What Is a Swim Dress & Why You Need One

Have you heard of the swim dress? If not, you will definitely want to keep reading! One of our absolute favorite designs, the swim dress is a popular choice for women who are seeking modest women’s swimwear with a feminine flair.

What Is a Swim Dress?

First, let’s take a look at what a swim dress actually entails. If you've never explored the world of swim dresses, you might not even be entirely certain of what constitutes a swim dress. Essentially it is a one-piece swimsuit with a mini-skirt flair at the bottom. A swim dress pairs the comfort and swimability of a one-piece suit with the femininity and coverage of a short dress.

Women who like modest swimwear will appreciate how swim dresses cover the thighs and rear. It is a great option for those who may feel a little exposed in a typical one-piece, which often exposes the entire leg.

This offers the ideal alternative for people who feel uncomfortable or immodest in the average swimsuit. With a swim dress, you'll feel more comfortable and relaxed about the fit of your suit, which will allow you to truly enjoy your leisure time. As if these benefits aren’t enough, the swim dress also provides additional sun protection, which is a huge advantage.

Different Styles of Swim Dresses

When it comes to versatility in women’s swimwear, the swim dress is no one trick pony! The style combinations are endless, but here are a few of our favorite styles.

Wide Straps With a Big Bold Print

    Probably the most popular style of swim dress is one with wide supportive straps and a bold print. We especially love bright florals and tropical patterns when it comes to women’s swimwear. Wide straps are extremely useful and practical for women with larger busts, as they provide much-needed support.

    When choosing your print, you can really let your personality shine through. Feeling a little feline? Try an animal print! If you’re going on a Caribbean vacation, it might be nice to opt for something in a tropical print with palm fronds and hibiscus flowers.

    Top and Bottom Two-Tone Swim Dresses

    Those who like a little variety would do well in a swim dress that looks like it could be a one-piece or could be a tankini set. Some swim dresses have different colors or prints (or both!) from top to bottom, and these provide a unique look.

    There are suits out there with an ombre style, so that the color blends from one hue to another. This is typically from light to dark, and it creates a stunning effect.

    If you are specifically looking for a swim dress that has the most contrast, choose a suit that has a print on top and solid skirt, or vice versa. The part that has the print will draw the eye, so a dark solid in the area that you want to minimize will totally do the trick.

    Halter Neck Swim Dress

    Another perennial favorite is the halter neck swim dress. Of course, halter style bathing suits are common in other styles as well, but the halter top looks particularly fetching when on a swim dress. It has a sort of vintage flair that other styles of swimsuits just don’t. 

    Depending on the level of desired support, you may want to think about the thickness and material of the straps. For many women, thin little strings are not going to cut it! Make sure you consider this when selecting your halter neck swim dress. 

    What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Swim Dress?

    If we have sold you on the idea that a swim dress is cute, feminine, and fashionable, you may be wondering what some of the more functional benefits include when it comes to this style of suit. Here are some of the best things about wearing a swim dress.

    The Sun Protection Factor

    In case you didn’t know, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. This is exactly what a swim dress provides! Obviously, you should still be slathering on that sunblock as though your life depends on it (it does), but wearing a swimsuit with more coverage means that you will have less skin exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

    Great For Playing With The Kids

    Ever built a sandcastle in a skimpy bikini? If not, consider yourself lucky! It’s a down and dirty activity, and being on your hands and knees in the sand means you’ll want a swimsuit that is forgiving. The swim dress was practically made for spending time on the beach with the kiddos. 

    Everyone is aware that taking children to the beach is not exactly a relaxing activity. They want to do it all! Never fear — with a swim dress, you CAN bring the kids or grandkids to the beach and be super active. You can build sandcastles, compete in beach races, play frisbee, and go shell hunting without any worries of accidental exposure or immodesty.

    They Are Perfect for Water Exercise

    If you have ever taken a water aerobics class, you know that they are no joke! It’s hard to see from outside of the pool, but under the water the calorie burn is real. Water workouts are fantastic because the water adds additional resistance while also cushioning the joints.

    Why wear a swim dress when doing water exercises? They offer more coverage, so you can focus on the workout and not on adjusting your suit. In addition, if you are taking a dance-focused workout class, the skirt adds a fun little flair to any water Zumba experience.

    The Ultimate Comfort

    Often overlooked in swimwear in favor of aesthetics is comfort. However, we believe that comfort is key when it comes to the right bathing suit. You will find that nothing is more comfortable than a swim dress. The best part is that the swim dress offers comfort on two levels.

    Swim dresses offer the mental and emotional comfort of feeling as covered up as you want to be. They also offer the physical comfort of wearing something that isn’t riding up or pinching in the wrong places.

    Swim Dresses Are Versatile

    There are few swimsuits out there that are as versatile as the swim dress. If you consider yourself a minimalist, the swim dress is the way to go. Most women do not feel the need to wear a coverup when sporting a swim dress, so that’s one thing you can check off of your beach bag list.

    If you are headed to a pool party, the swim dress allows you to feel comfortable mingling and walking around without having to put on additional clothing items. It is a carefree way to relax by the pool. 

    Take the Plunge With a Swim Dress

    If you’ve never tried a swim dress, now is the time to take the plunge! This super versatile piece of swimwear is perfect for time on the beach with the kids, laps in the pool, hanging out at a pool party, or just about any water activity you can imagine.


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