Living by Water: 9 Surprising Benefits

When the holidays roll around, a lot of us are quick to pack up our bags and head toward the water. Whether it’s the coastal cities of Florida or the beautiful lakes of the midwest, bodies of water seem to call to us for adventure and relaxation. Our enjoyment of the water doesn’t have to be limited to those scattered times throughout the year when we can spare a couple of days out of town. Many of us dream of living near water –– even in urban environments, people prefer living near rivers or canals if they can.

If you need that extra push to consider living in a coastal or lakeside town, here are some great reasons you may not have considered before!

There Are Tons of Scenic Views To Soak Up

While you may not want to move to the seaside for the views alone, it’s certainly a compelling enough reason! No matter what body of water you live near, it’s likely that you are often witnessing some pretty captivating sights. From turtles lounging near the shore to ships sailing far away, there is always something wonderful to see.

A lot of people even try to recreate an ocean or lake aesthetic in their homes. Ocean blue tiles in the kitchen, seashells in the bathroom, or paintings of rolling waves are popular home decor. Having the beauty of the ocean be a quick walk or drive away is a true privilege!

You Sleep Like a Baby

Have you fallen asleep to the sound of rushing water while on vacation and felt surprisingly refreshed the next morning? There’s actually some scientific evidence backing the idea that sleeping near water can be extra restorative. The steady sounds of falling rain or a babbling brook have a relaxing effect on the mind; they signal safety and disguise other irritating noises. That’s why plenty of people actually use their phones, speakers, or noise machines to play the sound of waves at bedtime.

It’s not just the sound of water that lulls you into a calm slumber. Sea air is fresher and richer in oxygen than urban air. In fact, seaside strolls have been shown to give you a better night’s sleep than walks inland.

You Will Never Get Bored

One of the best reasons to live near water is to experience everything that life has to offer. You will never run out of things to do if you live near a coastline or lake; even smaller bodies of water, like rivers or marshes, can offer a ton of entertainment.

Water sports such as windsurfing or kayaking are just part of all the fun. For more relaxing activities, you can kick back on a boat or nighttime cruise; if you don’t have your own boat, you can often find relatively affordable boat experiences that feature tours or on-deck parties. 

You can also have plenty of fun from the shore –– picnics, volleyball tournaments, games of frisbee, and barbeques are just some of the ways to spend an exciting day with friends and family. If you’re a fan of wildlife, there are usually tons to see around natural bodies of water in terms of flora and fauna.

You Are More Active and Healthy

People who live near the coast tend to be more physically active in their day-to-day lives. If you’re near water, chances are you spend more time exercising. This can involve a jog on the shore, swimming, or some kind of other water-based activity. There’s no need to spend grueling hours under the fluorescent lights of a gym –– with all the fun to be had around water, you often won’t even realize that what you’re doing is good for your health.

Swimming alone has some tremendous health benefits, both mental and physical. It’s a great form of low-impact cardio that can be especially rewarding for older people with joint pain. Regular swimming exercises can help improve your endurance, flexibility, and strength. Even your posture and balance can improve over time. Water aerobics also contribute to a better cardiovascular system and can help you lose weight, so you feel extra confident in your swimsuit.

You Can Show Off Your Swimsuit and Beachside Fashion

Beach-inspired fashion is as timeless as it is trendy. Boating, surfing, and swimming have inspired both mainstream and designer fashion for as long as we can remember. The boat neck, for example, is a nautical-inspired garment neckline that has been sported by fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn for decades.

Whether we’re talking about swimsuits or boat attire, there are certain looks that just pair best with miles of coastline. A lot of us who live inland spend money and effort finding fabulous bathing suits that we only get to wear a few times during the summer at most. However, if you live near water, you can show off your favorite swimsuit whenever you please. Other fashion elements, like beachy coverups, are also best suited for a day on the sand or a deck.

There’s Lots of Family Bonding

There’s a reason why when vacation time rolls around, so many families choose to spend it near a beach. Young or old, introvert or extrovert, there are always special and exciting experiences to be had around water. This is often an opportunity for one generation to teach the other new skills, such as swimming or fishing; it’s also a great time to simply let loose and kick back together.

Plenty of beachside towns also feature museums, boardwalks, shows, carnivals, and delicious restaurants that the whole family can enjoy. It’s easy to plan a weekend without having to go far. Whether you’re running and splashing around in the sun or roasting s’mores around a bonfire by the lake –– water provides an opportunity for gathering that is too often missing in our busy modern lives.

If you’re that branch of the family that lives near a beautiful lake or ocean, chances are, the rest of the crew will be eager to head to your place for the holidays!

You Get To Stay Cool in the Summer

Many parts of the country, whether they be inland or on the coast, experience extremely high temperatures. Particularly in the summertime, many of us have a tough time dealing with sticky humidity or horribly dry heat. For those who are fortunate enough to live near water, those blazing days are much easier to deal with.

Even just dipping your toes in a cold lake can be enough to take some off the edge of a hot day. Even if you don’t live near a lake or ocean, you may still have access to a pool –– which can be a real lifesaver –– but bodies of water offer more creative solutions to beat the heat: for example, jet skiing, boating, surfing, or canoeing.

It’s Mentally Soothing

Living near a coastline may actually help boost your mental health. Whether it’s due to the sound of waves, the beautiful scenery of an ocean sunset, or the sun smiling down on strollers and surfers alike — there’s something about a beach that seems to improve your mood. But these mindful effects don’t just apply to the seaside; walking along any kind of body of water, including rivers and canals, is associated with an improvement in your mental well-being.

This positive effect on mental wellness is made greater when combined with lush greenery and wildlife. A connection with nature is often a huge benefit in terms of mental and physical well-being. These areas are also often ideal for gathering with family and friends or making connections with strangers –– this mix of nature and socialization can be a wonderful way to maintain your mental health.

You Can Explore Nature

We’ve already discussed the endless array of things you can do when you live near water. The unique connection to nature, however, deserves a category of its own. A lot of lakes, rivers, and beaches feature nearby hiking trails that snake around breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or just a casual fan of observing wildlife, you can find tons to see.

Getting in touch with the elements is another way to bond with the family. You can organize a scavenger hunt with the grandkids, for example; there are plenty of opportunities to have fun while educating yourselves on the fascinating ecosystems all around us.

The Takeaway

Living by water can bring a lot of joy and richness into your life. By bringing you closer to loved ones, and also allowing your space to rejuvenate yourself, there are many advantages to making this move at any point in your life. Coastal and lakeside towns tend to have a vibrant array of things to do, as well as lots of beautiful nature to see. You also have more opportunities to improve your mental and physical health.

For those of us lucky to spend time around water all year round, we wouldn’t want it any other way!



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