6 Flattering Swimsuits for Curvy Women

What’s the best way to get a beach body? It’s simple — have a body and go to the beach! Thankfully we are living in some very body-positive times, and it’s amazing to see every woman's body type out there being embraced and celebrated.

To fully enjoy that celebration, it’s essential to have swimsuits that make us look and feel good. Curvy women deserve swimsuit love just as much as anyone, but what are the suits that will be most flattering on a curvy frame? We have nailed down six styles that are sure to wow when you’re relaxing poolside.

How To Remain Sane When Swimsuit Shopping

Before we get into specifics, let’s talk about swimsuit shopping. For many women, it’s the only thing worse than the dreaded denim jeans shopping trip. Before you panic, here are a few quick tips to get a little more joy out of the swimsuit shopping experience.

  • Try sizing up: We all know that sizing can vary from brand to brand, and there is nothing more depressing than grabbing what you think is your size only to barely be able to fit your leg through. 

So try grabbing your size and the next size up. You can even try putting on the larger size first. If it fits — you don’t have to search anymore, and that’s great! If it’s too big, you’ll know you’re a smaller size and can try on the next suit. But always remember: tag sizes are just a number!

  • Consider a little self-tanner: There’s a reason why most of us hate bathing suit shopping in the winter, and it’s not just because of the extra hot cocoa we’ve been drinking. The shock of all that pale skin at once in the mirror can be a little jarring, so it doesn’t hurt to slather on a little faux tan.
  • Wear sandals: No bathing suit is going to look good with socks and sneakers. Wear a pair of sandals (or bring them if the weather isn’t appropriate) to get a more realistic idea of what the bathing suit will look like out there in the real world.
  • Order your swimsuit online: Skip the store altogether. Online shopping is more popular than ever, and there’s a reason! You can try your suits on in the privacy of your own home, and most online shops have very good return policies, so you can still utilize our tip of sizing up and just return whatever doesn’t fit. 

Our Top Suits for Curvier Women

Always remember that you can wear whatever you want! As long as you are comfortable and feeling beautiful, that’s all that matters. Whether you are looking for a flirty tankini or a full coverage suit with ample bust support, we’ve got the top five swimsuit styles for you!

1. A Sleek, Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

Let’s start with a classic: a sleek monochromatic one piece. Instead of a bikini top and separate bottom, why not get both in one with some sexy, summery vibes?

This traditional staple is a best seller for a reason. It is beloved by many for its perfect fit for just about everyone! The one piece we all know and love is one of the best swimsuits for curvy body types because many women prefer to keep their midsection under wraps, plus size swimwear or not.

This one piece bathing suit offers a flattering silhouette with a sweetheart neckline that draws attention to the collarbone and bust, while still providing modest coverage. 

When looking at one piece suits, look for options that offer enough coverage while letting you still feel free of restrictions. If choosing a simple suit, we also love little details like shirred ruching on the side, floral patterns, criss-cross straps, ruffles, a keyhole in the back, cutouts, or a twist front bust. You are more than welcome to opt for a print, but we always love the classic appeal of a solid. 

2. A Two Piece With High-Waisted Bottoms

For the same reason we love a one piece (a little extra coverage), we also love high-waisted bathing suit bottoms! If you’ve never tried a two piece out of modesty, we highly recommend you give this style a try.

High-waisted bikini bottoms are a trendy but flattering choice, and they have stood the test of time. Many of us think about movie stars like Marilyn Monroe when we picture a retro-looking high-waisted bikini. The style is here to stay, and it’s universally flattering! You can look for one that goes well with a high neck or v-neck for some different neckline variations.

3. A Blouson Top

If the term blouson is unfamiliar to you when it comes to swimwear, you’re not alone. The word has traditionally been used to describe a type of jacket, one that is cinched at the waist with a little extra fabric in the midsection to create a blousing effect.

That blousing effect is exactly what makes this type of suit so flattering. If you do have a little extra love in the midsection, the blouson top will camouflage it. You can find blouson tops in both the tankini top style and monokini style as well. 

4. A Skirted Swimsuit

If you’re a curvy girl, there is absolutely no need to cover up! However, if you do want to cover up, a skirted suit looks sophisticated while providing a little extra coverage for the bottom and thighs. When people think of skirted swimsuits, they often picture something rather matronly. This is not true!

Some people don’t even know this, but skirted suits can actually come in two piece bathing suits as well as one piece suits. This means that if you are happy showing your midsection but a little wary of revealing your upper thighs in a cheeky bathing suit bottom, you can show a little skin and still get the coverage you want!

Another type of skirted swimsuit, one that is probably a bit more popular, is the swim dress. Swim dresses can come in all different colors, materials, and styles, but they all follow the same basic pattern. They are one single piece with a skirt (sometimes fitted, sometimes flared) that hits roughly midthigh. They are super feminine and super pretty!

5. A Tankini

Tankinis are a popular swim top not only for curvy women but also for women with many different body shapes. In general, they tend to provide the coverage of a one piece with the versatility of a two piece.

Tankinis are aptly named in that they look similar to a tank top. Just like any bathing suit, the style of tankinis may vary. Some have halter straps, some are strapless, some have a blouson top, and some are more fitted. 

Some things to look for if you’re selecting a tankini:

  • Length: Make sure that the length of the top and the bra size will work for you. 
  • Coverage: If you have a long torso, some tankinis might not keep you completely covered up, which may be fine depending on your goals. 
  • Color Combinations: You also want to think about getting creative with color and print combinations. Because the tankini is two pieces you can pair a fun print on top with a solid on the bottom or vice versa. 

6. A Traditional Bikini

What’s one of the most flattering, eye-catching bathing suits on the beach? You’ve got it — a bikini. You may be wondering how it’s possible that a more revealing swimsuit could be considered flattering on a curvier woman. 

Well, curvy women are just as beautiful as skinny women and can wear any suit that they feel comfortable in. If a curvy woman feels comfortable in a plus size bikini it’s pretty much guaranteed that she will look great in it because confidence is the sexiest accessory you can wear.

What a curvier woman should be looking for in a bikini set is support. Those who have a larger bust and more ample cup sizes should probably stay away from a strappy string bikini that lacks support. Some women swear by underwire bathing suit tops.

In fact, the ones that have styling that is a bit more similar to a bra are going to offer the most support. Halter styles and thicker straps are also often very supportive. 

Some Other Considerations for Curvy Women

  • All prints are not created equal: When choosing a print, there are certain prints that you may gravitate to. Generally speaking, the size of the print should correlate to the size of its wearer. For more petite women, a pattern of large jungle leaves and florals might overwhelm their frames but for a more voluptuous woman it might be the perfect print!
  • Look for tummy control: If you’re not totally psyched about your midsection you might want to seek out a swimsuit that offers some kind of panel in the tummy area to give a little extra control and support.
  • Do what makes you feel good: The most important factor to consider when swimsuit shopping is how you feel in your suit. Though it’s great to get opinions from your friends, how confident and comfy you feel is what really matters.
  • Grab a cover up: If you love to wear a bathing suit in the water, but you don’t love to walk around in just a bathing suit, get yourself a quality cover up like a sarong or blouse. There are so many different styles, you’re bound to find something you love. 


Without a doubt, swimsuit shopping can be daunting. If your curves are making the experience stressful for you just remember these tips. Think about the prints, colors, and styles that flatter you. Most importantly, have confidence in yourself and put your best foot forward when you step onto the beach. 


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