Why You Might Want To Try It

If you’re a human, you’ve probably seen stretch marks develop over time, either on yourself or someone you know. There are so many causes for stretch marks, and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. At Maxine, we’re all about embracing your body.

That’s why we’re here to fill you in on the latest trend regarding stretch marks: tattooing.

Want to know more about what we’re talking about? We’re about to talk all about what stretch marks are, how they appear, and what the heck stretch mark tattoos are. Ready to take a deep dive? Let’s go.

What Are Stretch Marks, Anyway?

You may already know this, but stretch marks are certain scars that appear when our skin stretches out or shrinks over a shorter period of time. You may have first noticed them while at the pool or beach in your favorite faux skirtini, as they’re common along the leg and belly area.

When there are sudden changes with your skin, it causes the collagen and elastin to rupture, causing these sometimes dark scars. Although stretch marks are common, you may not have noticed them on your own body. It often takes a dermatologist pointing them out for the scar tissue to become apparent. 

Stretch marks are common among those who have hormonal changes and are more common if there is a family history of stretch marks. They will usually look red, purple, or dark brown, depending on your skin tone, but over time they can lighten up and become less noticeable. These marks can be raised at first but could feel like little depressions on the skin over time.

Stretch marks can appear for many different reasons, like going through a growth spurt, experiencing pregnancy, quickly losing or gaining weight, and even experiencing muscle growth through weight training.

Stretch MarkFAQs

We’ve briefly mentioned some normal life instances that can cause stretch marks, like pregnancy and weight fluctuation, but there are other factors that play a part in stretch mark appearance as well.

Because stretch marks happen when the skin quickly stretches or shrinks, there are multiple examples of who is more susceptible to getting stretch marks. Let’s take a look at some examples here.

You are more at risk for having stretch marks if you:

  • Are a woman
  • Are pregnant
  • Have a higher body weight
  • Go through significant weight changes (loss or gain)
  • Take or have taken corticosteroid medications, including creams or lotions
  • Have a family history of stretch marks

So, there are obviously many ways stretch marks can appear, and they’re definitely not an uncommon thing. This is good news! We all go through life changes and experiences that make us unique, and this includes whatever changes go on with our bodies.

If you have noticeable stretch marks and you’ve struggled with accepting them, today’s topic might just be for you. 

What Are Stretch Mark Tattoos?

Stretch mark camouflage tattoos use a form of microneedling to get rid of the indentation from stretch marks. After this part of the procedure, an artist chooses a tattoo pigment based on your skin type and uses that pigment to cover up the dislocation. Recently, these cosmetic tattoos have become a popular way to not only accept the skin you’re in but to highlight it and show it off to others.

Whether you’re worried about how your stretch marks look or not, this topic is neat to explore. It’s also an important one if you happen to have stretch marks in an area where you want to have a tattoo done, regardless of covering them or not.

These tattoos have gained popularity to cover upstretch marks in an artful way. You don’t have to be ashamed of your skin and the appearance of stretch marks to hop on this trend, either. There are so many styles and ways that tattoo artists can work their magic, that you’ll feel and look like a masterpiece.

How To Decide if Tattooing Over Stretch Marks Is for You

No two stretch marks are the same, and tattooing over them isn’t as simple as you might think. Yes, stretch marks can be tattooed over, but you’ll want to go in for a consultation to be sure you’re a good candidate before the tattoo ink touchees your skin.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when deciding on whether this permanent makeup procedure is for you.

  • The condition of the stretch marks: tattoos are better done over stretch marks that have been there for a while
  • The pigment of the stretch marks: stretch marks that are much darker than the surrounding skin color would be hard to cover with a tattoo, and would be slightly more painful to get
  • The size of the stretch marks: wider and larger stretch marks are more difficult to tattoo, take more time, and may require touch-ups after a period of downtime.
  • Potential body changes: if you have plans for weight loss or weight gain or know that pregnancy is a possibility, it’s best to wait out the tattooing process for the sake of your wellness

So, in a nutshell, if you have stretch marks that are older and on the smaller side, and you don’t have any plans for body changes and are comfortable with the idea of medical tattooing, then you are the best candidate for a scar camouflage treatment.

Where Can I Get Stretch Mark Tattoos?

If you’re coming around to this unique idea, then you might be wondering where to start the planning process, including where to go for the process of tattooing stretch marks. We want you to know that you may not be able to hop into the nearest tattoo parlor to have these done.

You’ll need to search for a tattoo artist who is skilled in this particular form of tattoo and who has done it before. 

Make sure to seek out an artist who knows how to tattoo stretch marks in a way that will look good for time to come and who will stick with you during the aftercare and healing process to make sure all is well.

Once you’ve found the right tattoo parlor and artist, you’ll be ready to be tattooed and excited about how your stripes look. You’ll have heads turning in the best way this summer as you flaunt your design in a girl leg swimsuit or adjustable swim dress.

Tattoos Over Stretch Marks: The Bottom Line

What do you think? Are tattoo stretch marks something you’re interested in learning more about or partaking in for yourself? We have to admit, it’s a neat concept and the results are stunning. We can’t say that we wouldn’t be excited to easily show off our stretch marks while in swim shorts or board shorts.

If this is for you, go on! Start planning and embrace your beautiful and unique skin.


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