Post-Mastectomy Swimwear Style Options That Will Make You Feel Confident

Here at Maxine, we believe you should never have to choose between style and practical needs. Swimsuit shopping can be challenging with your new body post-mastectomy, but we’ve made it easy with these style options. 

Whether you plan to swim or lounge, there are comfortable and stylish designs that will make you feel chic and confident post-surgery. Let swimsuit shopping be as straightforward as it can be with endless options for style. You won’t have to give up your favorite colors or shapes when looking for the perfect mastectomy-friendly suit.

Choosing your post-mastectomy swimwear just got easier with our affordable and flattering options. Leave the stress behind and get ready to love your new body. Keep reading to get all the details on post-mastectomy swimwear styles.

What Is Post-Mastectomy Swimwear?

In one short answer, mastectomy swimwear is swimwear that is designed for women who have had breast surgery. The needs for women who have had breast surgery change, and they often need more support, coverage, and an altered design, especially when it comes to swimwear. You’ll feel beautiful, confident, and strong in these swimsuits that exceed your specific needs. Let’s explore more about this swimwear.

How Is It Different From Regular Swimwear?

In a little more detail than above, mastectomy swimwear has a different design than your typical swimwear in order to meet the needs of those who have had surgery. Mastectomy swimsuits can even have breast pockets for water-friendly prostheses. 

The great news? These swimsuits aren’t different in the sense that they will still make you feel supported and stylish. Mastectomy swimwear still provides amazing color and fit choices. You won’t have to say yes to a boring swimsuit just because your needs have changed! These swimsuits offer style creativity just like the rest. If you choose to go for a tankini, you’ll have even more ability to mix and match for different looks.

Which Color and Style Should I Choose?

This is the great news: you should choose whichever color and style you love! Style is not lost on these swimsuits, and the mindful design makes them flattering and supportive no matter the color and style. 

Mastectomy swimwear comes in bright, fun colors and patterns that are stunning, as well as more classic, solid colors if that’s your choice! You’ll look great no matter what color, pattern, or design you go for. Mastectomy swimwear also gives you the option to wear a one-piece or a two-piece! 

Both of these designs are made to give coverage and structure, so choose whichever one you feel the most confident in. We’re certain that if you choose what you love the most, you’ll look and feel your best.

Elements of Design

Your post-surgery body deserves to be embraced and cared for, which is why mastectomy swimwear is designed to do just that. With their adjustable straps, prostheses pockets, higher cut underarm, and necklines, these swimsuits are going to fit you how you need them to. Because of this, you’ll have full confidence while swimming, walking, and relaxing by the water. Here’s what to look for when shopping for a post-mastectomy swimsuit:

  • Adjustable straps: You’ll be able to further customize the fit of your swimsuit for optimal comfort.
  • Prosthesis pockets: These are sewn into the bust of the swimsuit, and are great if you choose to wear prostheses. The pockets will keep your prostheses in place while giving you a smooth, supported look.
  • High neckline: After surgery, you may be looking to cover and protect any scarring. A higher neckline will do both of those beautifully.
  • Armhole coverage: Just like the neckline, higher coverage in the armhole area is important to feel supported and comfortable.
  • Durable fabric: It’s important to look for a swimsuit that is made of fabric that will withstand UV rays as well as chlorine and saltwater. This will ensure that your swimsuit will last and remain in good shape.

The designs are thought out so that you don’t have to spend any extra time thinking about your swimsuit choice. This will leave you plenty of time to swim and lounge!

Is It Flattering and Supportive?

Yes, post-mastectomy swimwear is thoughtfully designed to flatter you and support your figure. These swimsuits are meant to enhance your strong body! To talk specifically about chest support, mastectomy swimwear is designed with soft-cup bra support in order to smooth and keep in place. 

If you choose to wear breast prostheses, mastectomy swimwear is designed to provide you with the structure to keep them in place. This swimwear offers modesty and protection, leaving you only to think about your fun in the sun.

Does Mastectomy Swimwear Give Support to Other Parts of My Body?

Of course! Mastectomy swimwear leaves no design detail unthought of. These swimsuits are made to be comfortable in all areas of your body. Post-mastectomy swimsuits are made with the same amount of tummy control, coverage, and comfort that your other swimsuits are! 

We offer many different styles of one-pieces, tankinis, and swim dresses and bottoms that will all fit your needs. We love being able to offer you as many styles, fits, colors, and patterns to be able to choose from as well as to mix and match. You deserve to have fun with your style!

How It’s Practical for Active Swim and Relaxing

As we said above, mastectomy swimwear is great for both swimming and relaxing. We know that swimming is a great way to get back into your active lifestyle with its low impact movements, and you’ll be comfortable doing so with these suits. It’s important to find a swimsuit that doesn’t move around, and these meet that description perfectly. 

Look for the adjustable straps and stretchy comfort to really feel secure. If you’re swimming more in the pool, opt for a swimsuit designed with material that is made to withstand chlorine. All of these points are great for relaxing, as well. You’ll be able to put on your swimsuit and not think twice.

Post-mastectomy swimsuits are a great option if you are wearing prostheses. Non-silicone breast prostheses are lightweight and designed to wear during exercise and swim in the heat. Mastectomy swimsuits provide the needed pockets that will hold these prostheses in place and give you all-day comfort.

Why We Love It

We believe you should always feel supported and beautiful, especially after surgery, and post-mastectomy swimwear will help with that. With this type of swimwear made with you in mind, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for style–you’ll get both! 

We know at Maxine that you’ve chosen to embrace a new kind of beauty, and we are here to help you enhance it. That’s what we all look for in a swimsuit, after all. Mastectomy swimwear keeps everyone feeling ready to take on the sun and water. We love the way this swimwear exceeds any needs you may have post-surgery while looking elegant and fashionable.

To Sum It Up

If you have been looking for a swimsuit that is going to be flattering, affordable, supportive, and in style post-surgery, then look no further. Post-mastectomy swimwear checks all the boxes you’ve been thinking about. 

Post-surgery, your priorities and needs change drastically, and we understand that! You should be able to have the same style choices as you had before, and that’s what mastectomy swimwear offers. There is a style for everyone, and comfort for all. You will be astounded by how confident and secure you’ll feel in these! Get ready to swim and relax freely in your new suit. Shopping for a swimsuit is no longer complicated; it’s stress-free.



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