The Ultimate Bathing Suit Styles Guide

There’s a lot that can be said about swimsuits as a whole. Beginning with the most coverage, one-piece bathing suits were born in the 1920s. Soon after, the well-known bikini-style emerged. Even with more style options more available than ever, bathing suits weren’t as comfortable and flattering as they are today.

Bathing suits are now made in every size, shape, color, and pattern you could imagine. At Maxine, we’re happy to offer a wide variety of all of these characteristics. We provide you with sizes small through 3X and are more than glad to give you endless options when it comes to which style you choose–no matter your shape or size.

If you wince when you think of your next bathing suit shopping trip, let us stop you right there. This is a guide to walk you through all you need to know about bathing suit styles, designs, and shapes to flatter you. You will no longer need to feel anything other than excitement when it comes to picking out your next bathing suit.

Keep reading to learn about all of the different bathing suit styles we carry, and how to choose the best one for you.

Bathing Suit Tops

If you’re picking out a two-piece tankini, you have options for which top you choose! Pick from a wide selection from tiered to bandeau. The style options are endless. Let us make it simple by giving you all the details you need for each style.

Triple Tier

This top is full of fun with its three tiers of ruffles. Our Triple Tier tops also come with comfort in mind with their adjustable straps and molded cups. You’ll feel comfortable and covered with its straight neckline and full hem. 

Two Tier

Similar to our Triple Tier top, this option provides coverage while still having a flirty element of style. These tops will give you bust support with molded cups, and you will be able to adjust the straps as needed. Two Tier tankini tops have a flattering scoop neckline and come in different colors and patterns. 

High Neck

If you’re shopping for a tankini and you want even more coverage and support, our High Neck tops are a great option. These tops are designed with a high neck, but remain sexy and flattering. 

You can choose a high neck top with a straight hem as well as a flirty two-tier design. You’ll stay comfortable with a choice of cross-back straps or adjustable straps, and they come complete with molded cups.


Our Blouson tops are fun and unique! These tops have a flattering loose fit around the tummy and are feminine with their side tie details. Choose these tops in a bandeau or scoop neck design. 


Bandeau tops offer more of a straight-neck design and can be worn with or without adjustable straps. If you opt for wearing this top without straps, you’ll remain comfortable and secure with their fitted band above the bust. This style also comes with molded cups for optimal comfort.


These tops are the perfect choice if you’re someone who struggles with side-boob issues. These will keep you feeling sexy and covered while giving you structure and support. If your suit has been causing spillage, that’s your sign to move on to something better like these D-Cup tops.

Bathing Suit Bottoms

You’ll need a pair of bottoms to go with your cute bathing suit top, and we’ve got amazing choices. We carry more traditional bottoms, as well as high-waisted bottoms, board skirts, and board shorts. Scroll on to figure out which pair meet your needs and will match perfectly to whichever top you go with.

Swim Skirt

A swim skirt is a great decision if you want more coverage on the bottom and want to keep yourself feeling fun and breezy. Our swim skirts come in a variety of hem options as well as size options. You’ll also have built-in tummy control that will make you feel confident and secure.

Board Short

Board shorts are a great choice of bottoms for those who have an active lifestyle. These bottoms are what the name suggests, shorts that provide sporty coverage. Board shorts are made with a panty-lining and two pockets.


Brief bottoms are the more classic style of bottoms. Unlike your past briefs though, these are made with a full-pant design that won’t leave you too cheeky. Keep comfortable with their traditional or more high-waisted designs, and choose whether or not you want some extra flair with two side ties.

Swim Short

Swim shorts have a slightly more sporty feel than our board shorts. These bottoms remain loose and comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about having enough coverage or room. Feel your best in these shorts as they allow you to move freely and provide you with a built-in brief lining and full-rear coverage.

One Piece Swimsuits

We love a one-piece swimsuit for its easy wearability, no matter the circumstance. For us, these are a no-brainer if you want a grab-and-go swimsuit that still has plenty of style. One-piece swimsuits have come a long way from the boring styles that come to mind. You now have the advantage of picking between bright florals, sunny patterns, and solids. Find out the details about our one-piece suits below.

Girl Leg

Girl leg one-piece swimsuits are designed to give you maximum comfort as they cover your bottom. The suits have side seams that give you an hourglass shape and come in tons of patterns and colors. Get ready for your day in the sun with the girl-leg cut providing coverage in the front and back.


Mio one-piece suits have a slightly higher leg cut but remain comfortable and modest. Feel ready to swim and lounge with this choice. Mio bathing suits come in different styles like blouson, scoop neck, v-neck, and more. The options are endless and the shape is stylish.

Swim Dress

Much like our swim shorts, the swim dress is designed to feel comfortable and stylish. We’re excited to offer swim dresses in a wide selection of styles, each to guarantee a feeling of confidence and fashion. Swim dresses come with adjustable straps and non-adjustable straps, as well as built-in brief bottoms and tummy control.


A sarong one piece is a great way to combine the styles of a classic one-piece and a swim dress. Think of this design as a skirt in the front, with classic brief bottoms in the back. This style is flirty and colorful all while having the comfortable details you need.

Faux Skirtini

A faux skirtini looks like a two-piece skirt set but is an attached one-piece. This is great if you like the detail and look of a two-piece, but want to remain carefree in the comfort of a one-piece with full coverage on the bottom. Choose this style in many different colors and patterns.

Faux Tankini

Similar to the faux skirtini, a faux tankini looks like a regular tankini but is one attached piece. You’ll remain stylish and sexy while not having to worry about two separate swimsuit pieces. This gives optimal coverage and control.

Size and Fit Guide

Now that we’ve covered all the bases when it comes to bathing suit styles, let’s talk a bit more about the size and fit of your bathing suit. Taking measurements is the best way to ensure your suit fits you exactly how it should, making sure that you stay comfortable and happy.

We provide an in-depth size and fit guide on our site so that you can take your measurements right before picking out and purchasing your new bathing suit. With this guide, you’ll learn where to take your measurements for your top and bottom, as well as how to best care for your bathing suit. Maxine is confident that this will be a breeze, and will make choosing your suit an incredible experience.

Take a further look into what measurements are important when buying a bathing suit:

  • Bust: Measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Waist: Measure around the narrowest part (typically the small of your back where your body moves side to side.
  • Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips.
  • Torso: Measure from the high point of your shoulder over the fullest part of your bust, through your legs, and up your back to the starting point.

We offer sizes six through 24W, so you can find a bathing suit so comfortable you’ll choose it every time.

There Are No Rules Here

What we mean by this, is that you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace some change when it comes to bathing suit styles. There are so many more options today than your typical one-piece vs two-piece swimsuits. Be confident in your choices, and you’ll have even more fun! 

Here are some ways to keep things fun when picking a bathing suit:

  • Mix and match: If you’re choosing a bathing suit with a top and bottoms, feel free to mix patterns and solids. Choosing a pair of solid bottoms with a fun patterned top keeps things interesting and fun.
  • Cover-ups: Cover-ups and swim shorts, skirts, and sarongs are great ways to feel covered and assured while walking to your chair or going down the beach.
  • A well-fitting suit: This one’s obvious, but picking out a bathing suit that has the right amount of material for your body shape will make you feel like a knock-out.
  • Have fun: Yes, this is a tip! Having a fun, positive outlook will have your confidence shining from within. You’re beautiful on the inside and the outside, so why not show it off?

Loving Your Shape

At Maxine, we feel strongly that a bathing suit shopping experience should encourage you to feel great about the body you’re in. No matter your shape or size, we want you to feel incredible when you look in the mirror, and when you’re out in the sun.

A well-fitting bathing suit can do wonders for how you feel as you enjoy your time being active and relaxing. When you’re choosing a swimsuit, try to not focus on your perceived flaws! We’re our own worst critics, and focusing on your beautiful curves and characteristics will create a fun and exciting bathing suit shopping experience.

You’re Going To Look Amazing

Now, go out and pick a bathing suit that you feel amazing and ready to take on anything! You’re going to look gorgeous and sexy in whichever suit you decide to go with, and you’ll be ready to have fun in the sun with friends. Don’t overthink the picking-out process! With this guide, we’re sure you’ll have no trouble figuring out which style “suits” you best. Remember to focus on the positives and look forward to all of the sunbathing you’re about to do.



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