7 Swimsuits for Large Chests: A Style Guide

If you’re a woman with a big bust, then you already know the struggle associated with properly fitting swimwear. Saggy cups, flimsy straps, and downright unflattering designs are enough to make anybody shake their head in frustration. But before you throw in the towel on your next beach vacation, try a few of these tips to find your perfect swimsuit!.

When you have a large bust, proper shaping, support, and certain design elements are crucial in helping you feel comfortable and confident in your swimsuit. We’ve put together a list of styles, as well as helpful dos and don’ts, to get you ready for a relaxing summer by the pool or at the beach! 

The Best Swimsuits for Women With Large Assets

There are plenty of ways to look and feel fantastic in a swimsuit with a large chest — follow these swimsuit tips to find the best fit for you!

Make Sure You Have Ample Support

One of the best ways to feel comfortable in a swimsuit is to have plenty of support. Molded cups and underwire bikini tops, along with the proper structure and extra support around the bust, are essential features to look out for in a swim top. 

Just like how you wear a well-fitted bra under your clothes, a swim top with these features will not only support your breasts, but it can help improve your posture, alleviate neck and back pain, and minimize discomfort. As you get older, your skin loses elasticity which means you’re losing support for the girls. An underwire top can provide discrete added support without sacrificing style.

If you have a heavy chest and want as much support as you can get, underwire is a great feature to have in a swim top. These days, a lot of swimwear focuses on being stretchy over structured — that’s why it’s so important to keep your eyes peeled for swimsuits that actually include underwire bust support.

Go for Wide Straps

Large straps with the perfect fit are one of the main sources of support for your bust — when you have thin straps, they can end up digging into your shoulders and causing discomfort. No straps, on the other hand, offer no support. 

Thick straps can help keep your bust in place and feel more comfortable. While you can try a strapless look like a bandeau bikini or one-piece swimsuit, a strapswim top is trendier and gives you as much support as a push-up bra or sports bra. 

Use Colors and Patterns for Emphasis

If you’d like to draw attention away from your chest, keep colors and patterns around your bust dark and muted. Bright prints and retro, vibrant colors will draw the eye, so keep those to areas you want to emphasize.

Full Coverage Is Key

Finding the right fit when you have a large chest can be tricky. In some cases, a two-piecebikini set might feel tight or lacking around the bust but fit well everywhere else. However, if you go for a larger size that can accommodate a larger bust, the suit may feel baggy or loose in other areas.

When trying to find a balance, more coverage can help you feel comfortable in a fitted suit.

Try to find a swimsuit that has ample bust coverage no matter the size. Even a v-neck or scoop neck can still give you plenty of coverage with the right fit.

Look for Waist-Emphasizing Features

When you have a large chest, the rest of your body can often get lost. To highlight the other curves of your figure, look for styles that cinch or emphasize your waist. Try a halter top, balconettebathing suit, or some high-waisted bottoms to show off your curves.

Try Out Wrap-Around Looks

Wrap dresses and shirts have long been a favorite amongst curvy women to visually draw in the waist and create a flattering shape. The same concept applies to swimwear — a wrap-style swimsuit can disguise stomach bumps and create a seamless silhouette. 

Balancing Out the Hips

When we talk about flattering pieces, it’s often really about creating a balanced look. When you have a large bust, the focus of your clothing and swimsuits can be on your more curvy top pieces. 

Designs with ruffles, ruching, flared skirts, or even eye-catching prints add more curves around your hips and can even out your proportions.

Look for Underwire

If you have a heavy chest and want as much support as you can get, underwire is a great feature to have in a swim top. These days, a lot of swimwear focuses on being stretchy over structured — that’s why it’s so important to keep your eyes peeled for swimsuits that actually include underwire bust support.

What Large Chested-Women Should Avoid in Swimsuits

If you have a large chest, watch out for these pitfalls that can make you feel less than glamorous on your beach day!

Poor Cup Support

For smaller chests, flexible, barely-there type cups might be a cinch — but for bustier women in the D cup or higher range, they can be a nightmare. Lack of bust support can end up causing you all kinds of discomfort, whether you’re wearing a bralette or lingerie. 

Don’t settle for a swimsuit top that doesn’t have your back! If you have to choose between keyholecutouts and ruching or a suit with full support, choose the support every time.

Settling for the Wrong Size

Anybody with a curvy figure knows the struggle with sizing. Garments that are form-fitting at the bust can still be loose at the waist. Sometimes you are forced to go up several sizes to accommodate your chest. 

Make sure you take a look at sizing charts and know your sizing. When it comes to swimsuits, check out options made specifically for larger cups.

Unsupportive Straps

Thin, flimsy, or uncomfortable straps are often just as bad as poorly fitting cups. They can dig into your skin, sit poorly, or slip off your shoulders. Thick, soft, adjustable straps are some of the bare necessities for bustier body types.

Succumbing to Discomfort

Women with larger busts are often less satisfied with their breasts due to discomfort, back pain, or insecurity. The truth is, large busts are incredibly common, especially as women age or go through pregnancy. 

Though it can take some time to adjust, remember that your body is beautiful. And with the right garments, you can have both a flattering style as well as a comfortable fit! 

Swimsuit Styles for Large Chested Women 

Swim Dress

We love this swim dress for larger busts because of its fit-and-flair design. Harkening back to the feminine swim dress designs of the 40s and 50s, the outward flip of the skirt creates an hourglass figure by adding hip volume. 

The dark background color has a slimming effect, while the floral print throughout the garment distributes the eye evenly. Molded cups and thick shoulder straps offer ample support.

Bandeaukini With Underwire

Before you hear the word “bandeau” and keep scrolling, hear us out—while a bandeau top can be tricky for large-chested women, this bandeaukini is specifically made for larger cup sizes. It comes with thick, supportive straps, as well as underwire to make sure everything stays in place. Additionally, the sweep of blue and shirred sides smooth out the tummy.

Faux Skirtini

As with the swim dress, a skirtini is a good way to draw attention away from the bust and towards the hips by adding a skirt. A subtle floral print and side tie embellishment add extra flirtiness to this fun design. Once again, you can count on comfortable molded cups and straps for support.

UnderwireHigh Neck Tankini 

If you’re looking for extra coverage, a high-neck top is a great way to eliminate any unwanted cleavage. This high-necktankini topbodysuit comes with underwire, removable cups, and adjustable straps to give you customizable bust support. The blue tye-dye pattern is flattering on everyone and can be paired with different tankini bottoms.

Shirred Wrap-Style One Piece

A wonderful way to flatter a large-chested figure is by creating an hourglass illusion with a wrap design. This gorgeous one-piece features a criss-crossneckline that elegantly wraps around the waist. The palm tree design is hard to resist — fun and chic at the same time. Underwire support and adjustable straps make this a must-have.

Underwire Crossback Tankini

Like many of the styles we’ve mentioned so far, this tankini top already has the huge bonus of underwire support. What makes it additionally stand out amongst other options is its strap design. Multiple straps criss-cross along the back, redistributing some of the weight that is usually placed on the shoulders. This can provide a bit of a boost to your posture.

Flyaway Tankini Top

As we’ve discussed so far, a common issue that large-chested women run into when shopping for swimsuits is that too much attention is drawn only to the chest. Not to worry — this tankini top features a loose, flowy bodice that creates a flattering, feminine look.

While overly loose designs can make you look bulky, this top features an empire contour to emphasize and smooth your shape. Like a halter bikini, this top pairs perfectly with high-waisted bikini bottoms.

Go Out and Find Your Suit!

Having a large chest can be a blessing and a curse. Without the proper fit, swimwear can end up being both unflattering and uncomfortable — and who wants to deal with that? The right design, however, can create a wonderfully curvy silhouette that emphasizes everything you actually want to show off.

Whether you’re going for a more flirty or modest look, you should always keep in mind the tips that we’ve discussed today. With any type of style, bust support is crucial — so don’t skimp on comfort or style! Check out Maxine’s swimwear catalog for more beautiful styles that will help you feel your best!


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