The Swimdress: 8 Things They're Great For

What Is a Swimdress?

If you have never delved into the world of swimdresses before, you may not even be completely clear on what qualifies as a swimdress. A swimdress is essentially a one-piece swimsuit with a minidress shape.

It's comparable to a traditional one-piece bathing suit, but it covers the thighs, which some women who are looking for modest swimwear will appreciate. A swim dress covers the top half of your hips, whereas a one-piece leaves the full leg exposed.

For those who are uncomfortable with the exposure of a standard swimming suit, this provides the perfect option. The swim dress's enhanced coverage and loose-fitting bottoms will make you feel more at ease and confident, whether at the pool or on the beach! A fringe benefit: It also offers additional sun protection.

Different Swimdress Styles

Swim dresses come in a wide range of styles, from halter necks to spaghetti-strapped styles, and wide straps to strapless. They also come in a variety of colors, prints, and materials, just like any other form of dress. Regardless of your personal style, there’s definitely something out there that you will like!

Swimdresses typically do not come in long-skirted lengths because they are specifically designed for swimming. Skirts are usually mid-thigh or shorter in length to allow for easy movement when on the water.

The Swimdress: Where Function Meets Fashion

One thing that people really enjoy about the swimdress, in addition to its modesty, is the functionality of the suit. The swimdress is a one-stop-shop. It can work as a swimsuit, a coverup, or even part of a beachy outfit if you find yourself in a sticky situation. Here are eight things that swimdresses are great for!

1. Modest Coverage

We will start with the most obvious: Swimdresses are a fantastic option for those who prefer a more modest suit. They're form-fitting in the appropriate places but leave something to the imagination, making them ideal for anyone searching for a little modesty at the beach or pool.

You won't be self-conscious about your upper thighs because the bottom of the dress tends to be loose, flowy, and forgiving. If you're worried about your midsection, many swim dresses have tummy control to keep you comfortable while smoothing it out.

It’s important to note that modesty is not about body shame. People want modest suits for a variety of reasons, from religious to practical, to personal. A swimdress isn’t about hiding your body; it’s about making you feel even more confident in it.

2. The Ultimate Versatility

A swimdress offers more versatility than virtually any other swimsuit style. Whether you are lounging at a pool party or hanging out on the beach with a few friends, swimdresses can be worn for just about any outdoor occasion.

Imagine the ease of going from sitting comfortably in a beach chair, to getting up to visit the bathroom or snack bar without even having to bother with a coverup. The swimdress is truly a no-fuss, no-muss piece of swimwear.

3. Perfect for Athletic Activities

When you think of a dress, the first thing you think of probably isn’t athletics. However, in the context of beachwear, the swimdress is the most perfect piece of clothing for activity and movement.

Want to do a power walk down the beach? A swimdress has you covered, literally. Fancy a little yoga in the sand or by the pool? If you wear a swimdress you can go with the flow and then jump right in the water to cool off when you’re done.

4. Practically Made for Parents and Grandparents

Anyone who has ever made a sandcastle before knows that it is a process that involves getting down and dirty in the sand. Any sandcastle architect worth their weight in sand knows that to really build a great sandcastle, it is necessary to be down on your knees, bending over, and sometimes contorting to craft the perfect turret.

We all know that going to the beach with kids is not exactly a relaxing activity. They are going to want to do all the things. Well, all of the things with the exception of relaxing on a beach blanket. In a swimdress, you will be ready for sandcastles, beach races, frisbee games, and shell hunting.

5. Amped Up Sun Protection

Typically, a swimdress is going to offer considerably more coverage than your average bathing suit. As such, they also offer more protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

This is not to say that a swimdress is a substitute for a quality sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30, but it’s definitely a start! Many swimsuits are also made of materials that have built-in sun protection, which is something to look for in a quality suit.

6. Showing Your Feminine Side

A modest bathing suit does not have to be frumpy. Most swimdresses you can find today are feminine and sexy. There’s no doubt that a dress or skirt is the ultimate feminine staple in a wardrobe, and the same is true for swimwear.

If you favor a more feminine style in the rest of your clothing, a swimdress may be for you. You may want to consider looking for a floral or paisley pattern when deciding on a suit.

7. All Kinds of Water Exercise

If you have ever done a water aerobics class, you know that it is way more of a workout than it initially appears! Anytime you can work out in the water it is a great idea, because it is super easy on the joints, and water offers natural resistance to build muscle.

Wearing a swimdress will allow you to feel covered and comfortable no matter how you are moving your body.

8. Swimming

It is a common misconception that a swim dress is only good for lounging in the sun. In fact, they are designed to be not only ornamental but practical swimwear!

Because the skirted part of a swimdress is designed with swimming in mind, it is hydrodynamic and easier to move in. Swimdresses (and swimsuits in general) are made of quick-drying fabrics such as Spandex and polyester blends.

This makes them the perfect choice for casual swimming. Bonus? After a quick dip in the ocean, you can just wade out of the water and go for a walk down the beach, no towel needed!

The Swimdress Conclusion

You won’t find a more versatile swimsuit than the swimdress. With so many different opportunities for wear, it can go quickly from beach lounging to swimming, to a walk down the beach and back again.

It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who will be kneeling with kids in the sand, playing a bit of beach bocce, or doing some water aerobics. You’ll want to take a closer look at the swimdress. It may just become your new favorite style!


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