7 Flattering Swimsuits for Curvy Petite Women

All too often, it can be difficult to find flattering clothing if your body type strays outside of a specific set of (often unattainable) standards. This is frustrating, and it leaves a significant portion of people in the lurch. 

The belief that there aren’t any pieces that are made for your body type is unpleasant — and it’s also totally false. In reality, there is an abundance of bathing suits out there that look fantastic on different body types.

Throughout this article, we will take the time to highlight seven of our favorite swimsuits for curvy petite women. If that’s you, keep on reading!

1. Aloha Orchid Shirred Front Girl Leg One-Piece

Starting our list off strong, we have the Aloha Orchid Shirred Front Girl Leg One-Piece. Whether you’re wearing this bathing suit in the heat of summer or you found your way to a tropical escape in the dead of winter, it will look right at home. The pattern is floral yet somewhat abstract, which is a fun spin that adds uniqueness.

Despite the floral, the swimsuit has mostly cool-toned colors in its many different shades of blue. The combination of flowers and cool tones creates a flattering and beautiful piece that anyone would be proud to wear. 

The sweetheart neckline is attractive but always leaves something to the imagination. Meanwhile, the shirring around the waist creates a naturally slimming effect.

2. Border Blooms Flutter Hem Tankini Top

One piece and two pieces both have their own advantages to consider. A one-piece might offer a bit more convenience, but a two-piece allows you to customize your outfit so that it feels more like you. We love both of these options, especially when they’re as fetching as the Border Blooms Flutter Hem Tankini Top.

The navy blue backdrop of this tankini is slimming without being bland. The floral pattern provides so many more colors, creating an irresistible garden-like tableau. The triangle geometric cut at the bottom of the tankini adds some intrigue, as well as more slimming properties. 

In terms of coverage, this tankini’s built-in cups will allow you to swim at your leisure, knowing that everything will stay exactly where it should be. The adjustable straps give you the option to show more or less, so you can customize your look even further.

3. Jungle Cat Empire Swim Dress One-Piece

We just can’t get enough of swim dresses. After all, what other cut of bathing suit is this fun and flouncy? The option to glide through the water or lounge by the pool with an adorable skirt in tow is something that few of us can resist. 

Luckily, the Jungle Cat Empire Swim Dress One Piece contains a lovely skirt that people of all shapes and sizes can enjoy.

We should also mention the pattern of this swimsuit. Animal print is undoubtedly a bolder pattern, but that’s part of what we love about it. It manages to be eye-catching without being tacky or unappealing. Instead, wearing an animal print bathing suit simply tells the world that you don’t mind a little adventure in your life. In fact, you encourage it.

4. Coastal Palm Princess Seam Swim Dress One Piece

That’s right — it’s another swim dress. Still, even though the cut is similar, this piece is completely unique. Those who prefer a tropical theme with cool tones will immediately be attracted to the Coastal Palm Princess Seam Swim Dress One-Piece. The dark and light blue work together to form a garment that is elegant and never too much.

This bathing suit is made with a princess seam, which is ideal for presenting a desirable hourglass figure. That, paired with the delightful palm frond pattern, makes this swim dress a wonderful addition to any swimmer’s wardrobe.

5. 24th & Ocean Painted Garden Underwire High Neck Keyhole Halter Tankini Swimsuit Top

We wanted to provide a few different options for tankinis that you could mix and match, so we had to include the 24th & Ocean Painted Garden Underwire High Neck Keyhole Halter Tankini Swimsuit Top on our list. Where our other tankini featured some colors on a dark navy background, this one has bright, almost watercolor blooms on a white background.

The white allows the other colors to truly pop, making this piece a gorgeous sight to behold. A mixture of leaves and flowers make up the pattern, but that’s not all that makes this piece so enticing. The bathing suit also features several cutouts or keyholes along the neckline. 

This swimsuit’s keyholes aren’t too large, so you are never in danger of showing more than you want to. Instead, it balances out the high neck, creating an appealing look that will have nearby swimmers buzzing.

Finally, it also comes complete with removable cups and underwire, giving you maximum support and comfort. You can also adjust the straps to your desired length.

6. English Arboretum Shirred Front Girl Leg One-Piece

There is a reason that a few of our swimsuits prominently feature floral patterns, and it’s because of their timelessness. Flowers will never go out of style, so it just makes sense to put them on our favorite bathing suits. The English Arboretum Shirred Front Girl Leg One-Piece is no exception to this rule. 

Unlike a few of the other pieces on our list that only have flowers on part of the garment, this one keeps its floral pattern going throughout the entire suit. A teal background serves as the perfect complement to the plethora of gorgeous pastels that the flowers create. 

The leg cut on the bottom of this bathing suit forms a lovely shape, but it also does a great job of providing ample coverage. When you’re wearing this, both the front and the back will be appropriately shielded.

7. Solid High Waist Full Pant Bottom

The last garment on our list, the Solid High Waist Full Pant Bottom goes beautifully with just about any tankini or bikini top under the sun. That is because black is a universally slimming and flattering color. Wearing this solid color on the bottom paves the way for you to wear whatever strikes your fancy on top. You can choose to go for a more flashy and exciting top half, or you can stick with solid colors. 

This piece is a must-have for anyone who wants to have options in their wardrobe. Any time you start mixing and matching, you can rest assured that this pair of swim bottoms have you covered. Patterned bottoms and bottoms with brighter colors have their time and place, but you would be hard-pressed to find something as elegant and agreeable as these black full pant bottoms.

The striking black color is far from the only advantage of this piece, though. It also features a high waist, which allows for more coverage, as well as tummy control. This gives you the option to wear a tankini or a bikini and feel confident that you will always look your best.

Wear What Makes You Confident

Any one of these bathing suits would make for an unforgettable ensemble, but there’s one lesson that you should remember: nothing looks better than confidence. Pick a suit that makes you feel as stunning as you are. Once you do that, there’s no stopping you.


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