Our Top Pick Swimsuits for Women Over 60

If you have been struggling to decide on the best swimsuit for you, you’re not alone. Most women say that they absolutely despise shopping for a new bathing suit. However, it doesn't have to be a grind. We have some great ideas for swimsuits for women over the age of 60.

If you're not sure where to start, you've come to the right place. We will discuss some of the challenges of finding the right bathing suit, go over some different styles, and hand-pick some of our favorites just for you.

What Are the Challenges of Bathing Suit Shopping for Older Women?

First and foremost, high fashion was designed with the young in mind. For some reason in our society, younger often seems to equal better, which leaves older women in the lurch. Now, we all know that that is not true. After all, we are aging like fine wine! Some of the bathing suits that are considered in style, however, just don’t work for or with our bodies. 

We might need more tummy control than a typical two-piece swimsuit provides, as well as a more slimming silhouette. It’s a completely different game when buying a swimsuit over 60, and you may be more inclined to put a cover-up in your shopping cart than a skimpy underwire bikini or a criss-cross back top with revealing cutouts and a plunging v-neck.

The biggest challenge is finding bathing suits that are not only fashion-forward but also forgiving in all the right areas. There are unique challenges that older women face when shopping for a bathing suit because we still want to look sexy! We just don’t want to look like we are trying too hard to be 21 in a bandeau tankini top and revealing swim shorts again.

The truth is that regardless of what the latest fashion trends are, typically the same types of styles, colors, and shapes tend to look good on us no matter what year it is.

What Are Some Tips and Tricks for Successful Swimsuit Shopping? 

Given that swimsuit shopping can be such a challenge for older ladies, there are some tried-and-true tips that will help you to find the perfect bathing suit, absolutely pain-free!

Grab a Few Sizes

When shopping for a suit, don’t just grab your assumed size. Get one size up and one size down. That way, when you run into different brands and styles, you will still (hopefully) manage to grab the right size for you.

Get Moving

One mistake that many people make when trying on a bathing suit is that they don’t move around enough to see how it will really fit in action. The wrong size swimsuit might feel like it fits when you’re standing still. 

You might feel a little silly, but try walking in place, doing a few squats, and getting up and down from a seated position, if the fitting room has a bench or seat. Then you will be able to see if that suit actually stays put, even when you’re wearing sunscreen.

Don’t Look Too Soon

This tip is great for those who struggle with body image or body positivity. When trying on a suit — or any clothing — don’t face the mirror. If you are trying it on and it isn’t comfortable or the fit isn’t right, there’s no reason to look in the mirror at all. 

If you know you will be discouraged by seeing that those bathing suit bottoms won’t fit over your rear end, just don’t look at all. It’s a small change, but you will be surprised at how much better you feel about clothes shopping.

Shop Online

Our favorite tip? Skip the stores altogether. Though we love to support our brick-and-mortar stores, sometimes when you are looking for a specialty item, those stores just won’t have what you need.

Instead, go to a website that specializes in the style that you’re looking for. Then you will have a plentiful variety of choices and you won’t feel like you are sacrificing your style. 

How Does My Body Shape Affect the Swimsuit I Should Purchase?

Essentially, because of decades of women’s magazines telling us we should look a certain way, we have learned that there are some body shapes that we should be aware of when making fashion choices:

  • Apple: More round in the middle, holding weight in the tummy and waist
  • Pear: More bottom-heavy, holding weight in hips, thighs, and buttocks
  • Hourglass: Equally proportioned in bust and hips, with a small waist. Many tout this as the “ideal” body type.
  • Rectangle: Often athletic or considered a “boyish” shape, tending to be thin without many curves.

Truthfully, you should know that you can wear absolutely whatever you want. Don’t stress about whether or not it perfectly fits your assigned body type, because we all just have our own bodies! Wear what you like, what makes you happy, and what you feel comfortable in.

What Are the Best Swimsuits Out There for Older Women?

Don’t forget: age is just a number. If you feel amazing and you want to sport a teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot bikini bottom and top, we are not going to stop you! In fact, you will probably look amazing in it. 

In general though, with age, many of us tend to favor suits that are comfortable, that stay in place when we are moving around, and that come in beautiful flattering colors and prints. We have compiled a list of our favorite styles and suits for you to browse!

One-Piece Bathing Suits

Ah, the gold standard of bathing suits: the one-piece swimsuit. And you’ll be happy to know that in this case, the trend is on our side. One-piece suits are back in style and better than ever! Check out our favorite ones here.

Walk on the Wild Side

One of ourabsolute favorite prints is always going to be any kind of animal: cheetah, leopard, tiger, you name it! This suit has super flattering shirring and will never go out of style. 

We couldn’t give you just one animal print recommendation. This ombre black and white animal print is definitely unique, yet also has a classic style. 

The Classic

Speaking of classics, we can’t deny the appeal of a solid, single-color one-piece. This one comes in four different flattering colors including classic black and has full coverage in the back. Everything you can ask for!

Flowering Petals

We just love this unique take on a floral print. Floral is truly for everyone and is yet another print that will never go out of style. This one is colorful, fun, and flattering on all body types. Plus, it has adjustable straps!

Tankini Bathing Suits

We love tankinis because they have the coverage of a one-piece suit, but the versatility and comfort of a two-piece. For the best of both worlds, try one of these.

Tie Dye Halter Swimsuit

This suit, with its ruffled neckline on a flattering square neck, is truly something special. It has blue and white tie dye (also back in style!) and has the appearance of a halter top suit without discomfort. It features a high neck with adjustable straps. 

Two-Tier Retro

This tankini looks like a work of art! It features a retro blue print on a tank top with ruffles and ruched tiers of fabric that are ultra forgiving. The wavy pattern will take you from being in your sixties, back to the 1960s and the days of retro color blocks and high-waisted bottoms.

Botanical Blouson

You will love the unique color palette of this floral suit that looks like it was pulled from the Amazon rainforest. With soft periwinkle blues, muted yellows, and creamsicle oranges, this romantic suit features a blouson waist to help camouflage any tummy issues you might have. 

Swim Dresses

Have you ever heard of a swim dress? If not, you’re really missing out on one of the hottest women’s swimsuit styles of the year. These versatile swimsuits offer some extra coverage in a feminine, flirty, swim skirt-esque suit bottom. If you have ever thought of a swim dress as frumpy, we are about to change your mind.

Conga Vines and Looking Fine

We love the name of this tropical floral: Conga Vines! This one is pretty great because it has the look of a two-piece with its printed bikini top and navy bottom, but it is actually a super flattering one-piece with an adjustable shirred waist for extra sun protection and coverage.

Princess Seam Skirted Suit

This skirted swimsuit features an orange floral print with an ultra-feminine skirt. The princess seams along the ribcage are designed to give you a sleek look you will love. The stitching along the skirt line creates a cute feminine flared look that is just to die for!

Confetti Print Party

This swimdress with adjustable straps comes in two different color palettes: either a royal blue/turquoise/Carolina-blue on black or coral/orange/pink on black. Either way, this suit is a party that you don’t want to miss. Be there or be square!

Swimsuits for All

Remember that you can wear whatever kind of swimsuit you want. You’ve earned it! But these swimsuits are designed with you in mind. From the fit to the print, we can practically guarantee that you will fall in love with one of these amazing suits. Look unapologetically amazing from the beach to the spa, to the pool! 



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