Florida Panhandle Beaches That Are Not To Miss

If you’ve been lovestruck with the beauty of the Caribbean, with its clear blue water and bright sands, then you’re going to love the beaches of Florida’s Panhandle even more. Whether you’re a nature lover who wants a quiet, relaxing stay, a goer and a doer who needs a little more excitement, or someone in between, there is definitely a beach here for you.

Check out some of the most beautiful beaches of Florida and all they have to offer in this post. You’re going to want to close the tab and head straight to your next vacation after reading all about the possible stays in this marvelous state. 

We won’t blame you if you start the new year with a warm, sandy stay in the Panhandle. We may even want to join you after having a refresh on all the incredible oases this place has to offer. Let’s get into it!

Looking for an Escape Into the Wilderness?

Look no further than these three possibilities for your next beach destination. Sometimes you need a quiet, more secluded vacation away from the hustle and bustle, and we get that. Enjoy the next few beach descriptions and all they have to offer. You’ll be daydreaming so vividly you’ll think you were already there.

Navarre Beach

This beach is such a well-kept secret that you may not have even heard of it. This is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a quiet getaway, and also provides the opportunity to see some amazing wildlife. There is little light pollution here, which makes it a great beach for turtle watching. You can find loggerheads, leatherbacks, and greens at their respective nesting and hatching times on this gorgeous beach.

Navarre Beach is about a 30-40 minute drive from Destin or Pensacola, and we’re shocked it has stayed as quiet as it has. Let’s all hope it stays the relaxing, peaceful beach it is for years to come.

Cape San Blas

Another great option for our people who want less of a crowd and more of a retreat, Cape San Blas is located near Port St. Joe, and it is an excellent beach if you want to stay off-the-grid. Cape San Blas doesn’t have the exact look and feel like your average, more mainstream Florida beaches (think sugar-soft white sand), but it’s just as gorgeous, and we love the quiet but fun escape it provides.

This is the perfect beach for small families and pet lovers, as well. Pack up the family and head to this home away from home.

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

We love the way this beach seems untouched with its natural, more rugged feel. Calling all fishers and swimmers, you’ll feel right at home at this awesome spot. This state park, though more natural feeling, still has 9.5 miles of beautiful white sand and has incredible views. If you’re searching for tranquility for your next beach stay, St. Joseph really has it all. A wildlife haven, this beach still has things to do and places to eat, which makes it an ideal place to stay.

You won’t regret your decision if you choose St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. Get ready to lay your eyes on just some of the beauty that Florida has to offer.

Looking for Lots To Do?

As much as we love relaxing and being unplugged, you may be like us and want a little more excitement, then we have good news! The Panhandle, while full of seclusion, also has plenty of life to go around. You’ll be able to find places to eat, boardwalks to peruse, and many other things to do. Go ahead and take a look at a few of Florida’s beaches that are perfect for anyone who gets a little restless while on vacation.

Pensacola Beach

We love Pensacola for its places to eat, incredible museums, and nightlife. You’ll get a little bit of everything from this beloved destination. Along with the beauty of its blue water and soft sands, there are plenty of activities to go around in Pensacola, both free and not. Spend a day shopping at Palafox Street, and then relax on the beach while waiting to go out for drinks and eats when the sun goes down.

If there are more people than just you in your group, Pensacola is the perfect place to land. There is truly an activity for everyone and easy relaxation as well.

Grayton Beach

For more things to do that are more outdoorsy, Grayton Beach is an amazing option for your next trip. This beach town is full of character with its Hemingway-style homes and artsy streets. Along with all the fun of its exterior, Grayton Beach has gorgeous clear waters and offers great adventure for your downtime. You’ll have the option to kayak, hike, or bike through the pines of this Florida gem.

Yes, Grayton Beach is perfect for the active, outdoorsy types, but there are places to dine and relax as well. This spot has a little bit of everything, with you in mind. You’ll never want to leave this oceanfront paradise once you’re there.

Fort Walton Beach

Talk about lively! Fort Walton Beach has every activity you could dream of, right at its beautiful sunny shore. Here you’ll get to go on a dolphin tour, visit the Air Force Armament Museum, and channel your inner child at Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone. Not only that but there are plenty of dining choices for you to pick from. You certainly won’t get bored if you choose to visit Fort Walton Beach.

It may have lots to do, but Fort Walton is still full of serene beauty that you can take in for days. Sit by the beautiful water to rest from your day of activities and listen to the waves crash on the shore.

Need a Little Bit of Everything?

We get it, sometimes you just need options. You never know what you’ll wake up wanting to do. When you’re on vacation, sometimes you have to leave the itinerary behind and just see where the day takes you. Luckily, there are plenty of beaches in the Panhandle that are quiet and full of life, so you won’t miss out on anything. Take a look.

St. George Island

You’ve found a treasure with this one! St. George is a quaint island with views that will take your breath away. The island itself spans 28 miles long, and keeps its “untouched” look, even though it’s loved on by many. As natural as the island feels, you can find things to keep you busy if you can pry your eyes off the beautiful sea. Take a long walk on the beach, or go swimming or kayaking to keep yourself moving. Everyone will leave feeling refreshed and at peace.

Perdido Key

Perdido Key is a good choice for those who want to sit back and relax, or go out and relax. This beach has things to do for sure but isn’t full of hustle and bustle, which we love. You can choose to stay on the stunning beaches or go out for a day of golf or a dolphin tour. Like the others, there are places to eat and drink as well. Perdido Key is great for eyeing the wildlife, and you can walk here for miles. We’re sure you’ll love the dazzling views and easy-going atmosphere if you choose to stay here.

Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa is an essential that you have to put on your travel list. There are endless possibilities for things to do, and the beauty of the sand and water is truly unreal. When you get here, you’ll be welcomed by bright blue water and the softest sand you’ve ever felt. Take it all in by the water, and then head out to the art galleries or antique shops. Santa Rosa Beach has it all, from its brilliant views to its fun attractions.

Stop by and get away from the mundane. Lay by the water when the sun is up, and then hit up one of the amazing dining options for a bite to eat and something to quench your thirst. Don’t miss out on this Florida beach.

Now, What To Bring?

Have you just chosen where you’ll be going next and now you’re wondering what to pack? Don’t worry; we’ve got just the thing. With this short list of Florida beach essentials, you won’t miss a beat. Leave the thought to what activity is next on the list, and leave the packing list to us. Read on to be reminded of the suitcase staples you’ll need.

  • Sunscreen (a no-brainer, of course)
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach hat
  • Favorite Maxine swimsuit
  • Bathing suit cover-up
  • A good book
  • Comfortable sandals
  • Beach towels
  • Seasonal-appropriate clothing

Leave the phone behind and get ready to have the most relaxing trip you’ve had, at one of the most breathtaking destinations. Obviously, a packing list is all relative, but these are the basics that we know you can’t go without. Get excited for your visit to the Panhandle! You won’t want to leave.

See You at the Beach

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to travel to the Florida Panhandle, hopefully we’ve convinced you to by now. We are captivated by its beauty and think it’s the perfect place to relax and remember what’s important in life. Pick your next beach destination, pack your bags, and hit the road to any one of these sublime Florida beaches.

At Maxine, we’re big advocates for fun in the sun, as well as taking it easy. From Pensacola to Navarre, to Santa Rosa, you really can’t make a bad choice when deciding where to head next. We’re certain that whatever choice you make will be the right one, and we’re excited for you to visit the Panhandle to experience all it has to offer.

Did we miss anything? We’re sure you now have all the information you could need to discover what so many people love about Florida beaches. Oh, and one more thing. We think you’ll look stunning in a new suit for your fresh new trip, so we’ve given you a couple of different options:

Now we’ve covered all the bases. You’ve never been this prepared for a vacation in your life. Now it’s on to sunny skies and white sands. Go on, the waves are calling your name.



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