7 Reasons To Wear a High-Waisted Swimsuit

High-waisted swimsuits are one of the latest trends in bathing suits. They are also a throwback to the suits of yesteryear. There is a reason why this retro style is making a comeback in a big way. People love them, and it’s likely they are here to stay!

How Do We Define a High Waisted Swimsuit?

First, for a bathing suit to be considered high-waisted, it must have two pieces. After all, a one-piece swimsuit doesn’t really have a waist cut-off point.

High-waisted suits have a bottom that offers extra coverage. Typically a high-waisted suit will not only cover the tummy area but will also offer modest coverage in the back. High-waisted suits are extra flattering because the top of the bathing suit bottoms will usually hit right at the smallest part of the waist rather than at the hips.

This type of suit doesn’t have any one particular style of top that goes with it, although more retro style bottoms often pair nicely with a halter top.

Let’s take a look at why the high-waisted bathing suit is making such a huge comeback. There are a few that might surprise you!

1. The Look Is Timeless

The high-waisted bikini is one of the most classic and well-known swimsuit trends. From the 1950s through the late 1970s, this was the dominant style in women’s swimwear. When one thinks of a high-waisted bikini, it's reasonable to say that pictures of Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly lazing on the beach come to mind.

Its style is a mark of fashion and elegance from a bygone era. Even decades later, a high-waisted bikini can help you attain that same stylish look, which is one of the reasons why these suits never seem to go out of style.

2. They Can Be More Creative and Unique 

Because high-waisted bikinis have more fabric and thus more blank canvas space, they offer more options to enhance the suit with additional cut-outs, fabric swatches, beading, or other embellishments. This ensures you can always get a distinctive bathing suit that stands out in a crowd. 

A common embellishment that is super flattering is ruching, which is often used to create a slimming effect in the leg and hip area. 

Whatever aesthetic you're trying for, there are plenty of high-waisted swimsuit options to help you achieve it while also looking beautiful.

3. They Just Fit Better!

High-waisted bikinis aren't simply fashionable; they're also often more comfortable than other types of swimwear. The high-rise waistline sits on your natural waistline and hugs your hips, providing adequate support wherever you need it. 

Also, the cut guarantees that the bikini bottoms stop at your natural curves, allowing you to move more freely than a suit with a low-rise cut. This means you can wear a high-waisted bikini all day without feeling irritated or uncomfortable. 

Nor do you have to worry about high-waisted bikini bottoms sliding off, unlike other bikini bottoms. Whether you’re swimming in powerful waves, playing a little beach bocce, or chasing little ones around the pool, a high-waisted suit stays exactly where it’s supposed to. They're designed to be as comfortable as possible. 

4. They Are Flattering on Pretty Much Everyone

We say pretty much, but we honestly can’t think of any body type that doesn’t work with a high-waisted suit! 

High-waisted swimsuits accentuate your curves because they hug you in all the right places and have tummy control to give you a sleek look. High-waisted bathing suits are favored by those looking for something more modest.

There really is no downside to the high-waisted suit when it comes to dressing for your body type. 

5. They Give You the Ability To Mix and Match Styles

Another significant advantage of wearing a high-waisted two-piece is that you may mix and match your swimwear. You can wear these bottoms with almost any top design, such as a halter top, strapless bandeau, triangle top, or even something more sporty — you don't have to stick to the retro look all the time.

Many people love to mix solids and patterns when wearing two-piece suits. Stripes or polka dots on top and a solid bottom are a classic combination for mixing and matching solids and patterns. 

6. They Are Super Versatile

Many ladies have discovered that high-waisted bikinis may serve double-duty because they are so comfortable and fit beautifully. They go well with a sheer midi, a skirt, or a dress. Wearing high-waisted bikini bottoms allows you to effortlessly move from a beach to an evening appearance while still packing light for the day. 

High-waisted suits are especially popular among pregnant women because of their superior fit, adaptability, and comfort.

Women who have had surgery in the stomach area, whether for cesarean birth or other abdominal surgery, can appreciate that a high-waisted suit has so much coverage in that area. No need to stick to only one-piece bathing suits!

7. They Are Here To Stay!

Even if you adore your small bikinis or your more demure one-piece suits, it's worth investing in a few high-waisted styles to offer variety to your summer wardrobe. The high-waisted design has already proven to be a classic summer look throughout the years. 

That means you have nothing to lose by investing in a few high-waisted suits. You can be assured that this trend will not fade away anytime soon, and you will remain fashionable summer after summer. 


The high-waisted bathing suit is the perfect choice for those who want a little more coverage, a classic style, the ability to mix-and-match swimwear styles, and for those who simply want to be as fashionable as possible.

High-waisted suits look great on all body types, are easy to accessorize, and will stay in style because they have already stood the test of time. This is one swimsuit you’ll definitely want to have ready for summer. 


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