The 8 Best Bathing Suit Styles To Hide a Tummy

First things first: All bodies are beautiful, and there is no such thing as a “beach body.” Every body is made for the beach! That said, we all want to find a suit that flatters us, amplifying our assets and perhaps minimizing the parts of us that we would rather conceal.

We will go over some of the very best styles of bathing suits for those who want to minimize the tummy area.

What Are Common Bathing Suit Types?

There are so many types of bathing suits on the market that it can be overwhelming to try to decide which one is right for you. The answer may be that more than one style will suit you! Here are some of the most commonly worn types of bathing suits.

The Bikini: The bikini is one of the most famous types of bathing suits. Since its invention in 1946, the bikini has taken on many different forms. The bikini is classified as a two-piece swimsuit, one of the skimpier of the genre. Bikinis can have varying levels of coverage, but often leave little to the imagination.

The Tankini: A tankini swimsuit is a great choice for those who are looking for the convenience of a two-piece suit with the coverage of a one-piece. Tankinis typically feature a tank top style top that covers the midriff area, and a bikini bottom.

The Monokini: Monokinis are also a combination between a two-piece and a one-piece but in a totally different way. The monokini is ultimately a one-piece suit in that the top and the bottom are connected, but they have cutouts either on the side or in the middle. It’s a very fashion-forward option.

The One-Piece: The one-piece suit has made a huge resurgence in popularity within the past few years. For a while, it was all about the bikini, but now one-pieces are considered trendy and fashionable! One-piece bathing suits can have straps or can be strapless. They can be made of various different fabrics and can be either modest or revealing.

The Skirted Suit: One of the most popular bathing suit styles for those who want to maintain a little modesty is the skirted suit. These are typically one-piece bathing suits that feature a short skirt on the bottom. The skirt is sometimes smooth and sleek, and sometimes ruched and flared. These suits are feminine and pretty.

The Golden Age of Swimwear

Some might say that we are truly living in the golden age of swimwear. Not only are there many brick-and-mortar stores that you can peruse to find the bathing suit of your dreams, but there are also hundreds of online retailers that feature every kind of swimsuit you could ever want.

In this golden age of swimwear, there is something for everyone. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter styles and a lack of choices.

One of the benefits of this ample selection is that there are many different ways to maintain modesty while also being fashionable. It used to be that a modest suit was also matronly. This is no longer the case! You can find gorgeous suits that perfectly fit your body type, in various colors, styles, and levels of support.

Different Body Types and the Suits That Suit Them

There are three main body types, also known as somatotypes, and each has different features that work well with different types of suits. Here are the three main body types and what they mean:

  • Ectomorphs: This body type is long and lean, usually with very little body fat. Sometimes ectomorphs have a hard time gaining weight, which might sound like a dream to some people, but many with this body type actually wish they had more curves. With this body type, balancing proportions is the name of the game. Consider adding details like cut-outs, ruching, and bright bold prints.
  • Endomorphs: Generally heavier and rounder in shape, endomorphs tend to gain weight easily and have abundant body fat and muscle. This does not automatically mean every endomorph is overweight. Marilyn Monroe is a classic example of an endomorph. Endomorphs look great in suits with an empire waist, vertical stripes, waist detailing, and tie fronts.
  • Mesomorphs: Some believe this is the ideal body type. They are not overweight or underweight and tend to be able to gain or lose weight easily. For mesomorphs, high-waisted two pieces are a great choice. A deeper neckline also looks great on this body type, as it adds length to the body and draws the eye upward.

There can also be body type combinations, such as ecto-mesomorphs, which are pear-shaped and carry more weight in the lower body, but are thin and lean in the torso and upper body.

The Best Styles for Camouflaging the Tummy

There are some styles of swimsuits that camouflage the tummy area better than others. Here are the top five styles that we think will make your midsection look sleek!

#1: Swimsuits With Ruching

One of our absolute favorites for concealing a little tummy bulge is a suit that has some ruching. Ruching is gathered, folded fabric that is sewn in such a way to strategically create certain lines and shapes. This ruching can help to disguise the belly and make your silhouette look more streamlined.

Ruching is especially effective when the fabric is gathered to the side, pulling all fabric together to a point, in a triangle shape. A suit with ruching and a tie or bow on the side can also conceal the tummy area.

#2: Patterns and Prints

Some people are nervous to go with patterns for their swimsuits out of fear that they will actually accentuate some of the features that they are trying to hide. This is not the case at all. Often, a pattern can distract from unwanted tummy bulges. This is especially true for patterns that are designed to define the waist.

#3: Light Top and Dark Bottom

Another trick of the trade is a suit that has a light or bright color on top, and a dark color on the bottom. This is true for any style, from a tankini to a one-piece. This is most effective when the light color is on the bust area of the suit.

The eye is naturally drawn to the light color of the suit, which means that the tummy and lower half of the body aren’t getting as much attention.

#4: Blouson Top

Blouson top bathing suits can be either in one piece or tankini form. The blouson is one of the easiest ways to hide your unwanted tummy, since it is loose and flowy and bags over the entire top portion of the suit.

Another bonus about this type of suit is it is also very effective at hiding any love handles or back fat, since it is so easy breezy!

#5: Tiered Layers

Tiered, ruffled layers are a great way to hide tummy areas. Though technically the layers add volume, they also detract from any unwanted jiggles. Because the layers are flowy like a blouson top, they do a great job of concealing belly fat.

#6: The Tankini

Everyone loves a good tankini! This style of bathing suit is the umbrella under which many of the aforementioned tips reside. Tankinis can come in many different styles, but one thing they all have in common is that they serve to cover up the midsection.

Every tankini doesn’t necessarily have tummy concealing features, but many do. Tankinis that have ruching or shirring, a blouson shape, or strategically placed color blocking can all be great at hiding that tummy.

#7: High Waisted

Not everyone who is trying to hide their tummy loves the idea of a two-piece. However, for those who still want to show a little skin, a high-waisted bottom along with a bikini top could be a good option.

Many women carry a little extra subcutaneous fat in their lower abdomen. This is especially common for women who have had children, and is even sometimes referred to as a “mommy pouch.” For those women who only want to cover that lower abdomen, a high-waisted bottom is a perfect compromise.

#8: Solid Dark Colors

You may be wondering how it’s possible that patterns and bright colors can hide the tummy, but solid darks can too. Well, it’s a paradox, but a true one! It’s long been considered a fact that black can be slimming, but don’t be afraid to try other dark solids like forest green, deep burgundy, or navy blue.

The Takeaway

In the long run, the most important thing is feeling comfortable in the suit that you choose. Everybody deserves to feel confident and beautiful on the beach, and there are so many options to help you do so. Look for details like ruching and tiered layers to subtly cover the tummy, or opt for a blouson top or tankini. Meet you at the beach!


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