6 Long Torso Swimsuits for Tall Women

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. As wonderful as that is, it sometimes makes shopping for new swimsuits a nightmare. Especially for those of us on the tall side, it can be a struggle to find a good fit. Overstretched fabric, too-tight seams, and peek-a-boo moments where you don’t want them –– who wants to deal with that on their beach vacation?

Luckily, there are a couple of fabulous swimsuit options for tall women out there. Your days of wrapping a towel around your waist and hoping for the best are over. Before you despair and settle for something less than stellar, give these gorgeous swimsuit options for tall women a try!

What To Look for in a Swimsuit: The Tall Woman’s Guide

It’s important to understand your body and know what looks best when you’re shopping for a new swimsuit. Before we get into all the swimsuit options for you, here are some helpful tips that you can use when searching for the perfect fit.


This one may go without saying, but those extra inches need to be accounted for when searching for the right swimsuit. Nobody wants to end up with an awkward fit that’s too small, so don’t think twice about going for a bit of extra length where you need it.


When you’ve got a long torso or longer limbs, coverage may be extra important to you. Especially as we get older, we often search for suits that will disguise certain areas, whether it be for a flattering fit or modesty’s sake. Keep an eye out for swimsuits that won’t ride up or expose these areas when you’re having fun in the sun.

Fun Prints

While patterns and colors are ultimately a matter of personal taste, they can be used as optical illusions when it comes to fashion. Some prints will draw attention to certain areas, while others do a good job of distracting from our insecurities. With long torsos, certain prints –– like horizontal stripes –– can actually combat the extra length for a more balanced look.

Visual Variety

Layers, ties, ruffles, keyholes –– all these and more can provide visual variety to a look. You can use tools like this to optically break up a straight, elongated torso, or to draw attention away from a large chest or stomach.


Layers are a great way to create interest in a look, as well as make it more flattering. For tall women, they can be a helpful method of providing extra coverage while still looking chic.


The term “movement” alone might seem like an elusive idea –– when you get down to it, however, it’s fairly simple. Movement refers to anything that creates a dynamic, fluid look. That can be ruffles, layers, bold colors, or flowing floral prints. Movement in a look creates an extra pep that will draw focus away from your height and, instead, towards your beauty.


A swimsuit cover-up is always a wonderful way to provide some extra on-the-go coverage when you need it. Swim shorts, swim skirts, sarongs, or even beach cover-ups are a must-have for tall women everywhere. They also make transitioning from the pool to the picnic blanket much easier.

Long Torso Swimsuits That Tall Women Love

Now that we’ve run through a list of helpful ideas to keep in mind, let’s get down to the styles of swimsuits that will best flatter a long torso and tall figure. These beautiful styles are sure to help you feel confident and comfortable as you lounge poolside!


What Is It: The tankini has long been a life-saving swimsuit option for women everywhere. A tankini is a two-piece bathing suit that generally matches bikini bottoms with a tank-style top. This provides medium to full coverage where you want it most.

Why It’s Great for Tall Women: The length of the tankini top is especially suited for taller women. Known for being universally flattering, there’s no more worrying about how your belly looks while trying to enjoy the sun. There are a couple of types of tankinis that will be suited for you if you have a longer torso.

Extra Tip: What’s one more thing to love about tankinis? Versatility! Because it’s a two-piece, you can swap out tops and bottoms depending on what you’re in the mood for. Who doesn’t love a good opportunity to mix and match?

Two Tier Tankini

What Is It? Think of the tiers on a tankini as different layers. A two-tier tankini is broken up into two flowing swaths of fabric instead of just one.

Why It’s Great for Tall Women: The two-tier tankini is a favorite of women everywhere, but especially so for tall women. The two-layer effect helps minimize the appearance of a long torso, visually cutting it in half for a more balanced figure.

Extra Tip: Keep an eye out for tankini tops that feature somewhat tapered layers. Those long, slightly triangular layers ensure that the belly remains fully covered.

Triple-Tier Tankini

What Is It? Simply put, the triple-tier tankini is just like the two-tier –– but with an extra layer added! That third layer provides a ruffled, flowy top that is just as breezy as the air by the ocean.

Why It’s Great for Tall Women: The visually dynamic effect of the three layers lends the triple-tier top an appealing sense of movement that looks good on everyone. The ruffles also help disguise a belly, so you don’t have to worry about that big lunch you had earlier.

Faux Tankini

What Is It?

The faux tankini looks on the outside like any other two-piece tankini –– but it’s actually a one-piece swimsuit! With this bathing suit, you get the best of both worlds: full, practical coverage with that chic two-piece look.

Why It’s Great for Tall Women

A one-piece is especially practical for tall women because it eliminates any risk of the swimsuit top riding up and exposing skin in places you’d rather keep covered. That way, you can let waves crash over you all day without a wardrobe malfunction. A faux two-piece has the added benefit of visually dividing the figure for a more even appearance.

Extra Tip: The faux tankini goes great with board shorts or other types of bottom cover-ups!

Swim Dress

What Is It?

A swim dress is a one-piece swimsuit that looks like a short dress. Flirty, fun, and feminine, swim dresses go way back to the origin of the first swimsuits –– though nowadays they are miles more comfortable. It’s no surprise that their flattering appeal has proven timeless, as swim dresses are as beloved and fashionable as ever.

Why It’s Great for Tall Women: The flowy skirt of a swim dress is excellent for covering the upper thighs, and will add a bit of modesty to even the longest of legs. A swim dress that fits and flares is especially ideal, as it can create an hourglass shape on lanky figures. And let’s not forget –– the fact that it’s a one-piece ensures a secure fit.

Extra Tip: Swim dresses come with built-in bottoms, usually in shorts or bikini style. That way you don’t have to worry about a strong wind blowing up your skirt.


What Is It? While the traditional sarong has its origins in Malaysia, it has long been popularized around the world through glamorous Hollywood films as well as surf culture. Nowadays, the sarong swimsuit is a one-piece garment that features a small, apron-like sheath at the front. Many sarong swimsuits have stylish little ties or embellishments on the side.

Why It’s Great for Tall Women: Much like the traditional sarong, the sarong is a flexible and practical garment; from the back, it has the same look and coverage as a regular one-piece suit. From the front, however, the handy skirt element helps cover the top of the thighs, while still allowing plenty of skin to show for a nice tan. It brings you the style of a classic swimsuit with a bit of extra coverage.

What to Take Away

Tall ladies are beautiful –– let’s not forget that fashion runways are dominated by women who are over 5’ 9”. Unfortunately, the needs of tall women are not always met in the clothing industry. That’s why brands that are dedicated to providing gorgeous, flattering fits and prints for women of all sizes are so important.

If you are on the taller side, we hope that you have found this guide helpful. When it comes to finding a swimsuit as a taller woman, reliable coverage is the bottom line. Once you know that the suit will fit, it’s time to have fun –– express your personality with colors, fits, and extra flair! And don’t forget: a good cover-up should never be underestimated!


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