9 Slimming Swimsuits You’ll Feel Great In

If you’ve been searching for that elusive perfect swimsuit, but haven’t found anything that flatters you just right, we’ve got you covered! We will go over some bathing suit shopping tips that will make you feel more comfortable in the fitting room, the different body types and how to dress them, and most importantly, show you some gorgeous suits that will make you feel slender and sexy.

How Can I Make Bathing Suit Shopping More Enjoyable?

If you dread shopping for a one-piece swimsuit or bikini top and bottom, you are certainly not alone. One of the most difficult things about shopping for a bathing suit is that for many of us, we don’t feel completely comfortable in our skin. 

The first step to feeling great in a bathing suit is working on your body positivity. The only thing you need to do to get a “beach body” is to have a body and go to the beach! 

Really though, there are things you can do to make the experience a little more tolerable. Here are a few tips that will help you when you have to do the dreaded task of swimsuit shopping.

Grab a Few Different Sizes

One of the frustrations of clothes shopping, in general, is that many brands tend to run differently. This can make it hard to pick the right sizes when you’re headed into the fitting room — which also means that that tankini top or halter one piece you got might not fit. We recommend getting the size you usually wear, one up, and one down. You can always return your slimming swimwear if the new arrival in your wardrobe doesn’t fit right.

The reason we love this tip is that it lets you save time by not ducking out of the fitting room to grab more sizes, or even worse just giving up on a suit that doesn’t fit right away. 

If you feel like you might have put on a few pounds since the last time you put on a bathing suit, consider trying on the largest size first. If it fits, that’s great! If it is too big, that can feel like a bit of a confidence boost, and definitely feels better than trying on a suit that’s too small and having to “go up” a size.

Turn Yourself Around

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you’re trying on a swimsuit, don’t look in the mirror. Well, don’t look in the mirror at first anyway. This tip is really for those who struggle with body positivity. 

If that’s you, then consider for a moment how it makes you feel when you see yourself in an article of clothing that’s too snug, or that’s squeezing in all the wrong places. When it comes to swimsuits, you already know without looking in the mirror whether it is comfortable or not. 

If you try on a suit and it is uncomfortable and too small, just take it off. There’s no need to look at yourself and feel bad. If the suit feels comfortable, only then should you turn around and see if you like the way it looks. This really does work!

Close the Fitting Room Door, and Open the Laptop

You probably already do plenty of online shopping, but a lot of people feel apprehensive about buying clothing online since you can’t try it on. Don’t let this be a deterrent. Most clothing companies have geared their return policies toward online shoppers, and make it very easy to return items that don’t work for you.

Shopping online will allow you to try your purchases on in the comfort of your own home, in front of mirrors you know you can trust, and in a setting where you can take your time to decide if you really like something. 

What Are the Different Body Types, and How Should They Be Dressed?

One thing that can help you select the right suit is to know your body type. There are three main body types called somatypes, and we will go over them here.


Ectomorphs are lean and muscular, with fewer curves. Women with this body type might feel most comfortable in a high-waisted bikini bottom paired with a strapless top — a look that many women might not feel comfortable wearing.

While some people might think this sounds like the perfect body type, it can be challenging at times to look more feminine. Embracing the high neckline, experimenting with push-up swimwear, and even going with a strapless top can all help. In addition, to dress for this body type, try well-placed prints. These can add curves, and so can ruffles or pleating.


Endomorphs are basically the polar opposite of ectomorphs. They have a lot of body fat, the majority of which tends to be held around the middle. Sometimes this body type is referred to as the “apple” body type. Endomorphs should seek suits in solid colors, or with print on an area like the bust to draw attention up from the midsection. In addition, shapewear swimsuits may be most appealing to this demographic.


Mesomorphs tend to be solid and muscular, sometimes with a stocky body frame. If a person with this body type does have a little extra weight, it is usually around the hips and buttocks. Mesomorphs look great in bandeau bikini tops and swim dresses, or in suits with a little ruching around the midsection.

What Are Some Slimming Swimsuits That Anyone Can Look Great In?

There are some swimsuits that will be flattering on just about anyone, and we have the list right here! Check out some of these suits if you want to feel your best.

1. A Classic Black

We will start with a classic: this slimming one-piece swimsuit that comes in black (of course!), but also three other beautiful jewel tones that are sure to flatter. The shirring on the midsection of this v-neck is slimming and fabulous. 

2. A Pretty Princess Seam Swim Dress

This skirted tummy control bathing suit has an orange floral print and a beautiful, feminine skirted swim bottom. It features princess seams along the ribcage designed to give you a sleek look. The stitching along the skirt line creates a flared look that is just gorgeous.

3. Grecian Tile Tankini

You will fall in love with this blue and white Grecian tile printed tankini swimsuit. The tankini style is a great choice because it combines the coverage of a one-piece with the convenience and versatility of a two-piece. You will want to sail away to Santorini in this beauty! 

4. Try a Swim Short

If you want to branch out, and if you are a more modest person, you might consider a pair of bestselling swim shorts. You can wear them on top of, or in place of bathing suit bottoms, and they offer a bit more modesty than typical bathing suit bottoms. 

5. Blouson-Style Swimsuits

A blouson-style suit features a roomy midsection with plenty of breathing room. It’s especially flattering for those who might carry a little extra weight in the tummy area. You'll adore the unique color scheme of this floral suit, which appears to have been taken from the Amazon rainforest. This lovely suit has gentle periwinkle blues, subdued yellows, and creamsicle oranges. 

6. Confetti Print Extravaganza

This super fun swimdress with adjustable straps is available in two alternative color schemes: coral, orange, and pink on black, or royal blue, turquoise, and Carolina blue on black. The confetti print is sure to please! In either case, you don't want to miss this party. This criss-cross cutout one-piece swimsuit has a scoop neck and a retro look that you won’t want to miss.

7. Wrap Front Navy Blue

This is an ultra-flattering, beautiful, and trendy tummy control swimsuit. The color block design on this high-waist suit makes it a great choice for those who want to draw attention away from their midsection or lower body. The wrap design over the bust creates visual interest that will look great on just about everybody. 

8. Channel Your Inner Jungle Cat

We absolutely love any kind of animal print. These are our absolute favorite prints because they just never seem to go out of style. The all-over “jungle cat print” of this suit is so stunning, and the shirring on this piece of tummy control swimwear is slimming and flattering. 

9. Shadow Palms One Piece Plus Size Romper

This print is a great choice for ladies with a little more to love. If you are more of a classic gal but want more than a plain black solid, this black and white print on a square-neck swimsuit is the one for you! It has a black and white palm tree print on the top and solid black on the bottom, and it will look amazing on you, we promise.

Bonus: Grab a Coverup!

Don’t get us wrong: when you see yourself in the perfect suit you probably will not want to cover it up. However, if you do, you might consider throwing on a sleek cover up. Even if you’re not feeling modest, it’s still nice to have a little extra coverage when you’re walking on the beach or going to the poolside bar. 

Swimsuits for All

There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you find the perfect bathing suit. We know that one of the ones on this list will fit the bill! Try out some of our bathing suit shopping tips before checkout, and know how to dress your body type. Then, grab your laptop and check out some of these amazingly flattering, slimming suits. 


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