Modest Swimwear for Women: A Style Guide

Little yellow polka dot bikinis are not every woman’s taste. At Maxine, we fully understand that you may be looking for more modest coverage while swimsuit shopping. That’s why we provide you with fashionable, on-trend bathing suits that will give you more sun protection and more comfort as you go about your sunny tasks.

If you are searching for just the right swimsuit that fits these needs, then you’re in the perfect place. We’re about to guide you through all of the different modest styles we offer, and we think you’re going to find one you adore.

From tankinis to one-piece suits, to cover-ups, the options for modesty that’s stylish are endless at Maxine. We have amazing swimwear that fits anyone’s wants and everyone’s body shapes. Take a dive with us into our beautiful choices.

Modest Tankini Tops

Tankini tops are a wonderful option if you’re looking for coverage that still provides plenty of styling opportunities. The great thing about tankinis is that they can be so versatile while remaining comfortable and modest. Tankini tops offer more neckline variety and can be super flattering depending on your body shape and what you love. These cute suits cover the tummy area and typically fall around the waist. Check out all of our different tankini top styles below.

High Neck Tankini Tops

A tankini top that has a higher neckline is an incredible option for a modest swimsuit. This style will give you more fabric on top, leaving you feeling covered and protected from the sun. The great thing about this style is that you don’t have to sacrifice how cute you look to achieve a more modest look. 

We think a high neck tankini top gives a chic look to any sunny day. If you’re curious about how they look, here’s one of our favorites. Choosing a look like this is going to have everyone asking you where you got your stunning suit.

Blouson Tankini Tops

Blouson tankini tops are flattering on any body shape. These are forgiving, as they fit more like a flowy blouse. We love blouson tankini tops for their fashionable neckline and strap options, as well as their fit. You’ll be ready to stay out for hours because of how comfortable you are in this swimsuit style. 

A blouson tankini top is breezy throughout the torso and hits right at the hips. You won’t have to worry about tight-fitting fabric, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. Choose this style if you’re looking for a no-brainer option that will hide anything you want hidden while showing off your confidence.

Triple Tier Tankini Tops

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a flattering flare in your bathing suit. A triple-tier tankini top is just what it sounds like. This bathing suit style is modest due to the extra fabric designed to take attention away from any areas you may be more conscious about. You don’t have to hide in a swimsuit, and this tankini top proves that. With their gorgeous patterns and colors, and complementary shape, triple tier tops are a must-have for the summer. Pick out one of our triple-tier tankini tops to pair with a cute pair of bottoms, and you’ll be ready to go.

One Piece Swimsuits

As basic as they may sound, one-piece swimsuits have come a long way, fashion-wise. There are now tons of options when it comes to cute and sexy one-piece suits that are still modest. Get ready to learn all about the different one-piece styles we love, and how they’ll flatter your shape while giving you a sense of modesty.

Swim Dress Suits

We love a colorful floral swim dress, and all the compliments we get while wearing them! A swim dress is perfect if you’re searching for a modest one-piece swimsuit. This style is designed to look more like a seamless dress and has an empire cut that instantly slims your figure. The skirt of this swimsuit is flowy and provides ample coverage to your front and back. We’re sure you’re going to love these as much as we do, and feel flirty while covered in all the right places. Leave your thoughts to your tropical paradise, and not an uncomfortable swimsuit.

Faux Skirtini Swimsuits

Faux skirtini suits are wonderful because they look like two pieces but have the ease of being one. This style gives you a breezy top and bottoms, but you won’t have to worry about keeping up with two separate pieces. 

Picking a faux skirtini look will give you the coverage on the bottom that you’re looking for, and hide what you want while taking walks by the water. A faux skirtini is also great if you’re staying active all day because you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you’re showing too much.

Faux Tankini Swimsuits

Just like a faux skirtini, a faux tankini will keep you from thinking twice about what you’re going to wear. This style is great if you’re looking to keep the look of a traditional swimsuit. Faux tankinis have classic brief-style bottoms and have an attached tankini-style top. 

These will cover your tummy area and will flatter with their flowy design. Don’t assume tankinis and faux tankinis are styleless because they’ve become the most stylish! Faux tankinis come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, to give you everything you could ever need in a modest swimsuit.

Swimsuits With Tummy Control

Did you know we have swimsuits with built-in tummy control, so you can feel comfortable and secure? If you didn’t before, you’ll be glad you know now. Swimsuits with tummy control keep modesty in mind, because they smooth over the torso area, and will allow you to feel confident in your skin.

It can be stressful to think about wearing a swimsuit when you just keep worrying about how you’ll look and feel. Tummy control swimsuits will leave your confidence intact, which is really the most beautiful thing. After all, when you feel beautiful, it will make you glow on the outside.

Swimwear that has built-in tummy control provides subtle sculpture to your stomach area and can be found in many different styles of suits. You can find tummy control in one-pieces, two-pieces, or high-waisted bottoms. The options for modest swimwear really are endless!

Modest Cover-Ups

Swimsuit cover-ups are a must-have if you’re looking for something modest to wear at the beach or by the pool! Cover-ups can be worn over your swimsuit as you’re traveling to and from the water or your chair, and they’re also great for throwing on to feel covered if you’re grabbing a quick bite to eat while you’re out. While cover-ups are perfect for doing just that, covering up, they can be super flattering and stylish.

Think about where you’ll be the most when picking out a cover-up. Knowing whether you’ll be at the beach or pool more will allow you to choose the best cover-up. We mean that cover-ups come in different styles and some have more coverage than others, which will be helpful depending on how much sun you’ll be shielding from.

We can’t rave about cover-ups enough. Everyone needs an easy-breezy cover-up that can be pulled out of a beach bag at a moment’s notice and thrown on to feel covered and cute.

Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing Modest Swimwear

Now that you’ve heard about the variety of modest swimsuits, we want to talk more about what you should keep in mind when picking one out for yourself. We know that choosing any swimsuit has its challenges, and choosing modest swimwear comes with a little bit more thought. Even though we’ve made it easy to pick out a swimsuit style you love, there are things we think can make your modest swimsuit choice even better!

  • Sun protection: It’s obvious that being protected from the sun is an important factor in choosing a swimsuit. Swimwear is designed with tight-knit materials that block UV rays from hitting the skin. Knowing this will allow you to wisely choose a bathing suit with more coverage, which will be modest and protective. 
  • Style options: As you can tell from this post, there are amazing options for modest swimwear styles. It’s easy now to choose a style that will flatter your shape the most, such as a swimsuit with a colorful top and solid bottoms to camouflage the tummy.
  • Comfort: At Maxine, we believe modest swimwear is also some of the most comfortable. Keep your comfort in mind when choosing a suit. Picking out a bathing suit that fits your shape well and gives you the coverage you want will let you be comfortable no matter what.


Modest swimwear no longer has to be bland and frumpy. If you’re someone who is looking for a swimsuit that you’ll feel beautiful in, without worrying about what you’ll be showing, then there are some incredible options for you. 

You can choose a modest swimsuit that has a gorgeous design, and beautiful floral patterns. Have fun choosing your next swimsuit, and get ready to feel like your best self!


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