5 Plus Size Swimsuits You’ll Feel Confident In

Going to the beach, lounging by the pool, or enjoying other waterside activities should only bring up pleasant feelings. Unfortunately, when the swim tops and bikini bottoms available show too much, too little, or feature cuts that are nearly universally unflattering, it’s easy to see swim time as a stressful time.

Then, there are the bathing suits that are just impractical: Maybe it’s nice and strappy or flowy, but not great for swimming. Maybe the tie-dye or color-block pattern is bright and fun, but it doesn’t go with your existing accessories. 

However, when you actually get into the water, they leave something to be desired. A good swimsuit combines all of these positive attributes, leaving you with a flattering, sturdy, and practical garment.

After all, it’s difficult to get the most out of your time in the sun or on summer vacation with the grandkids if you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing. When faced with all of their boundless energy, the last thing that we need is to spend our time wondering if we chose the right bathing suit.

Here are a few of our favorite plus-size swimsuits to get the ball rolling, but feel free to check out the many options Maxine has to offer if these aren’t quite right to help you capture your confidence!

1. 24th & Ocean Seaside Floral Underwire Cutout High Neck Keyhole Halter Tankini Swimsuit Top

First on our list of elegant plus size swimwear, we have our 24th & Ocean Seaside Floral Underwire Cutout High Neck Keyhole Tankini Swimsuit Top

This piece’s high neck and v-neck cut provide an element of modesty, while the keyhole adds playfulness and intrigue. The blouson-style top is universally flattering, allowing your shoulders to get their time in the sun.

The vibrant floral pattern is immediately eye-catching and feels right at home in a tropical locale or out by the pool. Plus, the underwire bra built into this plus-size swim outfit offers you added support and peace of mind, something that people of all different bust sizes can appreciate. 

Meanwhile, the cups are removable, and the straps are adjustable, so you can customize this piece however you like. 

Since this is a swimsuit top, it can be paired easily with any number of swimsuit bottoms, depending on your color and style preference. We recommend pairing this bikini top with high-waisted bikini bottoms, boyshorts, or board shorts.

2. Aloha Orchid Shirred Front Girl Leg One Piece Monokini

We undoubtedly appreciate the versatility that a two-piece like our previous plus-size bikini can provide us. 

There is also something to be said for the ease of a plus-size one-piece swimsuit. If that’s more your style, then this next suit is sure to fit the bill. The Aloha Orchid Shirred Front Girl Leg One Piece sports a delightful pattern and built-in features to help you feel your best.

The shades of blue bounce off each other and wonderfully contrast with the orange flowers on the suit. The neckline manages to stay modest without sacrificing anything in terms of fit. 

There’s a reason that sweetheart necklines, a slight derivative of the square neck, are one of the preferred cuts among dressmakers, designers, and more. That’s why we were so excited to feature a sweetheart neckline on this garment.

The torso of the aqua-colored garment has been shirred, meaning that there is a flattering ruching effect that shows off a beautiful shapeliness. The high-waist bottom of the garment sports a “girl leg,” meaning you’ll always be fully covered without worrying about any unsightly riding up.

3. Coastal Palm Princess Seam Swim Dress One-Piece

If your main goal is to feel elegant both in and out of the water, a scoop-neck swim dress is likely the perfect fit. Feel just like a princess in the Coastal Palm Princess Seam Swim Dress One-Piece

Few sights elicit memories of days spent in a tropical environment like palm fronds. Since they make up the pattern of this ruffle swim dress, you can get into the vacation spirit instantly.

Rather than using palm fronds for the pattern and getting on with it, we’ve added an element of color to this romper-esque dress. Contrasting dark and light blue hues make this piece as lovely on the hanger as it is to wear. 

One of this swimsuit's most defining characteristics is its bottom. Instead of just tapering off into swim shorts or another utilitarian cut for accessibility, this swim dress has an attached brief-style bottom under the skirt. The swim skirt is flouncy, fun, and still practical for use when in or out of the water.

4. Conga Vines Adjustable Tank Swim Dress One-Piece

The Conga Vines Adjustable Tank Swim Dress One-Piece looks like a classic two-piece bathing suit with all of the simplicity of a one-piece. This is because the pattern of the tank is exciting, bright, and fun. 

Leaving the pattern on only the upper portion helps it stand out without ever bordering on too much. The skirt part of this swim dress is a simple yet timeless navy blue. It goes with the top half perfectly and offers full coverage both in the front and the back. 

This is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to make just enough of a splash on their next beach day.

5. Fiji Floral Ruffled Tankini Top

It might seem like every season brings an assortment of new trendy colors, but black is a classic for a reason. It’s slimming, and it looks good on everybody. That being said, we can still spruce up this color with some fun floral patterns.

This is where the Fiji Floral Ruffled Plus-Size Tankini Top comes in.

The built-in cups bring this top to the next level. You can also easily remove or attach the adjustable straps whenever you want. Whether you want added security when swimming in the water or you want a strapless option to maximize your Vitamin D absorption, you have options.

Considering that you can keep the wide straps on or forego them — and your ability to pick your own swim bottoms to go with it — this is a customizable swim outfit with no way to go wrong.

Women’s Plus Size Swimwear for Every Body Type

Luckily, Maxine of Hollywood’s swimwear has a substantial variety of bestsellers for people of all shapes and sizes, from bandeau swimwear to jumpsuits. No matter what you pick, know that you will both feel and look your best before you know it. 


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