Pool Exercises To Try With a Pool Noodle

At Maxine, we love finding creative and fun ways to stay healthy and active no matter what season we’re in. Summer happens to be our favorite season, and if you’re like us and are looking for fun ways to keep up your fitness this season, we’ve got ideas for you.

We’re sure you have a pool noodle or two lying around for when you take a dip, so put them to use with these several pool workouts that we’ve listed just for you.

These aerobic exercises aren’t super difficult, but they will get your heart rate pumping with some low-impact cardio that has a wealth of health benefits. These exercises will also engage everything from your glutes, quads, and triceps to your core muscles and hamstrings. They’re excellent for burning fat and increasing your overall wellness.

Go on, take a look, and be inspired to stay active as you keep cool in the pool.

Where To Begin

Along with your average swimming laps and other water exercises, pool noodle exercises create light resistance workouts that will elevate your heart rate while being easier on your joints than, say, jogging or lifting standard dumbbells. Not only that, but you can get a full-body workout all year long, depending on your access to indoor and outdoor pools.

To begin, you’ll obviously want to nail down the details regarding where you’ll be exercising and at what times, depending on the time of year or climate you’re in. You can also be aware of any classes that are going on in your local community or gym, so you don’t have to do these workouts alone, although either is just fine.

Once you’ve done these things, just put on your most comfortable swimsuit, grab a pool noodle, and hit the water.

What You’ll Need

Above, we mentioned a comfy swimsuit of your choice. Along with that, you could opt for a breezy and versatile pair of swim shorts to give you more coverage and an option to wear out of the pool as well.

You can also choose whether or not you’d like to wear a pair of swimming goggles or a swim cap as you exercise. Both are personal preferences and could help you stay comfortable in the water. Also, don’t forget the SPF and the most important part of the activities: a pool noodle.

Bring along a towel and a bottle of water or electrolyte drink to keep yourself hydrated and feeling great. It wouldn’t hurt to toss a cover-up in your bag as well, for walking to and from the car or pool.

Start Exercising

Once you have everything you’ll need to get your pool noodle exercises going, there’s nothing more to it than to hop in the shallow end and get started with your strength-building and cardio workout. We’ve chosen seven of our favorite pool noodle exercises that are great for any level of fitness, and that will get your blood flowing in a fun way.

1. Noodle Pull/Push

In this aquatic exercise, you’ll hold the noodle with both hands on either end, underneath the water. The exercise itself focuses on building muscle and strength in your upper body.

For the starting position, you’ll want to stand chest-deep in the water, holding the noodle to your chest. Then, push the noodle down into the water until your arms are fully extended. Bring your arms back to your chest to complete one rep.

2. Noodle Tucks

For this water aerobics exercise, move out of shallow water to the the deeper end of the pool. With the noodle brought around your back and under your arms, straighten your legs with your toes pointed to the bottom of the pool. Engage your abs while pulling your knees towards your chest. Hold this for two seconds and repeat for ten reps.

3. Pool Noodle Squats

In the more shallow end, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Hold onto the noodle slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on either end. Hold the noodle straight out in front of you on the surface of the water. All at once, squat with your hips and knees as you pull the noodle down under the water. Slowly get back into the original position to complete one rep.

4. Noodle Push Downs

Think of this exercise as a kind of leg raise. Standing in waist-deep water, put your feet hip-width apart and hold the noodle at the water’s surface, shoulder-width apart. At the same time, push the noodle under the water as you raise one leg behind you until it’s parallel. Repeat with your other leg.

5. Noodle Twist

This exercise is similar to the noodle tuck. Complete the same steps as the noodle tuck exercise, only twist your torso to the left and the right when your knees are brought up to your chest. This will work out your abs and obliques, helping you add some excitement to your strength training routine.

6. Pool Noodle Lunges

Begin this in shoulder-deep water. Holding the pool noodle on each end, make the noodle in the shape of a U by holding your hands close together. Take a lunging step so that your right leg goes over the noodle U, as you push the noodle towards the bottom of the pool. Touch your foot flat to the bottom of the pool. Step back out of the noodle for one rep.

7. Noodle Running

This water workout routine is similar to water walking, but it’s a bit more high-intensity!

Start in waist-deep water with the pool noodle looped around your back underneath your arms. Hold the ends of the noodle with each hand and start the exercise at one edge of the pool.

Begin moving your legs in a running motion to get to the other side of the pool wall. Running like this in the pool will create resistance, which makes it more challenging and will build leg muscles. You can use your arms by turning the noodle in the opposite direction.

Staying Active and Healthy

As we all know, it’s vital to remain active and healthy as we get older. Getting in the water is a wonderful way to do this, so we hope these pool noodle exercises have inspired you to get some activity this summer in between the relaxation.

We also know how common it is to have issues with things like joint pain or other health issues, but getting some light movement in at the pool is an easy way to raise that heart rate a little more than usual to keep your body feeling great.

Pool noodle exercises will work your muscle groups and will help with your overall strength and mobility. Who wouldn’t want to keep up their fitness while they're in a cool pool? Go ahead and dive in.


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