Inspirational Kids’ Movies All Ages Love

You’ve probably seen a hundred kids' movies at this point, and for good reason. Even if you’re not a child anymore, a lot of inspirational movies for kids are extremely entertaining and have tasteful adult humor sprinkled in.

Whether you’re here looking for a new movie you can watch with the grandkids, or wondering what movie you can watch at home, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Hollywood favorites that we think are perfect for either occasion.

The great news is that watching movies can be fun as well as beneficial to the minds of youngsters and adults alike. Watching movies is a great way to get some socialization in, and talking about what you’ve watched can help with memory care!

No matter the reason why you’re reading this, we hope we can give you a great list of movies that you’ll enjoy and talk about for a long time, no matter how old you are. Grab the popcorn and let’s begin.

Watching Motivational Movies With and Without the Kids

If you’re looking for some fun ideas for how to throw a movie night with your kids, grandkids, or other fellow movie lovers, we’ve got some great ones for you. There are some awesome ways you can get together for some screen time with people of all ages and some great benefits to this!

We’ve all seen movies that have made all the adults in the room chuckle because the humor can sometimes be over the kids’ heads. We love when this happens because it means we can all watch the same movie while enjoying it together for different reasons. If you want to have some entertaining social time with the people in your life, here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Host a swimming pool watch party with a projector while wearing a colorful empire swim dress
  • Get comfy with a living room fort with the TV
  • Get out and about at a drive-in or park movie

There are definitely more than just these fun movie-watching options, but these three are our favorites, and they get bonus points for keeping the summer spirit alive. What are you waiting for? Get together and plan the next showtime.

The Importance of What We Watch

It’s no shock or big news that what we watch and the content we take in can impact our mental and even social lives. Even as adults, it’s important to filter what we’re taking in in our own lives, and we can’t forget that it’s equally as necessary for the younger generations. After all, we’re their role models!

What’s great about watching movies with others is that it gives the opportunity to talk about what’s going on, and have conversations about it all afterward. This is especially true if you’re watching movies with very young kids. We know the questions are always coming, and think it’s vital to be able to communicate with them about whatever questions they have about what they see.

This doesn’t mean the fun has to be sucked out of every movie night, but it’s a great thing to keep in mind when you’re choosing what to watch and with who! There’s always something for all of us to learn, and young minds can be shaped in great ways if we’re conscious.

10 HeartwarmingKids Movies Everyone Will Enjoy

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff, and why you’re really here. Don’t we all enjoy a light-hearted kids' movie now and then? We’ve put together a list of our 10 favorites that you can add to your list of movies to watch alone, or with the kids in your life.

The Muppet Movie

Have you seen this one yet? The Muppet Movie is rated G and is a classic from Jim Henson. No one will be able to forget the moment Kermit the Frog sings Rainbow Connection. The Muppet Movie includes all the emotions — love, joy, humor, and many more. This is the kind of hilarious inspiring story that you’ll love as a toddler and again when you’re older and can understand more of the details.

Toy Story

How could we not put this Pixaranimated movie on the list? We all know Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, and the rest of the gang. Toy Story is the quintessential movie for all ages and will make everyone feel the sense of friendship and nostalgia that life is made up of. Overall, it’s one of the best inspirational movies you’ll ever watch.

Another G-rated film, Toy Story includes the beloved voices of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks and is a tale of what children’s toys get up to when they come to life when the humans aren’t looking. It’s an unforgettable story of these precious toys and their owners that you’ll want to watch over and over.

Beauty and the Beast

Diving into the world of princess movies, who could forget this tale as old as time? Beauty and the Beast is a story of an unexpected friendship turned love between a bookworm from a small town and a prince who is quite literally a monster until he learns to fall in love.

No one can watch this film and not fall in love with the storyline which promotes true love, not for looks, but for loyalty and friendship. Everyone will love this Disney classic as they watch the story unfold.


Remember the story about a pig named Babe and his farm animal friends? Babe is a G-rated film that will teach children and remind adults of some important life lessons, including that family comes in more forms than one. Babe teaches the lesson that the runt of the litter doesn’t always finish last and that friends and family can come in all shapes and sizes.

Turn this one on for a feel-good watch that will also remind us all of some really important teachings. You can’t go wrong with an underdog who proves everyone wrong and who provokes heartfelt tears.


Annie is one we all probably know and love. This film takes you through the story of the kids who have a hard-knock-life, but who overcome it and sing life’s song despite it. While some may not be the biggest fans of this movie created as a rendition of the Broadway show, we think it’s incredible and complete with songs you’ll sing along to for days after.

Finding Nemo

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”

Pixar did what they do best with this must-watch story of friends who help each other get through the toughest of under-the-sea times. In this one, you’ll follow Nemo’s dad Marlin as he helps a memory-challenged fish named Dory get to her destination while simultaneously searching for his clownfish son.

Sound like a lot to keep up with? Finding Nemo is an uplifting story filled with adventure and positivity and is packed with humor and quotes. You won’t be the same after watching this aquatic family favorite. Plus, this movie gives you a perfect opportunity to dress up in fun side shirred swimsuits with your grandkids and pretend to be the iconic fish characters.

The Little Mermaid

Let’s keep things fresh and oceanic, shall we? If you haven’t seen The Little Mermaid yet, you may have been living under a shipwrecked boat. It’s up there with other Disney classics like Mulanand The Lion King and even took home the Oscar in 1990 for best original score.

This family movie is all about a young girl (and mermaid) named Ariel who just wants to know what it’s like to live as a human. While seeking a life full of walking and dancing, she encounters some issues with an evil octopus named Ursula.

The tale isn’t all trouble, though, as Ariel finds her Prince Charming. Full of love and maritime adventure, you’ll get lost in the story of a mermaid and her stubborn ways — you might even end up pretending to be her while wearing a fun one-piece swimsuit! There’s something in there that we can all relate to.


Shifting gears a bit and getting into a more robotic movie, Wall-E is an exceptional film about dystopia and love at the same time. The Pixar film carries you through a story of two robots, Wall-E and Eva, and all they do to stay together through the trials that dystopia brings.

If you’re looking specifically for a film that will get conversations going about real-world issues like pollution and materialism, this is the one to choose. While the movie does touch on these important issues, it remains heartfelt and inspiring as Andrew Stanton keeps the magic of love alive.

The Wizard of Oz

Let’s jump out of the world of animation and into a world of pure fairytales. The Wizard of Oz is a 1939 work of art starring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, and Margaret Hamilton. The movie takes you through a wild, technicolor adventure as the group travels to Oz to find the Wizard.

 We don’t think you can go wrong with this popular film about kindness and perseverance.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Introduce the kids to a well-known story about a young wizard named Harry and his experiences at Hogwarts. We should say that this series of movies is probably for older kids because there are some more intense scenes and storylines throughout. 

Nevertheless, we couldn’t keep this favorite off the list. There’s an abundance of friendship, teamwork, and good overcoming evil in this crowd favorite.

Honorable Mentions

If you’ve already watched all the movies listed above and want something new, check these family flicks out:

  • How To Train Your Dragon: The inspirational story of a boy named Hiccup Haddock who learns how to train a dragon named Toothless
  • Queen of Katwe: The heartwarmingtrue story of a real-life chess champion
  • Moanaand Inside Out: Modern Disney classics that any kid will adore
  • Remember the Titansand The Blind Side: Heartfelt football films suitable for older kids
  • Hidden Figures: The inspiring true story of the women of NASA, also suitable for older children

It’s Showtime

There are options galore if you’re searching Netflix for your next movie night pick. The ones we’ve mentioned above are some of our favorite inspirational kids’ movies, and if you haven’t seen them yet, we think they’ll quickly become some of yours.

Happy watching, and don’t forget the snacks.


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