10 Reasons You Need a Bandeau Bathing Suit

Bikinis, one-pieces, sweetheart necklines, criss-cross straps — nowadays, the list of different swimsuit styles and features to choose from could go on for miles. We can all benefit from exploring the different options and seeing what we like best. Today, we want to focus on one specific style: the bandeau bathing suit.

If you’ve never heard of the term bandeau bathing suit, look no further. We’re about to break down this style, from its origins to the different elements that make it unique. Find out why the bandeau bathing suit is a must-have for women this summer!

What Is a Bandeau Bathing Suit?

A bandeau bathing suit — also sometimes known as bandeaukini — follows the style of a bandeau top. This refers to a strapless top with a neckline that goes straight across the chest, sometimes held up by thin elastic straps. Some may also refer to a bandeau as a tube top. 

Many bandeau swimsuit tops, like those here at Maxine, come with removable straps and cups for customization. 

What Is the Origin of the Bandeau Bathing Suit?

The origin of the bandeau top goes back to ancient Greece, where women wore bandeaus as a sort of bra-like garment made of linen or wool. There are many depictions from Roman times of women athletes and goddesses wearing bandeaus. Then, we can fast forward to the 1940s, when the emergence of the two-piece bathing suit saw bandeau bikini tops of all kinds rise in popularity.

Tube tops as everyday wear came on the disco scene in the 1970s. If the rumors are true, this sleeveless look was actually due to a happy accident in manufacturing. Accident or not, this unique look quickly caught on. Since then, the bandeau look has enjoyed a steady place in fashion history.

10 Reasons To Wear a Bandeau Bathing Suit

The bandeau bathing suit has been around for a long time, yet is only continuing to grow in popularity. In younger and older women alike, the bandeau swimsuit has a lot to offer — from a flattering neckline to the elimination of tan lines. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of this look.

Still need some convincing? Check out these 10 reasons why we think it’s time for you to hop on the bandeau bathing suit bandwagon now!

1. Show Off Your Neckline

A bandeau top is a great way to enhance some of your natural features. No matter your bust size, the decolletage is a flattering area on any woman. The straight-across style accentuates your shoulders and collarbone and creates a long, elegant neck.

2. Get an Even Tan

This is one of the top reasons people opt for a bandeau bathing suit. When you’re spread out on a lounge chair or towel, chances are, you’re going for a nice tan. 

Straps and halters can end up causing awkward tan lines that will stand out on your skin for the rest of the summer. A strapless bandeau eliminates that risk — just remember to always protect yourself by wearing sunscreen, even when tanning.

3. Flatter Different Body Types

The type of neckline you wear can affect how a garment looks on you. Certain necklines can bring out the most flattering aspects of different body types. When it comes to wide, straight necklines — like the bandeau — the focus is on drawing attention to the horizontal line of the shoulders. This can look especially great on those with a small bust or wider hips who want to balance out volume up top.

4. Adjustable Straps and Optional Support

Something we love about bandeau tops is their versatility. You can wear them without any straps at all for maximum freedom of movement. However, many bandeau tops come with straps that you can attach and remove at will. That way, you can add support when you need it. 

Our bandeau bathing suits at Maxine also feature molded cups for extra security. You can even check out our underwire bandeau options for an extra boost.

5. Discover the Blouson Top

Not all bandeau tops are made equal. You might hesitate to get a bandeau bathing suit that clings to your body or emphasizes certain aspects you would rather disguise. That’s where the blouson bathing suit top comes in. It has the same neckline as a regular tube top, but hangs loosely around the midsection. 

Add in a fun pattern and hip side-tie detail, and you’ve got a fabulous look on all body types.

6. Go With a Sarong Style

Another popular type of bathing suit with a bandeau neckline is the sarong style swimsuit. This is a one-piece bathing suit that features chic, apron-like coverage of the midsection and upper thighs. With built-in tummy control and a bit of feminine flair, the sarong style bandeau sits comfortably between an athletic one-piece and a flattering swim skirt. 

7. Experiment With Necklines

You may have tried halter necklines, V-necks, or scoop neck bathing suits before. While these are some of the most popular styles, there are pros and cons to each in terms of coverage, support, and tan lines. 

If you’re getting bored with the usual neckline and have never gone with a bandeau before, this is a great time to get on board. 

8. Easy On and Off

There are many aesthetic reasons to want to try out a bandeau bathing suit. But let’s not forget about the practical benefits! Some swimsuits can be a struggle to put on or take off — tight fabric, clingy halters, or confusing straps can get in the way. But there’s no greater simplicity than a bandeau top. These tops are super easy to slip in and out of for a quick beachside change!

9. Rock Fabulous Prints

At Maxine, our focus is on flattering fits as well as beautiful patterns. Our bandeau swimsuits are no exception to this rule. With your shoulders bared, there’s all the more reason to play with fun prints and wonderful colors. Explore different looks from tropical flowers to classic stripes to find the perfect bandeau swimsuit for you.

10. Accentuate Your Bust

Different necklines can either draw attention to or distract from the bust. It should come as no surprise that the bandeau bathing suit is an ideal way to emphasize the chest, while still remaining modest. 

If you have a slender torso or wide hips that you would like to balance out, a bandeau neckline can create the illusion of wider shoulders and more volume on your upper torso. This, in turn, can visually slim the hips and waistline.


The bandeau bathing suit is hardly a new invention. From Greco-Roman athletes to the pin-up girls of the 1940s, women have been enjoying the fashionable and practical benefits of this swimsuit style for many years. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether or not the bandeau neckline is appealing to you.

Here at Maxine, we’re proud to provide you with a selection of different styles. From our blouson tops to sarong one-piece suits, take a gander at all the bandeau styles we offer. One thing’s for sure: your poolside fashion is about to get an upgrade!


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