4 Best Colors To Wear in January: Swimsuit Edition

There’s a misconception that our favorite water-based activities have to take a backseat when winter rolls around. Thankfully, this isn’t actually the case. There are so many ways to keep active and stay in the water, even when the weather outside is getting colder.

Some of us might prefer to take our winter vacations somewhere warmer, where outdoor pools, lakes, and even the ocean are readily available. Others have access to our own indoor or heated pools that we can make use of all winter long. If neither of those are an option, there are always local gyms and centers with indoor pools that are just waiting for you to take a dip.

No matter how you’re getting your swimming fix, you want to look good and feel good while you do it. Certain colors lend themselves more to summer, spring, or fall, but what are the most fashionable shades to break out this winter?

Here are some of our favorite cold-weather shades to help you find the right swimsuit for the season.

1. Black

Black is one of our favorite colors, whether we’re sporting a fully-black suit or it’s accenting other colors and patterns. There’s no doubt that black is one of the most universally flattering colors out there, so it only makes sense to wear it in whatever month you like.

This color has the capacity to bring out the best in every skin tone and body type, so all you have to do is find a design that speaks to you. Feel free to experiment with the cuts of the pieces. This could mean what necklines you like, what kind of shorts or skirts works for you, and so much more.

Another benefit of wearing black is that it goes with just about anything. You can wear it with all sorts of cover-ups, jackets, or other garments that speak to you. Chances are that it will look absolutely ravishing when paired with a black bathing suit. 

This is especially helpful in January and the winter months since leaving the comfort of a heated pool might mean entering colder temperatures outside of the water. You can use a complementary towel and quickly slip into another item of clothing to keep you warm. All the while, you can rest assured that each of your pieces effortlessly matches one another. 

2. Navy Blue

If black is a timeless classic, navy blue is her equally classic little sister — and she deserves more credit! Navy blue looks great on everyone, and it goes with nearly as many other colors as black. 

Certain hues of blue prompt thoughts of blue skies and tropical scenes, while others can remind us of snow and the changing seasons. Depending on your preferences — or even depending on your mood day-to-day — you might enjoy pairing those cool tones together, or you might want to juxtapose the season with a warmer pattern.

If you are searching for a one-piece that pairs different shades of blue to make what’s sure to become a new winter favorite, look no further than the Coastal Palm Wrap Front One Piece. The combination of a navy blue bottom and a patterned top makes this garment something truly special. Meanwhile, the ruching around the waist helps to show off your beautiful figure.

3. Purple

Purple is another color that can easily be made cooler or warmer depending on the shade, as well as what you wear with it and your environment. Some might prefer hues of purple that are closer to jewel tones and surround themselves with these colors in their home and their favorite clothing items.

There are plenty of other shades of purple that are classy yet never skimp on the fun. Our 24th & Ocean Reef Leaf Wrap Front Tankini Swimsuit Top accomplishes exactly that by combining a pinkish purple hue with whites, blues, greens, and blacks to create a stunning tableau of color that always stays invigorating without looking too busy.

4. Brown

When people think of their preferred shades of swimsuits, brown might not always be the first to come to mind, but we want to change that. A fully brown garment can look lovely, but there’s a way to elevate it even more. We love to use patterns as a tool for self-expression while still staying elegant, and this suggestion is no exception.

Fans of animal print are sure to fall head over heels for the Jungle Cat Empire Swim Dress One Piece. The fact that this swimsuit is a one-piece adds an element of convenience that can’t be beaten, and the flouncy skirt makes it feminine and playful. However, the true star of this garment has to be the print.

The piece features a variety of brown, tan, and black shades that are all immediately pleasing to the eye. When put together, they create an effect that mimics only the proudest of jungle cats. The cut of this swim dress is slimming, as is the exciting pattern. 

The Perfect Color for Every Season

The most important thing to remember when selecting a swimsuit that’s right for you is to pick something you feel comfortable and confident in. No matter what, you should always feel your best. Different people will prefer different colors, and that is completely okay. These shades serve as an excellent way to get the ball rolling, but the only way to find what color is your favorite is to give them a try.


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