High-Waisted Swim Bottom Styles to Explore

A high-waisted swimsuit bottom is a great option for any age and size. This style of swimwear has its roots in the very inception of the bathing suit two-piece; back when modesty was balanced with hourglass figures, this form-flattering design was a fashion favorite. Today, high-waisted bottoms are back in style due to their flattering benefits. Whether you’re drawn to the vintage aesthetic or the tummy flattering design, Maxine has got you covered.

There is more than one style of high-waisted bottom, however. Look around and see which style suits you best –– and keep reading for a quick overview of what Maxine has to offer.

Why Go for High-Waisted Swim Bottoms?

For the past couple of years, high-waisted bottoms are back in style –– in a big way. That’s great news for anybody who likes a fit that is not only comfortable but flattering. For most body types, waist emphasis is preferred; it creates a flattering figure by drawing the waist in. The extra fabric helps smooth out the stomach. And for a long day at the beach? You won’t have to worry about getting a lower belly sunburn.

What Types of High-Waisted Swim Bottoms Does Maxine Offer?

The world of swimwear is as vast as it is diverse. Here at Maxine, we like to keep it simple, comfortable, and chic. From bikini briefs to shorts and skirts, all your swim bottoms preferences are sure to find a place here. 

They are designed to mix and match with any swimsuit top. Most of these pieces come in one or more of these beautiful colors: black, cobalt blue, lagoon white, navy blue, and emerald green. We also offer plus-sized options. 

Swim Skirt

A swim skirt is a great option that offers a controlled slimming effect not just in the tummy area, but on the upper thighs as well. Stretchy waistbands and slight flares sculpt an appealing figure. For a look that is both flirty and modest, opt for one of these chic styles.

All of these swim skirts are made of 85% nylon and 15% elastane for maximum comfort, fit, and stretch. Nylon is known to be an extremely durable and flexible fabric; not only is it lightweight, but it’s also easy to wash, making for the perfect beachwear staple.

The petal skort bikini bottom and solid skirted built-in short skort are excellent full-coverage options. Both feature a sleek yet roomy skirt as well bike shorts underneath. These practical designs also feature pockets big enough for your cellphone and wallet –– just remember to take those out before hopping in the pool!

If you like the skirt style but want a bit more breeze around the thighs, why not forgo the bike shorts in favor of bikini briefs instead? The 24th & Ocean solid skirted hipster bikini swimsuit bottom and the solid skirted pant bottom are adorable swim skirts that feature a thin waistband, simple design, and a built-in power net for security. The solid mid-waist skirted hipster bikini swimsuit bottom is similar, but with pleated detail at the bottom for a fun accent.

For some extra tummy control, check out the solid waistband skort bottoms. Not only do these offer full coverage, but the wide waistband will create an extra-slimming effect. Stitching and slits on the side create an added sleek effect.

Swim Joggers and Board Shorts

Do you like the full coverage of the swim skirt but prefer a sportier approach? If that’s the case, take a look at all the shorts options at Maxine. They’re not just for the boys; not only do these have practical benefits and are easy to move around in, but they also happen to look great! 

These solid woven board short bottoms are 100% polyester and come up to the belly button. They provide full coverage as well as panty lining. The wide-fitting legs are ideal for your personal comfort. The pants are detailed with large pockets and a button. If you would like similar pants with added length for more coverage, check out the solid woven long board shorts bottom; these end just above the knee.

Unlike the board shorts, our solid jogger short bottoms are made of nylon and elastane, which makes them the stretchier, more flexible alternative option. These swim shorts come equipped with built-in brief lining and offer full rear coverage. 

You can find a similar style with the 24th and Ocean solid front tie swim short bikini swimsuit bottom; while not as high-waisted as other options, these swim shorts feature a drawstring which you can adjust to your liking. The wide stretchy waistband and hipster fit is flattering on all body types.

Bikini Bottom Briefs

If you enjoy the tummy control of high-waisted pants but want to get a nice tan on your thighs, why not try out a pair of bikini bottom briefs? These pieces are high-waisted, made of stretchy nylon and elastane fabric, and offer tons of support as well as comfort.

The 24th & Ocean solid high waist bikini swimsuit bottom features a built-in power net and creates a high-waisted slimming effect. It offers full lower belly coverage, as well as medium coverage in the rear. If you would prefer more rear coverage, go for the solid high waist full pant bottoms; similar to the 24th and Ocean bottoms, these feature a high, thin waistband, but more modesty in the back.

Finally, if you would prefer extra sleek belly control, take a look at these solid wideband full pant bikini bottoms. This style comes in a variety of colors, offers full coverage, and includes an extra sculpting effect due to the wide waistband.

Whether you’re preparing for a relaxing getaway or some rip-roaring fun in the sun, you’re going to be all set with these style options. Add some high-waisted swimwear bottoms to your beachside collection and embrace the summer with open arms!





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